May 12th - Tick Tock

Friday, May 14, 2010

Only 19 more days until halftime here I come and boy am I looking forward to going down to 2-3 days a week. This whole working for a living thing is really starting to interfere with my mile long 'honeydew list'. I barely have time to fold laundry and grocery shop let alone transform our yard into an oasis or pack up the basement.

Above all I'm eager to spend more quality time with my Saiger - she has shed most of her seriousness and is now a crazy little - yummy - nutbar. This morning we were running behind so I whipped up a yogurt smoothie for the road. The sound of the blender sent her into a mad flashdance (she was literally running on the spot squealing in delight).

Trev brought home a load of topsoil this afternoon and apparently our neighbours "Porky" and "Creepy" (nicknames courtesy of Grampa Leier) told him that a man had been inquiring about whether we'd want to subdivide our property? The thought had never crossed our minds, but now that we have an interested and potential buyer, we're seriously considering it... we may as well get the most out of our property before we sell.

Well I've officially been bit by the real estate bug. It was inevitable really, three of my co-workers have recently bought and sold properties so it's all the office has been talking about. At present -, and - are my greatest guilty pleasures.  I actually had my friend/realtor Saffron schedule us a viewing for a home on McIntosh Road and Trev and I did a BX drive-by to check out some acreage - unfortunately any house we would build would be a shack compared to the one next to it... it's ridiculous.

Anyways, going back to Saige and her oddball demands...

She has to wear her winter boots indoors even though is 25+ degrees outside. Yes she's crazy like her father and yes the weather has been crazy beautiful.

Lately it's been so hot and sunny that I've had to be extra careful about tan/sunburn lines; I don't want to look like a red and white striped zebra in my strapless bridesmaid dress.


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