April 10th - Happy Birthday to ME

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've had my fair share of pretty great birthdays - McDonald's party in kindergarten(remember Sash?), hippy themed birthday, limo birthday, hotel slumber party birthday, surprise sweet 16 birthday, a bar-hopping 19th birthday, etc. - well my 27th will definitely be making the top 10 list.

Trevor has a bi-annual "Bald & Beautiful" golf tournament for his birthday so this year we decided to do a "Red & Racy" bowling tournament for mine. Somewhat chaotic, but SO FUN!

Guests - who actually read the invite - were encouraged to wear something from the 'red' colour family (red, orange, pink, purple). As expected the Steele sisters followed their instructions to a T while others - Darrell, Caleb, Conrad - did not.  

Apparently Tia and I opted for the same impromptu camera pose - 2 thumbs up!

Somehow Adelle, Nadine, Josh and Grandpa all escaped the camera. Speaking of cameras... thanks to my wonderful parents and parents-in-law, I received a smaller, more compact camera for my b-day (my not-so-subtle hints paid off - haha). I definitely need to play around with it a bit more so my photos aren't so blurry and overexposed (see examples above), but I'm pretty happy with it. It's waterproof (up to 3 meters) and shockproof (5 feet) so hopefully it can withstand my (and Saige's) abuse.
Childless we all went back to the house for some post-bowling drinks and appies. Somehow the sexes became segregated - the men stayed in the kitchen while the ladies retreated to the living room. I don't know about the guys, but the girls' conversation turned really raunchy, really fast and thanks to the steady flow of alcohol, I got really drunk, really fast.

*I must say I'm somewhat surprised at how "normal" I look in the photo seeing how it was midnight and I had 5 too many martinis.

When the party-goers left I interestingly decided to adorn myself with birthday goodies and do a little runway show. Christie & Kim got me this awesome shirt and necklace from RW & Co. (love) and Trev bought me these flip flops that are made from yoga mat (so comfy!)

a fraction of the night's aftermath...

Thanks for another great birthday!
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