July 4th to 13th - Good Gracious

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This past week has had its share of ups and downs which have left me utterly exhausted.

UPS: Saige turned 18 months on the 6th, Trev & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the 8th, Auntie Jill is here for another visit, we've been spending lots of time outdoors as a family, I finally found a dress to wear to Sean & Brianne's August wedding (similar to the one below)...
DOWNS: Saige has been sick and Rebecca is in the hospital with meningitis, enough said.


SATURDAY - Jillian's Good-Bye, See You in a Week BBQ

Saige has always been your classic "water baby" but lately we've been wondering if she's a "water freak". She seriously thinks she can swim and does everything in her power to escape our clutches and be free in the water. She actually submerges herself and comes up all smiles... it's quite the sight especially compared to very cautious Caleb. Perhaps - fingers crossed - we have the next female Michael Phelps (without the bong scandal).

SUNDAY - Lazy Day at Casa Knol

The aftermath of Saige trying to force-feed Dad her cracker.
Cheerios and bananas are staples in our house.
Trev tried to mix things up this week with the introduction of Honey Nut Cheerios, but Saige has stayed loyal to the big yellow box.

MONDAY - Saige "The Artiste"

During labour I envisioned moments from Saige's childhood that I could look forward to and believe it or not, her fingerpainting at the kitchen table was just one of the images I focused on to get through the pain - it's even better than I imagined.

TUESDAY - Mother Goose & Mystery Rash

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy working part-time? I especially love having Mondays and Tuesdays off so I can take advantage of all the fun family programs like Mother Goose in the park. We sang alongside my girlfriend Jess and her little man Nico - Jess is the most relaxed new mom I have ever met, just look at that beautiful exaggerated smile. By sheer coincidence Saige's boyfriend from daycare, Kael, was also at the park with his mom and Saige spotted him across the playground before I did. Apparently they hold hands in the van - too cute.

It was a hot day outside so we headed over to Booster Juice and then the walk-in clinic as Saige developed an interesting rash on her tummy that was starting to spread. The doctor had no idea what it was, but since she was in good spirits otherwise he said not to worry about it - doctors orders.

The heat wave continued into the afternoon so I read while my water baby splashed about. I honestly couldn't put "The Heavenstone Secrets" by V.C. Andrews down - I read it in like 48 hours - it's a super annoying read, but addicting at the same time... now I'm just waiting for my mom to finish the sequel (or Becs to finish Emily Griffin's new one). 

Jess, Saffron and I tried to take advantage of Telus Tuesday and go see "Eclipse" - the 3 of us went to "New Moon" on opening night so it was only fitting that we'd see the third movie together but alas it was sold out. We ended up watching "Grown Ups" which in my opinion is a renter.

WEDNESDAY - It's Strawberry Season!

To be honest summer is not really my favourite season, but I do love it's produce. As you can see, Saige was really into her strawberries and vanilla yogurt this morning. I love having farm fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge which reminds me, I really need to get to the Farmer's Market for The Peach Lady's famous peaches. Her line is seriously 30 people long because her goods are that good. Trev and his family turned me onto peaches & cream awhile back and now my tastebuds can't wait.

THURSDAY - And Sick.

Today was a rough day. At work I had the most heartbreaking removal - I just about cried and to top things off I get a call halfway through saying that Saige had projectile vomited on a daycare outing to Davidson Orchard and needed to get picked up. This is the first time Saige has ever puked so it was a unfortunate milestone.

This photo was taken at our doctor's office. You can't really see, but Saige's rash had spread to her entire body and that coupled with a mild fever and random vomiting lead us to worry. Dr. Le Roux said she was fighting some sort of virus so we took her home for snuggles. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

FRIDAY - It's a Hot One Out There.

I'm sorry but 35 degrees + is a ridiculous temperature especially when our house doesn't have central air (we just have a half dozen portable fans and one window air conditioner). The thermometer in my truck said 44 today - that's disgusting.

I had a productive day at work today which was a bonus considering we had a rough night with Saige. She ended up sleeping with us and at 3 a.m. she sat up and puked all over my pillow. Poor thing. So Trev stripped the bed while I bathed the baby. Saige truly didn't go back to sleep until 7 a.m. - yawn. Heather and I did an office slushie run so the sugar high  cooled me off and helped me stay awake.

Following dinner I learned from my mom that Becs got taken to emergency that afternoon due to an excrutiating/debilitating headache that basically left her immobile.

SATURDAY - We Have So Much Water We Play In It

Locals can buy discounted hours for the waterslides so instead of paying admission for the day you just hand it your punch card and stay as long as you'd like. It was like $80 for 50 hours so the thing pays for itself even if we only end up going 3 times, plus the pass is 100% transferable so we can lend it to family and friends. We ended up going for a couple hours first thing (before it got too hot). Of course our "water baby" loved every wet second.

The doctors have Becs in an isolation room and we all have to wear masks, gloves and gowns to visit her. When I first went into see her it was pretty scary, she looks so pale and frail. Her fever was at 40 earlier today and nothing was bringing it down - thank heavens they have her on a steady dose of morphine - poor thing. Her care team is 99.9% positive it's meningitis and are now waiting on lab results from her spinal tap to determine whether it's bacterial or viral. We're hoping viral. 

SUNDAY - A Day and Night At The Cove

A Saige tantrum caught on film.

Jill flew in last night and after visiting with Becs we headed out to Parker Cove to play in Okanagan Lake and have dinner as a fam (minus Rebecca and Ken). Since both Jill and Ken's houses are rented out while they live in Red Deer, they are borrowing our trailer and "camping" on their spare lot. Ken doesn't drive in until tomorrow so after watching Big Brother, Jill and I had a slumber party in the travel trailer while Saige slept at my parents' place (Trev went home as he had to work in the a.m.)
MONDAY - Mommy Needs A Nap

Jill and I stayed up way too late and woke up way too early. I can't remember the last time we had a sleep-over, we were long overdue.

Mom and Jill drove Saiger and I in on their way to the hospital and we both went down for a good 2 hour nap. Trev mowed the lawn while the girls played in Saige's bouncer thing. She surprised us both when she shimmied up the climbing wall all by herself. I love the photo of her sitting on her popped soccer ball (courtesy of Dakota). Will definitely be putting that girl into sports, but this red head mommy is not the hugest fan of unshaded soccer fields.

It's official Becs has viral meningitis - where she picked that up we'll never know.

TUESDAY - She's Gots The Meningitis & K-Town Bound

My Gram/Saige's Baba took her for a long walk while Trev and I visited Rebecca. Becs' has started on the antibiotics and is now playing the wait-and-see game in her desolate hospital room which resembles something out of a horror film; the walls actually look like they've been clawed.
Saige is obsessed with...
(A) sidewalk chalk - I come home from work only to find my parking spot covered in colorful Daddy & Saige drawing.
(B) cats & dogs - her and Caleb started playing "puppy" where they crawl around, shake a paw, woof and go nigh-night. I need to get it on camera. I actually want to buy one of those new Flip Videos to capture all the adorable moments.

We had to pick up Trev's dress pants from Moore's in Kelowna as they've been hemmed and waiting for over a month! We also did a Princess Auto pit stop, a stroll through Plum and a huge Costco run. All that shopping made us hungry so we grabbed a bite at Montana's before heading home to unload our loot.

Very happy that I get tomorrow off as well. The weather has been a bit cool so I'm hoping Wednesday is a beach day with Auntie.

June 27th to July 3rd - Whirlwind Week

Monday, July 5, 2010

The stat holiday combined with my minimized work schedule gave me the entire week off minus Friday. Unfortunately Trev was under the weather and the weather itself was unpredictable; ranging from TOO hot, to chilly, to rainy... repeat.

Due to my poor memory and the obscene amount of time it takes to download photos I thought I'd do a bunch of mini-blogs under one blog title:

Hello Booster Juice

Believe it or not, today was the first time Saige got her very own booster juice - strawberry sunshine. Let's just say she was in smoothie heaven; didn't come up for air and had a death grip on her snack-size cup.

Somehow she wrangled mine away from me to demonstrate her stacking abilities... ta-da!

Bossy Boots

Saige refers to all beverages - aside from smoothies - as juice, so this morning she reached for her cup of water and asked for "juice".  She only took a little sip so I continued to hold it close to her mouth thinking she'd want more, but instead she used her pointer finger to push it away while simultaneously shaking her head "no" and saying "no". I ended up calling her Little Miss Bossy and now her word of the day is "bossy". 
- Saige tell daddy what you are? 
- bossy.

In other news, progress on the backyard is at a standstill and speaking of backyards I missed Saffron's backyard birthday party tonight where Andrew Allen played for family and friends. The one night Trev has to work late, I miss a private concert :(

P.S. - Saige wasn't so into smiling today either.

Double Date

Saige and I had a playdate at the park with Adelle and her little monkeys - Jacob and Olivia - today. Jake is getting so big, you'd never guess that once upon a time he was just an itty-bitty little thing.

Tried to get a shot of Jacob walking, but he tripped just as I snapped the photo.

swinging in tandem (sort of)

pre-nap kisses
(and yes we have a ridiculous amount of lotto tickets to check)

post-nap hair

To make up for me missing Andrew Allen last night, Trev watched Saige while Tia and I went to The Pheonix patio for dinner and drinks.

Canadian... Eh?

Saige woke up in a super happy mood which really set the tone for Canada Day...

Some of her biggest on-camera smiles to date.

And despite Trev being über sick and us going to bed waaaay before the first firework went off, July 1st was a happy day because Auntie Jill came to visit!!

 Saige proudly showing off her Canadian flag tattoo.


I didn't think to bring my camera to work, but guess who dropped by the office for a surprise visit?
!! AMAN !!

So Saige unearthed her Feathers CD from Kindermusik and had a little dance party in the kitchen. Sadly our video camera battery was depleted so I had to rely on photos to capture the cuteness. Trev came home and witnessed the jumping, marching, spinning madness and confirmed that ballet class is in her future - CAN'T WAIT! I was actually considering taking some adult classes (haha- already thinking of ways to embarass Saige).

I put her in an outfit from 2 days ago when I got home - you wouldn't believe what Trev had dressed her in...

Trev had a random hankering for shake & bake chicken and we learned that our daughter is a barbarian and loves eating meat off the bone (much to my disgust).

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