May 22nd - Miss Personality

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saige has been quickly outgrowing all of her pants and pj's so we decided to give her a measure and lo and behold, she's grown over an inch!

We had to make a quick trip into Kelowna this morning to get Trev fitted for his tux and we decided to treat ourselves to breaky. This is very rare for the Knol family as I'm not a big breakfast fan - I know, I know it's the most important meal of the day, but give me a yogurt or bowl of cold cereal and I'm a happy girl. Anyways Saige had her first (and probably last) White Spot pirate ship. Her appetite has been nonexistent lately - I hope it's because of all those teeth coming in (fingers crossed) - we would have been better off just hitting up Timmy's on our way through Lake Country.

Saige had a blast at the suit store looking at herself in the 3 way mirror (must take after her Auntie Becca - oh snap). I haven't seen Trev in a tux since our wedding almost 4 years ago, I forgot how handsome he looks all dressed up... apparently I was too busy gawking to take any photos - I'll just have to wait until Sean and Bri's big day. Trev and I don't have many excuses to dress fancy so our wardrobes are somewhat limited in that department, with 4 weddings to attend this summer we are scrambling.

Saige on the other hand has a closet full of cute clothes, but she is most comfortable in get-ups like this - mismatched shoes, crazy hair, daddy's ball cap - sigh. I was actually at Chicken Little Childhood Outfitters taking advantage of their buy one, get one free clothing sale and came home (with new outfits) to my daughter wearing this insane ensemble, Trev totally enables her (and I secretly love it).


Brianne said...

YAY! that means Trevor has been fitted for his TUX! I was going to send you an e-mail to remind you - love your blog!

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