June 26th - Season Opener

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We officially kicked off wedding season with a beautiful backyard ceremony courtesy of the new Mr. & Mrs. Sproule.

I was so busy keeping a one year old quiet and entertained that I had to borrow these photos from other wedding guests.

Rewind just a bit... I knew it was going to be a good day as soon as I drew Saige's bedroom blinds; I went to change her diaper and discovered that she was completely dry after an 11 hour sleep. Slightly dumbfounded I scooped her up, put her on the potty and about 10 seconds later... tinkle, tinkle. I was beyond excited - Trev heard the whole thing on the baby monitor and joined us downstairs for a congratulatory pee-pee dance. She's used the potty for #2 before, but that's been easier to catch - just look for the crouching red faced girl in hiding. I would have never imagined in a thousand years that Trev and I would be this elated over urine.

Anyways back to the wedding. For those of you who don't know mine and Trevor's "story", it's kind of confusing, but the bride - Lyndsay - and her parents - Ron & Darlene - played lead roles in organizing our initial blind date. Trev and Lynds are cousins and my parents have been good friends with Ron & Darlene for 25+ years so needless to say the Sproule wedding was a family affair. With both sets of grandparents in attendence and all of us dressed in our Saturday best, we seized a couple photo ops...

Bren's attempt at being artsy.

The Knol/Currie clan.

The latest photo of our little trio.

The classic Saige hug... what can I say? The girl knows how to snuggle and who doesn't love that?

Every now and then I too can give a good mommy snuggle.

Saige and her Uncle Ty.

Bren channeling her Posh Spice.
P.S. - I hope to be this hot at her age (and I'm sure Trev wishes the same for me)... come on genetics.

He was seriously going to leave me hanging...

Our noses got in the way of the kiss...

Some things never change.

He easily tires of my shenanigans.

My superman.

And he calls me 'the grumpy one'... hmmm, I wonder who Saige gets her scowl from?

Congrats again Lyndsay, Kelly, Brooke & Bryden!

June 21st to 25th - She Finally Did It...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saige finally managed to rip the spacebar  off my laptop which seriously cripples my ability to blog. She's been at it for quite some time so I have to admire her determination and follow through...

The little monkey has been climbing on anything and everything lately... her crib, the patio table, laundry baskets...

the entertainment unit

her daddy

A rundown of my week:

MONDAY - cleaned the house top to bottom.

TUESDAY - did some painting, looked at property, hosted an impromptu birthday BBQ.

that would be one steep driveway, but the view's not bad.

My 2 dirty face favourites :)

WEDNESDAY - busy day at work, introduced Trev to the delicious lunch menu at Sushi 1 which is conveniently located just 2 doors down from my office.

Saige was such a daddy's girl this week which put a perma-grin on Trev's face.

THURSDAY - sadly I don't recall.

She's good to go... flats, heels, umbrella and keys... what a girl.

FRIDAY - attended my first grad ceremony and dinner as a social worker. For the record my youth looked absolutely stunning in her sherbert orange ball gown.

It seems like only yesterday, but it's been 9 years.

I debated posting this but it's too funny not to share - nerd alert!

In my absence, Trev and Saige had a movie night... I think they watched the latest edition of "Ice Age". They were so enthralled with the opening credits I didn't even get a proper good-bye.

June 20th - Happy Daddy's Day

Monday, June 21, 2010

I always knew that Trevor would be an amazing father (even before he did) but watching him now with Saige is truly indescribable - their relationship has exceeded both my expectations and imagination. So Trev my darling, I want to thank you for being incredibly patient, loving, protective and playful when it comes to our daughter... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY... xoxo... we love you.

Saige made a present for daddy at daycare - her footprints with an accompanying  poem.

Father's Day brunch at The Currie's

playing nice, followed by not playing nice, followed by Grampa needing to get involved

Good thing the wagon's a 2 seater

Baba taking her babies on a sunny Sunday stroll

The dads in the breakfast line...

Our mimosa maker

Cheers to fatherhood

Isn't my Gram the cutest? We celebrated her birthday a bit early, any excuse to have cake before noon.

Caleb is the sweetest little boy - I know I've said it before but I seriously LOVE being his auntie... we only had one playpen that Saige was napping in so I laid beside him on the floor and gently rubbed his back until he fell asleep... I loved every second of it.

We ended our Father's Day with a family BBQ hosted by Trev's auntie and uncle... unfortunately I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera so no photos :(


June 19th - Baby It's Hot Outside

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today yardwork was the only thing on the Knol agenda. Since we finished most of our to-do list earlier than expected, we took Saige downtown to enjoy at bit of the Sunshine Festival - it was defintely sunny (and hot).

We hit up Teeter Totter Toys for their 25% off everything Anniversary Sale. Trev bought himself, I mean Saige a CAT excavator... I told him to consider his new $70 sandbox toy an early Father's Day gift.

We took Trev out for a quiet dinner - another early Father's Day treat since Sunday is jam packed with family gatherings on both sides.

Saige definitely had her fair share of the outdoors

And in case she wasn't dirty enough, we did a little fingerpainting...

I turned her artwork into Father's Day cards for the Grandpa's... once they're dry I'm going to glue on her handprint and add a little saying -  "this is the hand you used to hold when I was only 1 year old" - I thought it would be a fun keepsake, perhaps something we can do every year.

I swear that's not fingerpaint in the water, it's tub tints. Saige was so filthy it reminded me of that old saying "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater".

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