June 19th - Baby It's Hot Outside

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today yardwork was the only thing on the Knol agenda. Since we finished most of our to-do list earlier than expected, we took Saige downtown to enjoy at bit of the Sunshine Festival - it was defintely sunny (and hot).

We hit up Teeter Totter Toys for their 25% off everything Anniversary Sale. Trev bought himself, I mean Saige a CAT excavator... I told him to consider his new $70 sandbox toy an early Father's Day gift.

We took Trev out for a quiet dinner - another early Father's Day treat since Sunday is jam packed with family gatherings on both sides.

Saige definitely had her fair share of the outdoors

And in case she wasn't dirty enough, we did a little fingerpainting...

I turned her artwork into Father's Day cards for the Grandpa's... once they're dry I'm going to glue on her handprint and add a little saying -  "this is the hand you used to hold when I was only 1 year old" - I thought it would be a fun keepsake, perhaps something we can do every year.

I swear that's not fingerpaint in the water, it's tub tints. Saige was so filthy it reminded me of that old saying "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater".

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