May 23rd & 24th - May Long

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I convinced Trev to take all 3 days off and we tackled our 'to-do' list with a vengeance. I have to say it was a pretty productive weekend, I was actually up on the roof at one point in time touching up paint (let it be known that heat, heights and I don't get along to well). I stained the majority of our back fence while Trev mowed lawns and worked on the underground irrigation. We also cleared out 3/4 of our basement and found many treasures including my 2001 collection of mix CD's - now I have that City High song "What Would You Do" stuck in my head.

Saige went on a Sunday morning stroll with her Baba so Trev and I could continue with  yardwork...
Turns out that Willow wanted a ride in the stroller too. That cat is a total comfort monger.

Don't let her size fool you, this little one is Trouble (with a capital "T'). We dropped her off fully clothed and came back to find her in only a onesie terrorizing the house, my Gramma's dog Abby and ants (yes Baba took it upon herself to teach our 16 month old how to stomp on ants - good grief!)

We planted all our pots and hanging baskets; I read that yellow is THE colour for summer and since I can't wear it I decided to plant only yellow flowers this year - I really like how they turned out... hopefully they'll get big and beautiful and I can post more pictures. Saige played while Trev and I built the side fence to match our porch rail - it only took us a year to get to (our poor patient neighbour).

We went with Nadine and Byron for a boat ride and had a nice dinner on Kal Lake... BBQ steak, salads, garlic bread... a great way to end the long weekend.


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