September 27th - Boo the Blue Beta

Monday, September 27, 2010

I had Trev take the day off so I could schedule some appointments, the first being to help Wood-n-Chick Furniture design Saige's new big girl bed. We decided to splurge on a custom twin bed and quality mattress, one that Saige can enjoy for the duration of her stay under our roof and beyond. I've always loved the idea of a trundle bed - it's very practical for small spaces and sleepovers - so that's what she's getting along with a matching footboard dresser. 

I hate disturbing sleeping 'babies', but we needed to rouse Saige from her nap this aft to go and sign final copies of our will. A small weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that we've crossed off our to-do list.

We quickly dropped by the bank to sign another batch of documents and headed to AJ Pets & Things a new pet. Trev has wanted to buy Saige a fish for awhile now; her daycare has a pretty impressive salt water tank that she's absolutely is enamored with and just recently she was watched "Finding Nemo" from start to finish so, according to Trev, "it was time".

This bird was obsessed with Trevor and wanted nothing to do with me.
Trev says it's because they sense evil (what a nice guy), but I think it's because I get skiddish around small animals that make sudden movements.

Carefully considering their options.

And finally zeroing in on this lucky little fella - or poor unfortunate soul? Either way he's home with us now.

Eagle Eyes Knol spotted "Nemo" before Trevor and I even noticed the clown fish tank. I forgot how much I liked that movie. It's definitely a Disney favourite of mine; however nothing compares to my love affair with "Beauty and the Beast" - which in case you didn't know is being released from the Disney vault on October 5th, 2010... to say I'm excited would be the understatement of the year.

We stopped at Dollarama to pick up a cheap vase for our new pet but not before rehydrating ourselves with a snack size "smoothie" from Booster Juice.

Me: What should we name your new fish Saiger?
S: Nemo.
Me: Umm... no.
S: Boo.
Me: Perfect, Boo it is.

* We think she was commenting on the fact that Boo is "blue" but we went with it anyway. *

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the newest member of our family...
Mr. Boo Knol!

He's here for a good time, but maybe not a long time (especially if Trev insists on keeping him within reaching distance of our little Saigelette). 

September 25th & 26th - Another Weekend Under Our Belts

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another weekend come and gone. Nothing too eventful - I was going to wait until October 1st, but the Hallowe'en tub was calling my name so our front porch has the beginnings of Fall decor earlier than expected - I'm 99% sure my neighbours roll their eyes every season, "there she goes again".

For those of you who don't know, I'm notorious for misplacing things... I have this awful habit of stashing items away only to never see them again (my hiding spots are simply that good). Usually it's Trev's stuff I lose (ie. passport), but this time it's the wreath hanger I tucked away for safekeeping. It's so frustrating knowing that one is somewhere in this house, but I have no idea where. I may have to breakdown and buy another.

I think Becs and I finally decided on Hallowe'en costumes for the kids. My friend Kara gave me her daughter's candy corn outfit from last year (which I absolutely love) but of course it's too big for Saige - story of her life. I was tres disappointed until I found a matching candy corn fairy costume at Winners the other day. So now Caleb and Saige can go trick-or-treating as Mr. & Mrs. Candy Corn.

Saturday morning was the semi-annual 'Kids Garage Sale' that every mom at every mom's group talks about for months in advance. Trev and I attempted to go last year, but silly us showed up 5 minutes before door opening and the line was literally a mile long. This year I made sure we were dressed and out of the house by 8:30 a.m. and we were still 50 parents behind in line. I can only describe the experience as utter and complete chaos - everyone around me was in such a panic, pushing oversized strollers, grabbing at baby mobiles and carseats. As a "Kids Garage Sale" virgin I felt like a fish out of water and poor Trev just hugged Saige close and gave me the "can we go soon" eyes. Fortunately we scored some pretty sweet deals: 

For Saige:
- a pink Li'l Giant tricycle ($30)
- a pair of cowgirl boots for ($5)
- a Melissa & Doug magnetic responsibility chart ($5)

For Me:
- a pink Nintendo DS with 15 games ($80) **I've always wanted to play Brain Age**

Saige and her new tricycle.

We dropped Saige off with my Gramma on Saturday night and treated ourselves to a delicious Italian dinner courtesy of the Tita's G.C. I got for my birthday. After 2 hours of talking (mostly about Saige) and 2 pear ciders I was ready to go home and get into my pj's. We decided to watch "Date Night" for our date night and made ourselves a little floor picnic with snacks and blankets. I helped myself to couple handfuls of popcorn and another cider and a half and by 10:15 p.m. I was officially hammered - it's crazy how little it takes to get me drunk these days. Trev had to respond to  a Search & Rescue page and when he came home just after midnight I was in the exact same position he left me in - passed out on the couch. How can you tell I rarely - if ever - drink?

The scene of our wild & crazy Saturday night :S

I was slightly hungover Sunday morning. We lounged until 9:30 a.m. and then hoped in the truck to go pick up our monster. We walked through Baba's front door only to witness the most horrifying discovery - Saige eating and enjoying black licorice!! No child of ours should ever like the taste of black licorice, especially before lunch... yech!

Saige and I both had naps and planned on going to Davison Orchards in the afternoon to pick apples right off the branches, but unfortunately Trev got called into work enroute so instead we picked out a bag of galas, a tiny pumpkin and a mini-pumpkin pie. We weren't allowed to leave before feeding the farm animals - Lord knows they'd starve without Saige's small handful of pellets.

"Yummy apple"

September 22nd to 24th - Celebrate Good Times, Come On

Friday, September 24, 2010

Saige and I decided on a Wednesday morning stroll to take advantage of the sunny sky as it's been quite rainy lately. I too love everything about the Fall - the crisp air, warm sweaters, Autumn colours, pumpkin pie, hot tea, Hallowe'en... the list goes on. 

It was on the cool side so we bundled up and half-walked/half-jogged to Baba's house.

Saige loves her Baba and vice versa.
All you have to do is say the word "Baba" around Saige and she'll be bouncing in her chair guaranteed - or in this case her stroller. I totally get it though because I remember being equally excited to see Gram when I was a little girl - an endless supply of attention, Ukranian food and hugs - what's not to love? Baba asked if she could have Saige overnight this Saturday and since I'm not one to deny a great-grandmother her wishes, it looks like Trev-bob and I have a weekend date night! I get a chuckle everytime I see the playpen set up beside my Gramma's bed and a high chair in her kitchen - Caleb and Saige don't yet realize how good they got it.

On our way home Saige and I did a little pit stop at one of the neighbourhood parks. It was the weirdest feeling watching her repeatedly tackle the slide with no assistance from me - since when did she become so independent? I was literally sitting on a park bench on the sidelines watching my 2'9" child play on the playground without me. *sniff, sniff*

We celebrated two birthdays this week with a family dinner at the Varley's house - Happy Birthday Uncle Ron and Granny Hein! It was so neat to see Saige playing with all her older cousins, but come March she won't be the youngest anymore... Trev's cousin Ryan and his wife unexpectedly found out they are expecting a third child (who will be 10 years younger than their current youngest - surprise!)

Another surprise is that Meg and Garrett got engaged over the weekend! You know what this means... another reunion wedding is in our future! Congratulations again lovebirds.

Two Birthdays, Baby News and an Engagement - whew! lots going on around here.

September 18th - 21st - Back On Track

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm trying to catch up on this blog situation once and for all and this should just about do it. Hopefully - fingers crossed - I'll be better at keeping it up-to-date from hereon in. Before I get to the photos, I'd like to take this opportunity to do a little shout out to Trev's Aunt Elly from Calgary who sent me the following e-mail:

And by the way - I really enjoy "Saige Wisdom" - so please don't stop posting pictures - it's my treat on Friday mornings to have my mocha coffe and catch up on Saige antics.

How sweet is that? and how lucky is Saige to have such a fabulous following of 'fans'? I wish I was someone's Friday morning treat ;) I didn't realize how many people read our blog until I stopped posting on a consistent basis. Honestly it's proven to be the greatest way to stay connected with family and friends. I really hope others take my advice and take up the sport of blogging (hint-hint Sash).


Auntie Jill came for a visit this past weekend and brought with her an armful of Old Navy loot for the kidlets. I miss her A LOT these days and am really looking forward to seeing her at end of October when Saige and I travel to meet her in Red Deer (the plane ride should be fun - *sarcasm*). It's so funny watching my parents be 'grandparents' - they dote on Caleb and Saige as if they were the King and Queen of Parker Cove. Two words: spoiled rotten.


On Sunday we did a clean sweep of Saige's toy box and closet (remember that show on TLC?) Anyways we ended up tossing, donating and/or listing stuff she no longer needed and we no longer wanted to store.

We went to Rick's birthday party later than evening where Saige stayed up waaay past her bedtime eating cake and playing with Isabelle, Sophia and Mason.

I was on afterhours for my very first time this weekend and believe it or not, I didn't get one single call... talk about easy money.


I really hate to admit this, but Saige loves gum. I cannot believe we give our 20 month old gum to chew - it's only sometimes and only a small piece - but I realize it's borderline ridiculous. The most crazy part is that she actually chews it for longer than a minute. Trev and her even have a gum song - which I just learned about two days ago - I gave Saige a piece of dentyne the other day and she started singing "yum-yum gum". I'll have to get all the words from Trev.

Anyways the peppermint flavour was a little too "spicy" on this particular day and so we have a photo of her with water and watery eyes.

I should note that Saige is obsessed with mint flavor anything - she's stolen tooth paste and dental floss from the bathroom drawer on more than one occasion hoping to score a taste before I wrangled in out of her hands. And for you child protection social workers out there (aka Mom), I know that ingesting flouride is highly dangerous and have found alternate hiding spots for our dental hygiene products :) 

Since Monday was miserable in terms of weather, Saige and I hit up Zeller's to take advantage of their Little People sale, but not before riding Thomas the Train.

I made Saige a makeshift crib for her baby and it was apparently so appealing that Saige tried to crawl into the baby's bed with her. It's so fun listening to Saige play with her dolls, I'll hear her say "baby crying" or "baby owie" and then she'll say "baby need sous-sous" - haha. In Saige's world every discomfort can be comforted with a soother, if only it was that easy.

This a common scene in the Knol household... piles of toys in the oddest places. She started doing this a couple weeks ago where she literally takes ALL of the toys and blankets from her bedroom and stashes them somewhere else in the house. I sure hope we don't have a future hoarder on our hands! (please tell me you've seen that show on A&E - shockingly disgusting).

Saige post-bath playing in her new pj's with her new Little People doll house.


Toupie and Binoo from Treehouse TV are coming to the Village Green Mall next week so I got Saige to watch their show this morning and she chose to view it from the comfort of her toy stroller?

Today was Saige's first day of kidnastics! Mish and I intentionally registered our girls for the same class so we could have mom time together while forcing Saige and Cedar to be best friends (just kidding). Our local rec centre is as old as the dinosaur but the kids had fun playing with the antique equipment. I think it'll be a good Tuesday activity for us, Cedar is such a sweetie and it turns out that Kael - Saige's on again off again boyfriend from daycare - is in her class starting next week.

We had Saige's 18 month immunizations today since I completely forgot about the first appointment I made for July and when I went to reschedule they were already booking into September! She was a trooper like always and  at 23 lbs, 33 inches she's in the 20th and 70th percentile respectively - back on track!

I sat down to check my work e-mail and after 5 minutes of being left alone Saige came into the living room proudly saying "colour, colour". I took one look at her hands and the uncapped, permanent black marker and just about fainted. That'll teach me. Fortunately she just got herself and the inside of the drawer... gonna be thanking my lucky stars tonight I'll tell ya.

September 7th to 17th - Precious Moments

It's back to school month which always feels like the beginning of a new year. My computer has been acting strange lately and I'm terrified my thousands of "Saige" photos will somehow disappear so I've been going through my many folders month-by-month and I just cannot believe it's been 20 months already! 

Trev and I have spent the last week getting organized with financial advisor appointments, cleaning out cupboards and closets, revamping our filing system, drafting our will at the lawyer's office (better late than never), updating Saige's baby book, etc. We stumbled across video clips of Saigelette and shared a few laughs and tears (okay only I cried); it's simply amazing how much this little girl has rocked our world. Not only am I scared of losing all her photos and videos, I'm scared of forgetting the little things she does that make us grin ear-to-ear. There hasn't been a day go by where she hasn't put a smile on my face and so this post is dedicated to all wonderful Saige'isms of the last while.

Thankfully Saige has become a great passenger and is quite content sitting in her carseat so long as the music is blasting. Unfortunately I still remember the days when she'd be crying so hard in the backseat that I'd either A. cry myself or B. pull over on the highway and console her. Now if Saige feels she's been in the car too long she'll say, "Mama, buckle off" - Lord help me when she figures out how to unbuckle herself.

Saige and the dogs are working on their relationship. In truth Maddison and Dakota should be far more loving towards Saige as she's the reason they go on more walks and get more treats. Our Saiger likes to walk Maddie with no parental assistance and she's surprisingly good at keeping Maddison in line. Saige also insists on giving the mutts "puppy crackers" at least once a day hence the reason they're getting so fat.

My personal favourite is when the dogs are barking and Sage scolds them by saying "shhhh puppies" or if they get into recycle she'll say "uh-oh, puppies bad".

This is how Saige goes down slides lately, screaming "weeee!" the whole way down.

I think I mentioned this Saige'ism before and I'm sad that it has come to an abrupt end. Saige used to say "welcome" instead of "thank you" which Trev and I thought was simply adorable. Now she says "dank d'you" which is equally sweet, but not as funny.

Trevor and I have no idea what to get Saige in terms of toys. Caleb's easy - if it has wheels he'll love it; Saige on the otherhand is a bit trickier to figure out - "typical girl" as Trev would say. Books are one of the few things she consistently enjoys and so to the library we go.

Such a big girl now. She's growing sooo much - too much for my liking - averaging about a 1/2 an inch every month.

As Saige gets older she's showing more of an interest in the t.v. and is quite smitten with the movie 'Babies' - I might have to breakdown and buy it now that we've returned the rental. It's truly amazing what they pick up from the darn television. For example I was watching 'Bachelor Pad' on PVR awhile back (poor choice of t.v. I realize) and there was a kissing competition on the show - Saige was apparently watching because she grabbed my face and tried to pull me in for a looong smooch! I screeched and she thought it was a hilarious game... what have I done?

Another thing Saige says quite regularly - and out of the blue - is "monsters gone". That is something my friends I had no part in; we have no idea where she picked that up from as there's no talk of monsters in our house. So weird. Trev thinks it's because our house is allegedly haunted.

On Thursday I left work early with a tremendous headache and had Trev and his lowbed pick Saige up from daycare. He had brought Saige with him to do an equipment move that evening and she came home absolutely filthy! She went straight into the bath - just look at those dirty little fingernails.

Saige has some seriously smelly feet. When she takes off her socks, she'll sniff her toes and give us an animated "ewww". 

Saige loves to dance, especially to LOUD music. She knows where the volume is for the speakers and will crank the tunes so loud I can actually see the picture frames on the shelves shifting from the vibration. She can go absolutely wild and often squeals in delight as she runs to her bedroom to put on her tutu.

Trev and I have recently made a commitment to live in this house for another 2 years regardless if a new baby enters our life. To make staying here a little more bearable we're trying to finish the renos once and for all. Ta-da!! the stairs have carpet. I initially had some reservations about shag carpet stairs in a carpet-less house, but I now love them - they're so quiet and cozy that Saige actually tries to play on them. 

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