May 23rd & 24th - May Long

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I convinced Trev to take all 3 days off and we tackled our 'to-do' list with a vengeance. I have to say it was a pretty productive weekend, I was actually up on the roof at one point in time touching up paint (let it be known that heat, heights and I don't get along to well). I stained the majority of our back fence while Trev mowed lawns and worked on the underground irrigation. We also cleared out 3/4 of our basement and found many treasures including my 2001 collection of mix CD's - now I have that City High song "What Would You Do" stuck in my head.

Saige went on a Sunday morning stroll with her Baba so Trev and I could continue with  yardwork...
Turns out that Willow wanted a ride in the stroller too. That cat is a total comfort monger.

Don't let her size fool you, this little one is Trouble (with a capital "T'). We dropped her off fully clothed and came back to find her in only a onesie terrorizing the house, my Gramma's dog Abby and ants (yes Baba took it upon herself to teach our 16 month old how to stomp on ants - good grief!)

We planted all our pots and hanging baskets; I read that yellow is THE colour for summer and since I can't wear it I decided to plant only yellow flowers this year - I really like how they turned out... hopefully they'll get big and beautiful and I can post more pictures. Saige played while Trev and I built the side fence to match our porch rail - it only took us a year to get to (our poor patient neighbour).

We went with Nadine and Byron for a boat ride and had a nice dinner on Kal Lake... BBQ steak, salads, garlic bread... a great way to end the long weekend.

May 22nd - Miss Personality

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saige has been quickly outgrowing all of her pants and pj's so we decided to give her a measure and lo and behold, she's grown over an inch!

We had to make a quick trip into Kelowna this morning to get Trev fitted for his tux and we decided to treat ourselves to breaky. This is very rare for the Knol family as I'm not a big breakfast fan - I know, I know it's the most important meal of the day, but give me a yogurt or bowl of cold cereal and I'm a happy girl. Anyways Saige had her first (and probably last) White Spot pirate ship. Her appetite has been nonexistent lately - I hope it's because of all those teeth coming in (fingers crossed) - we would have been better off just hitting up Timmy's on our way through Lake Country.

Saige had a blast at the suit store looking at herself in the 3 way mirror (must take after her Auntie Becca - oh snap). I haven't seen Trev in a tux since our wedding almost 4 years ago, I forgot how handsome he looks all dressed up... apparently I was too busy gawking to take any photos - I'll just have to wait until Sean and Bri's big day. Trev and I don't have many excuses to dress fancy so our wardrobes are somewhat limited in that department, with 4 weddings to attend this summer we are scrambling.

Saige on the other hand has a closet full of cute clothes, but she is most comfortable in get-ups like this - mismatched shoes, crazy hair, daddy's ball cap - sigh. I was actually at Chicken Little Childhood Outfitters taking advantage of their buy one, get one free clothing sale and came home (with new outfits) to my daughter wearing this insane ensemble, Trev totally enables her (and I secretly love it).

May 21st - Photo Friday

who knew Country Music Television was so entertaining (and captivating)?

Tame those tantrums!
How timely... Saige has started doing this new thing where she intentionally bangs her head during tantrums, it's quite disconcerting - fortunately this only happens once every so often she can't stand to lose many more brain cells (kidding).

I think it's quite funny that the magazines littering my night table are no longer US Weekly or People, instead I have subscriptions to Today's Parent, Canadian Family and Parents. I find myself dog earing their pages and tearing out quick recipes for Wednesday night dinners :S

Kissy face. Saige is such a little smoocher. When she does something she knows she's not supposed to do she tries to kiss it out... example: she'll smack Caleb and then hug him immediately after.

Playing some cup game that I tried to join in on but apparently I didn't know the rules.

Waiting by the window for daddy to come home.

May 20th - YAA Fest

I m going
r u?
Friends/co-worker of mine were involved in a little community festival we like to call YAA Fest. I'm not sure who came up with the promotional t-shirts but they were genius.

While co-chair Kim did a fantastic job with the event, my booth for the office (not that we're trying to drum up business or anything) was less than stellar.

People actually laughed...
and were genuinely concerned about my sickly tree (which was just a grouping of victim branches from the previous night's windstorm).

** In my defense I threw this together in less than 2 hours **

Saige had to stay with me for a bit before Trev could come pick her up. As expected she was obsessed with Heather's dog Axl. When it comes to animals Saige reminds us of Elmyra from 'Tiny Toons'...

"I'll love you and hug you and squeeze you"

After a looong day at work I was - in my opinion - deserving of the new McDonald's mint orea mcflurry I treated myself to ;)

May 16th - last night I washed my face with hand soap

Saige and my parents were already asleep when I got home from the races. My dad was snoring on the couch when I almost gave him a heart attack... he's not used to having one of his girls spend the night.

My overnight bag was in the room where Saige was sleeping so I ended up brushing my teeth with my index finger and washed my face with hand soap (I wouldn't recommend it). After flipping through some In Touch magazine I found in the bathroom, I turned off my bedside lamp only to hear Saige fussing.

If you can believe it, Saige was up every 5-10 minutes for 2 hours straight... I almost lost my mind... thankfully Bren came to the rescue (I felt so bad about waking her because she doesn't sleep well as it is) - anyways she showed me where she keeps the baby tylenol. Saige has been sleeping through the night (7:30pm - 7:30am) since she was about 12 months old so I wasn't expecting this at all. I finally caved and brought Saige into bed with me - she tossed and turned, tried to feed me her soother, pointed out "momma's eyes", "momma's ears" and "momma's nose" before she eventually fell asleep ON ME. Needless to say it was a rough night and I was feeling extra rough in the morning.

Because of her interrupted sleep, Saige was definitely a Missy Grumpa-loo (and so was I - poor Trev)... she fell asleep in the truck just as soon as we backed out my parents' driveway.

Baby Love

More Baby Love.

May 15th - Sleepover

Sunday, May 16, 2010

With Trev working ALL weekend I decided to pack up Saige and head out to my parents house for the day and night for some much needed company (and use of their perfectly manicured lawn).

My crush on super cute baby hats continues.

The garden hose had been basking in the summer sun all morning so Saige's pool was bath water warm.

Completely unphased by the hot pavement under her feet... she was a 'momma on a mission'... walking her baby.

Plumber Caleb came for a visit.

Beach bum locked out - no shirt, no shoes, no entry.

I met up with the boys (Trev & Darrell) to watch car #57 race. Trev's uncle Butch has been track champion for 4 years or something so it's always fun to cheer him on. I was literally on the edge of my seat all 50 laps and I accidently cheered (way to loud) when someone took out Super Dave's car.


May 10th - Out of Order

On Monday I used up some of my banked time to leave work early and meet up with the Steele clan. Trev also finished up early so the whole fam joined Tia, Kara and kids at Polson Park.

I must have been too caught up in adult conversation to take photos of our afternoon playdate, but I did manage to take a few beforehand of Trev and his baby girl.


May 13th - Teenagers!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My caseload is absolutely insane. Teenagers - or more specifically 17 year olds - are literally a full-time job and I have spent the majority of my week dealing with my four favourite high school seniors. I have to say the boys are proving to be more of a challenge than my girl, but I'm not holding my breath that that will be the case for sassy Saige. That being said, I don't think there's anything Saige can do that I won't have seen already.

In the last 4 days I have been confronted with (in no particular order) an AWOL,  an out-of-school suspension, an in-school suspension, an "at risk of not graduating" warning (x 2), a fist fight resulting in 2 black eyes before grad photos, a pregnancy scare, a discussion about the unfairness of "governmental grounding", a "can you come get me?" phone call, tears, tears and more tears, prom, 50% on an English 12 final and experimental cocaine usage. I would likely be a lot more annoyed if they all hadn't - in their own little way - thanked me. You probably recall my initial apprehension about inheriting a caseload of predominantly teens. Now that I've been back for almost 3.5 months, I'm really starting to like my youth files... nothing makes you feel more special than hearing a teen say "you're pretty cool for an older person"... awww shucks.

Now that I have 2 camers  going, my blogpost might get a little wonky and out of order... I know I have photos from the park this Monday, but they must be on the other memory card.  Seeing how I don't have any photos to share, I have compiled some photos of my new favourite colour. Last year it was burnt sienna, this year...


granny smith... my hands down "crisp" fave.

I bought the female version of this coat... love.

The duvet cover I've been eyeing up... not that we need another, but it's always fun to look.


Yes please.

Can't forget about Saige.

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