December 24th to 26th - Houston, We've Uploaded

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We survived the holidays and while they went off without a hitch they didn't go the way I planned and that's always a tough pill to swallow for a Type A like myself.

Christmas Eve.
Grampa dressing up as Santa Claus on the eve of Jesus' birthday was definitely a hilarious highlight. Wayneski turned out to be quite the actor and he suited the part well (no pun intended). Young and old, all us 'kids' got a turn on Santa's knee...

I took about a bazillion photos of the cousins sitting with Kris Kringle and this is by far my favourite. Caleb's finger in his nose, Saige's in her mouth, both barefooted playing footsies.

I didn't expect the "men" to be such good sports but there they are sitting on Santa's lap (giggling like school girls).

One of those rare occasions when Saige actually smiles while looking in the general direction of the camera... it's a Christmas Eve miracle.

Saige and Baba modeling their matching aprons. My favourite etsy purchase of the season.

Christmas Morning. 

Note to self/Santa: Ikea cutlery does not belong in a stocking no matter how colourful = total buzz kill. Once the stocking was dumped, Saige had zero interest in opening the rest of her gifts. I ended up opening a couple of her presents after they sat patiently under the tree all morning... sigh.

Proof I was there and wearing my X-mas jammies. Grandpa Harber got her the easel and under the green sheet was her kitchen (that took 4-5 hours to assemble the week prior).

Trev opening my other favourite gift purchase - a CanvasPop photo canvas courtesy of a Groupon deal back in June.

I love nothing more than watching these two play - especially when it involves Trev fixing Barbie's ponytail or pouring pretend coffee. I also love all the talking Saige is doing. She named Barbie - Mommy and Kelly - Saige and apparently Saige needed to take a "time out" at gymnastic practice.

My friend Lindsay always posts the funny names her daughter assigns to her dolls, fish, snowmen, etc. Well to follow in Sienna's footsteps, I started asking Saige what some of her toys names are and my favourite to date is "Tinsel" which she gave to one of those merry-go-round horses at the mall (where she picked up that word is beyond me, tinsel is so 1980's). "Mommy" is the most popular pick; just the other day she showed me two toy dolphins and when I asked their names she said, "this mommy, this daddy" and then slammed them together while saying "cheers!" - so random, so Saige.

Christmas Afternoon.

Little Miss Mismatch in all her randomness.
As expected She was spoiled rotten and on top of the 15 other gifts from Gramma and Grampa Currie, Saige received a giant box of princess dress-up clothes and accessories.

Granny (new development), Grandpa and Uncle Tyler came over - pre-nap - to exchange presents and on top of their 15 other gifts addressed to Saige, Saige got a portable DVD player for long car rides, etc. Road trips here we come!

Christmas Dinner.

We went to Great-Gramma Hein's for TURKEY and all the fixings. The 3 of us ate like pigs and Saige had fun playing/hugging with her second cousin Bryden who is only 6 months older than her.


Christmas Night.

And after all that our pretty little princess was pretty tuckered.

So what did I get for Christmas?

  1. the Etsy necklace I was *hinting* at
  2. some stuff from La Senza and
  3. the Flip Video I've been jonesing for all year... this hopefully means I can finally upload some video on this ol' blog of mine.

First attempt - should it work please read the following warning:
This clip contains footage of one crazy and very naked baby (as well as an annoying and loud mommy with commentary/conversation).

December 20th - 23rd - Merry Ho Ho

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The next few days are going to be pretty hectic around here and so I'd just like to say...

Merry Christmas!!

Like most parents with youngsters the year seemed to fly by, but somewhere along the way our baby Saige morphed into little girl. The evidence can be seen in this year's holiday card...


What a difference a year makes.

Hope Santa's good to you.

December 13th to 19th - I Happy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hard to believe that this time last year Saige was learning how to walk and graced us with her fancy footwork on Christmas Eve 2009. It's a milestone/Christmas present I won't soon forget. Sadly I have forgotten the bulk of Saige's firsts and when they happened; newer moms often ask me, "when did Saige start crawling... smiling... sitting... sleeping?" and for the life of me I just can't recall. The only two I know fo shizzle are the anniversaries of walking and rolling over - 11.5 months and 6 days respectively. This fact is reason #21 why I am so thankful for this blog, without it the last 365 days would be a blissful blur.

This week's blooper reel:

Kidnastics is officially over and Saige has a completion certificate to prove it. We're not going to re-register for the winter session since she'll be doing Saturday morning swim lessons and perhaps a kindermusik class, but we might drop-in once or twice to see the old gang.

To celebrate we went to East Side Mario's for pizza and a mini-ice cream cone (which ended up on the floor 3 licks in).
There's no denying that these two are related... sporting their matching father-daughter eyebrows.

Saiger vs. her diaper
A couple days ago we heard some rustling over the baby monitor while somebody was supposed to be napping. I was on the phone with Auntie Jill so Trev went to investigate and found Saige attempting to wipe her bum with a mile long wad of toilet paper. I'll spare the details, but somehow Saige managed to crawl out of bed, take off her pants and diaper and go #2 in the potty.

We went to wish Butch and Liz a bon voyage before they departed on their Christmas cruise (so jealous). Saige pretended to be a puppy and fetched Muffin's toys while us adults drooled over the Norwegian Epic brochure.

What I initially thought was just a painful bruise on my lower right calf, turned out to be some weird vein infection that requires antibiotics. I have no idea where it came from but it ruined my weekend. It throbbed so bad I could barely walk and I had one nasty fever to boot. We stuck around the house making forts and paninis on the George Foreman grill (that I unearthed from the depths of our kitchen cupboard). I forgot we even had one until Jess served the most delicious grilled chicken sandwiches on our weekday lunch n' laugh.

Uncle Tyler's birthday is on Tuesday which Trev reminds me is not only the first day of winter, but the darkest day of the year. The Knol clan went to Kelly O's for their 2nd celebratory meal of the week - talk about spoiled.

Photo courtesy of Saige.
Saige is far more interested in being behind the camera than in front of it. I guess that shouldn't be much of a surprise considering I have taken well over 10,000 photos of her since her January 2009 arrival - she's probably sick of posing and bright flashes. Grandpa Harber bought our 'budding photographer' one of those toddler digital cameras for her upcoming birthday so we'll see what she comes up with...

It's funny to watch people's reactions to Saige talking in full sentences... because she's smaller than most 2 year olds, we get asked her age a lot. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is priceless. Tonight she folder her arms across her chest and declared, "I not happy". Trev and I just looked at eachother and burst out laughing - "how come you're not happy?"... her answer, "because I cold" and she then proceeded to fake shiver. She also sticks out her bottom lip these days and says, "I sad" or she'll pick some random spot on her body and say, "ouch". For awhile she'd blame her owie on Teagan her daycare buddy/nemesis, "Teagan bite Saige" (not even 2 and already making up stories), but now she'll say, "it was accident" and want us to kiss it better. I love when she refers to herself in third person. Some other things I'm loving at the moment:

1. Saige calling marshmellows, mushrooms - "I have more mushrooms in coffee?"

2. Saige calling Trev by his first name when she's upset with him - "don't Trevor" (Trev strongly dislikes this)

3. Saige's over-the-top facial expressions

4. If you don't quite understand what she's trying to say but finally guess right she'll do a long drawn out "OHHH" and it almost sounds sarcastic.
Example: "Oh you want more milk"

5. Her manners. Saige says "bless you" when someone sneezes, "s'cuse me I burp-ed", "peas", "thank you" and "welcome" all at the appropriate times and without parental reminders - makes us so proud.

6. When she yawns she'll say "I tired" and/or "I sleepy".

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you.

December 12th - Snow Day

Sunday, December 12, 2010

With all the fresh snow and mild temperature, Trev went snowmobiling while Saige and I headed to the school next door for some winter fun. Sadly Trev blew the motor on his sled and might be out for the rest of the season.

She didn't find sledding or snow angels all that exciting, but throwing snowballs was right up her alley as was hopping across the playground bridge over and over and over... "I hop like bunny mommy".

Who needs a book when I have my very own "Grumpy Bird". Some snow got in her glove and she was d-o-n-e (once again the toddler calls the shots). I do admit that I need to find a pair of warmer, waterproof mittens before our next snow adventure (preferably ones that I can easily get her thumbs into).
I picked up a $3 shovel from Toys R' Us while shopping with my parents in K-town and it was a huge hit. She stuck with it the whole time we were out there...

Right up until Daddy started on the snowperson that we'll be adorning tomorrow.

Pre-snowfall: Saige's indoor version of a classic snowball fight (which she thought was hilarious by the way). While Trev and I were horrified by the giant paper mess she was making, Grandma and Grandpa Knol didn't even bat an eye... I guess that's the difference between parents and grandparents. Thanks Grandma Knol for the pictures and yes we were picking shreds of paper out of Saiger's hair long after the fight was over.

December 7th - 11th - Christmas Countdown

Christmas wrapping and Ferro Rocher eating are two things I managed to do a lot of this week, sometimes simultaneously. Aside from finding jammies for Trev, Saige and I to open and wear on Christmas Eve, I've finished all my holiday shopping and wrapped 95% of the gifts (just waiting on a few etsy purchases that are in shipping limbo). 

We didn't go overboard when it came to presents this year mainly because our house is small and our family is big (and loves spoiling us - especially Saige). As you know our gift to Saige is the play kitchen we bought back in November, but it went on sale at Zellers this week for only $165! so you better believe we jumped on that price and returned the identical $279 version to

From Santa we decided to simplify things with the popular gift giving approach - want. need. wear. read.  But because Saige wants and needs nothing we went for play instead...

Wear - some outfits I ordered off unfortunately they will be WAAAAY too big and won't fit her for months maybe years if she doesn't pack on some poundaage PDQ. Buying clothes for our 23 lbs tater tot is becoming increasingly frustrating thanks to her "normal" height, but tiny frame.

Read - a couple books that came highly recommended: "Grumpy Bird" and "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear". I also picked up "Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue" for me... her.

Play - a Barbie doll or more specifically the 'I Can Be: Gymnastic Coach' Barbie in honor of her finishing up with kidnastics next week.  My mom has a photo of 2 year old me contently playing Barbies on the living room floor - apparently us Knol/Harber girls start Barbies young.

Speaking of 'prezzies' (a term I stole from one Mrs. Kara Muir), My Christmas present came early and wrapped in a bow...

Trev's best wrapping job to date.

Okay enough nattering, here's what us Knol's have been up to this past week...

No comment.

A bit of colouring.

A happy face mani and pedi for mommy.
Saige loves stickers and I love the ring my mom let me have... borrow. We both suffer from the winter ailment known as shrinking fingers; as soon as the temperature dips below zero my wedding ring literally slides off my finger. I actually thought I lost it a couple weeks ago but found it in my mitten... talk about mini-heart attack. So thanks momma for the beautiful "loaner" that you may or may not get back come spring.

Before taking Saige and Caleb to see Santa we attempted some "practice" shots of the cousins in their holiday attire. While these didn't turn out so well, the mall photos are truly amazing as the kidlets turned into little baby models on Santa's knee. I'll try to scan the photos so you can see for yourself their perfect Grinch-like grins. 

We also attempted some Ouellet family photos and this was the best take - gotta love toddlers who call the shots. (P.S. - Becs is going to kill me for posting this, I think she looks beautiful, but she of course thinks otherwise). You can't really see it, but Caleb insisted on wearing Saige's pink rubber boots this night; he refers to them as being "pretty" which we try to correct with "snazzy"... isn't he just 'melt your heart' adorable?

Not only did Baba watch Saige all day on Tuesday, she passed along a tray of her delicious Christmas baking. It's not the holidays without 1 or 2 or 10 of Gramma's famous jam-jams... do I have it good or what?

We went to the O'Keefe Ranch Victorian Christmas where Saige went on her first real sleigh ride and I got my first - and last - taste of chestnuts roasted on the fire (the texture reminded me of an underbaked potato). It was on this mild Saturday night that big fat snowflakes fell from the sky and didn't stop until morning...

December 6th - Teething and the Terrible 2`s

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To say Saige - and therefore I - had a bad day would be a definite understatement. Not only did little miss wake up at 6 am, she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Cranky does not even begin to explain her temperament lately. All four of her eye/canine teeth are coming in and she is none too thrilled about it. Sure I feel sorry for her, but I'm beginning to feel even sorrier for myself as she`s not the funnest child to be around right now.

Despite the teething and tantrums, there were a couple of smile-worthy moments including: cute ponytails, cozy bear slippers and Saige's newfound interest in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - one of my all-time favourite books to read aloud... "A told B, and B told C, "I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree".

Tonight was Nadine and Byron's annual Christmas party and I debated us even going given Saige's less than stellar attitude all day. I even half-considered getting Saige a baby-sitter so Trev and I could enjoy all the food and festivities. I didn't want to miss out because they seriously go all out - homemade perogies, cabbage rolls, borscht; a chorus of Christmas carols; a reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas; an appearance from Santa and presents for all the daycare kids (new and old)... it's really something.

Because I was in a prime picture taking spot, I ended up being Santa`s little photography helper... (grouped by family)


 Brooklyn - Tyler - Meadow

 Taylor - Conrad

 Nicholas - Julia (Steve)

Andy - Kael

Zetta (Audrey)

(Bo-bo) Teagan (Dean)


Luciano - Miguela


I`m happy to report that Saige was an - almost - perfect angel. Aside from pushing Zetta and hyperventilating over me holding Andy for a second, she was on her very best behaviour. While Saige has a date with Baba tomorrow, I have a date with the mall... Christmas shopping here I come!
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