Feb 24th - Baby Sophia!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sophia Anne arrived today! 10 days overdue she is well worth the wait - 9lbs 4oz of sheer adorableness. She came out in record time (under 2 hours) looking exactly like her big sister Isabelle. Congrats again Rick, Tracy and Izzy!

Sweet & Squishy Sophie 

The photos are a bit blurry as we didn't want the flash to disturb our Sleeping Beauty. She almost makes me want to have another, ALMOST but not quite.

This is what happened last time the Wood's had a baby... the Knol's decided they needed a Saige of their own.
 Poor thing really wanted her story read - carted the book around for a good 10 minutes before I finally clued in.

Trev's cousin is getting married at the end June and I'm making the invites. For the past week I've been frantically trying to get them finished so they can be mailed out by the end of this month. I'm almost done and I'm quite pleased with the end result... I'll try to post a photo tomorrow.

Yesterday I realized just how busy our summer is going to be with 3 weddings and the accompanying bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, etc. We're also in the midst of planning 3 different camping trips with friends PLUS we have to Saige-proof and finish our backyard landscaping (and by finish I mean start). You know what they say, "no rest for the wicked" and apparently no free weekends either :) 

Feb 23rd - Family Flex Day

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is normally our Sunday morning ritual, but since all three of us had the day off we lounged and laughed in bed for the better part of an hour.

Today was Saige's appointment with the doctor to find out what exactly should be done about her lip situation. A referral has now been sent to the ENT for surgery - that should be... interesting? After seeing Dr. Le Roux we hit up the pet store next door (it's become a tradition now). Saige found the nosiy cockatiel quite offensive. We decided to go out for lunch and use one of our many Christmas gift cards - Earls continues to be a family favourite. I wish I had brought my camera as the carpeted restaurant floor was littered with discarded Saige food... "did you manage to get anything in your mouth child? seriously". You can dress her up but you can't take her out - kidding. I would really like to purchase a smaller camera specifically for outings such as these and it would fit so nicely in my purse.

Post-nap Saige giving up on her attempt to break into the bathroom.

Who is this Elvis impersonator? and what has she done with my daughter?

I think somebody needs a tea set.

Finally after 7+ months Saige starts showing an interest in this bear - poor guy was feeling neglected.

Feb 22nd - I heart Dean's Daycare

Monday, February 22, 2010

Reason #161 why I love Saige's daycare: we got a call early this morning asking if we could pack Saige's bathing suit as Nadine planned on taking her and Charlie to the pool. It's so easy for me to leave her 3 mornings a week knowing that her days are packed with fun outings; healthy, home cooked meals; plenty of playmates and caregivers that adore her as much as we do. 

Some couch time with Mommy.

Saige was wiped... early to bed.

Tomorrow is my flex so I'm looking forward to spending the day with my girl. She has her doctor's appointment for the "lip" consult and after that we're a bit undecided... I guess the length of her nap will guide our plans.

Feb 21st - No Canada No!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm happy to report that everyone survived the sleep-over. I left my camera and mom snapped some early morning photos of Saiger eating, coloring and reading.

Saige is not a big fan of hair bands which is unfortunate because that's the extent of my hairstyling skills however she did wear one long enough for me to take a photo - so pretty.

A classic Saige face - the girl who is allergic to smiling - I should write a children's book about our Miserable Miss. I must admit, she is getting better.

Exhibit "B" - looking a bit like Eeyore. Believe it or not, this was taken after her 3 hour long nap. I think the camera brings out the worst in her - ha!

Her love affair with smoothies continues...

Becs & Darrell came over with Hob Along to watch the USA beat Canada 5-3 at their own game... so disappointing... we were all hyped up with patriotic noise makers and everything. On a postive note George was 8th in the Men's 30km Pursuit the other day!!

Caleb won't let a bum foot or an unfortunate hockey game keep him down, he was all smiles :)

Feb 20th - Opa!

Saige and the rest of the Knol clan celebrated Opa's 88th birthday with a surprise party!

He is such a sweet man although I can only understand roughly 1/3 of what he's sayng due to his heavily accented English.

As soon as we arrived Danger made a beeline for Opa's scooter. Doesn't she look a bit like Bren in this photo?

Speaking of Bren... we went to the parent's house for dinner. Caleb had a slide mishap the previous day and hurt his right ankle. Becs took him to the walk-in and everything is a-okay but he is refusing to put weight on it - poor little tyke.

The picture is blurry but it's a literal interpretation of "put a cork in it".
Only at Gramma & Grampa's house would Saige have a buffet of wine corks to play with.

After dinner Caleb and crew headed home and the rest of us hit the hot tub for a little relaxation and stargazing. We put Saige down before watching "Law Abiding Citizen" - the movie was not what I expected. Saige was sleeping pretty peacefully when we were ready to go home so we decided to let her have an impromptu sleep-over. Saige has had an overnighter once before (a long time ago) and it didn't go over so well so I was a bit nervous - more for my mom because she needs her beauty sleep ;)

Feb 19th - Totally 80's

Everything I do at work has to be documented so in essece I do daily journals for the 24 children on my caseload - I record everything from what their foster parent found under their bed to why they were suspended from school to what foods they are refusing to eat lately. Their files should read like baby books so when they age out of care they leave with their life history authoured by social workers.

Needless to say by the end of the day my fingers are typed out.

We're usually home by 5 o'clock so that gives us approximately two and a half hours with Saige before her bedtime and another two and a half hours to ourselves before my bedtime. So what I'm saying is, I'll try to post a daily photo with a mini-blurb and that will be the extent of my blogging for the next three months.

My girlfriend Saffron was going to donate her 1983 baby clothes to charity but not before I swiped a couple keepers for Saiger. I couldn't resist these sneaks - I'm 99.9% positive I owned an identical pair. Bringing back the 80's.

** you must watch this adorable airband player... Randy Houser - Boots On... too cute!

Feb 18th - Mama!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think because Saige and I aren't spending every hour of every day together now, she doesn't like to let me out of her sight when I am at home. She becomes my little shadow, following me everywhere and/or signaling with her arms that she needs up. Today I ran upstairs to change into comfy clothes and she was hollering from the bottom step "mama! mom! ma!" - it's so funny. 

She went all nutty before bed and seemed to have developed an obstacle course where she'd run from the kitchen to the ottoman, slap her hands down, crawl under my legs, laugh at the dogs and repeat. She kept doing it over and over - Trev and I were in hysterics by the 5th run.

Not the best picture but this is what happens when someone says "sommersault" in the Knol house. Oh and she loves trucks (just like her dad) - 'Chuck the Talking Truck' scared her at first, but now she baby-handles him and shows him who's boss.

February 17th - Mr. Mom

Wednesday is Saige's day with Grandma Knol so Trev dropped her off in the  morning  -he's off for a couple days - and spent the rest of "hump day" tidying, grocery shopping and making dinner... I could get used to this. I must admit I've been super b*tchy lately so after work I made a Walmart pitstop and grabbed a card and a little "I'm sorry" gift for Trev-bob. Sucking up was necessary thanks to my sucky attitude. Some days it's hard to leave work at work - I know it's poor excuse, but I'm sticking to it.

I just can't get enough of Saige lately, I could honestly watch her play for hours (and I do) - she's so funny with all her new words and sounds. During bath time she was all about enunciating - with her oh so kissable lips - "ow"... she wasn't hurt she just thought it was fun to say.

Brushing her teeth is becoming an ordeal. She wants to do it herself or not at all - ugh. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Kim needed to borrow our dog crate for Coco's trip to Kelowna - apparently he gets car sick and apparently dog crates are super fun toys. Saige was actually trying to lock herself in. Trev thought we should take a picture and post it with the caption "Saige's time out" - can you imagine? Sadly I've come across that a time or two :S

A story before bed.

February 15th - Trouble

Monday, February 15, 2010

No pictures just some random ramblings... Saige's nickname at daycare is Trouble which
makes me laugh... I laughed so hard today - courtesy of Peter - that my stomach actually hurt... to celebrate Darrell's 23rd birthday, Becs organized a surprise party for him and Trev bought the present (a first)... Trev found out he was awarded that BIG contact so I'm very happy and very proud... My mountain man husband took me out for a belated Valentine's Day lunch... It turns out that Saige's top lip is attached to her gum so I'm thinking she'll need some sort of surgery/operation to correct that?... I've moved onto the 3rd book in the Twilight series... I'm impatiently waiting for baby Wood to arrive... I'm off to bed...

February 14th - Happy Birthday Gramps

Saige examining her Valentine's Day gift from Mommy & Daddy. A WARM BUDDY we named Whistler to help keep her toasty at night.

Snuggles and smoothies - what a life. Gramma and Grampa finally returned home (with ridiculous tans I might add) and of course they needed to see 'their babies' right away.  

A post-bath photo of Saiger admiring her new PJ's - they read "Daddy's Little Chickadee".

Saige and Whistler playing on the dog bed.

Valentine's Day is always emotional, my grandpa - Arthur Valentine Leier - was born on February 14th and coincidently died on his birthday 69 years later. I miss him A LOT... xoxoxo

February 13th - Wild Child

Saturday, February 13, 2010

With Trev out of town I didn't have a lot on the agenda so I offered to have Caleb over for a cousin playdate. Becs dropped him off before lunch and brought with her little miss Angie Thwaites, except she's not little anymore, she's what most men would call a blonde bombshell. Once again I feel old.

For a snack I made yogurt smoothies and the kids didn't come up for air.

They were lovin' every drop of the strawberry-nana goodness.

Saige was sporting her Vancouver 2010 tee that she got from Auntie Christie. She seems to like Miga the mascot best.

This is how you know Saige is ready for a nap. Both her and Caleb slept for two hours straight (a fact that I was quite proud of and took full credit for... haha).

Impatiently waiting for Becs to emerge. The bathroom is off limits to them 90% of the time so they wait outside the door like little vultures - banging on the glass, rattling the handle - I guess peeing in peace is too much to ask for nowadays. 

Saige invaded Caleb's personal space and he was having none of it.

When the cousins get mad each other they'll squeal in protest and flap their arms wildly. Saige is by far the more sensitive of the two and takes everything so personally. Caleb on the other hand is able to brush things off and is easily distracted with food and/or toy trucks.

Lucky for me, Saige can throw a mean tantrum and is doing so more and more often - I really need to get the hysterics on video so one day I can play it back for her. I definitely see high school drama club in her future.

We had spaghetti for dinner and when Saige dropped her fork on the floor, I made the mistake of saying "uh oh"... that's when the game started. Throughout the meal she'd intentionally throw down her utensil and say "uh oh". Good thing we both thought it was funny and the dogs were willing to clean up the mess.

February 12th - Go Canada Go!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Trev is working out of town for the next few days so Saige and I are having a 'girls weekend'. I'm really looking forward to my parents coming home tomorrow night - 2 weeks is just too long.

Nadine had a Valentine's party for kids today so Saige was asked to wear pink. 

Imagine my excitement when I was presented with Saige's very first piece of artwork. It's now proudly displayed on our fridge and apparently she tried to eat everything that's on this paper (that's my girl). Saige also managed to unroll 2 full rolls of toilet paper at some point during the day... poor Nadine.

Like the rest of the world I was shocked to learn about the Olympic luge athlete from Georgia. So very sad. I'm just watching the Opening Ceremonies now... GO GEORGE GO! Definitely feeling patriotic tonight, too bad I'm all by myself.

UMMM SHANE KOYCZAN JUST PERFORMED FOR THE WORLD! OMG I LOVE HIM!! TREV & I GO TO HIS SHOWS EVERY CHANCE WE GET - for those of you who are not familiar with Okanagan's very own slam poet I highly recommend you get better acquainted... Visiting Hours, amazing! especially OH CANADA...

"...but we still read our magazines and say
gotta get me a playstation two
gotta get me something
so I don't have to bend over
when I pick up my dog's poo
gotta get me this
gotta get me that
gotta get the fat sucked out of my body
so that I can fit into gaudy clothes
and god knows I
gotta get me a pair of three hundred dollar shoes
made for twenty seven cents in a child labour sweatshop
so I can impress people I don't even know..."

February 9th, 10th & 11th - Working Mom

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keeping up with this blog is proving difficult and so is the daily picture taking. I love being back at work, but I can't really talk too much about my days due to the limits of confidentiality.
While watching "The Bachelor" on Monday night (yes I force Trev to endure it with me), we read that Jake Pavelka is 31 - the same age as Trev - so he turns to me and asks, "do I really look that old?" haha - I wonder if that question is the male equivalent to "do I look fat?"? I just laughed it off but it got me thinking... we're getting OLD!

Today I had to attend a meeting at Fulton Secondary and it was so weird walking the halls of a high school again. For a fleeting moment I thought to myself "maybe I look like a student?" - I did have a notebook and I was wearing clothes borrowed from Becca's closet? I asked my youth and I think her exact words were, "you're hilarious". At least I'm funny and old?

Well this old woman is off to enjoy a pre-Grey's bubble bath but not before I share these before bed photos of Saiger - ignore the messy house, I'm a working mom now ;)

February 8th - Up!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm so glad I chose to flex today because not only was Saige in a hilarious mood, but her vocabulary expanded by two words. She now says "bye" when waving and she said "up, up" this morning when she wanted me to help her out of the high chair.

oh the fun boxes bring...

It's near impossible to get Saige to pose for and/or smile at the camera. This aft I propped her up on a storage box with no toys or distractions hoping she'd give me something - well after hooting, hollering, snapping and clapping, these were the end results... enjoy!

*my favourite is the one with her tongue sticking out (6th) and Trev likes the "woah! I just about fell" face (4th) - haha.

the closest thing Trev's has to a motorcycle since we sold his... his lips crack me up - he was trying to sound like an engine for Saige's benefit.
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