September 27th - Boo the Blue Beta

Monday, September 27, 2010

I had Trev take the day off so I could schedule some appointments, the first being to help Wood-n-Chick Furniture design Saige's new big girl bed. We decided to splurge on a custom twin bed and quality mattress, one that Saige can enjoy for the duration of her stay under our roof and beyond. I've always loved the idea of a trundle bed - it's very practical for small spaces and sleepovers - so that's what she's getting along with a matching footboard dresser. 

I hate disturbing sleeping 'babies', but we needed to rouse Saige from her nap this aft to go and sign final copies of our will. A small weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that we've crossed off our to-do list.

We quickly dropped by the bank to sign another batch of documents and headed to AJ Pets & Things a new pet. Trev has wanted to buy Saige a fish for awhile now; her daycare has a pretty impressive salt water tank that she's absolutely is enamored with and just recently she was watched "Finding Nemo" from start to finish so, according to Trev, "it was time".

This bird was obsessed with Trevor and wanted nothing to do with me.
Trev says it's because they sense evil (what a nice guy), but I think it's because I get skiddish around small animals that make sudden movements.

Carefully considering their options.

And finally zeroing in on this lucky little fella - or poor unfortunate soul? Either way he's home with us now.

Eagle Eyes Knol spotted "Nemo" before Trevor and I even noticed the clown fish tank. I forgot how much I liked that movie. It's definitely a Disney favourite of mine; however nothing compares to my love affair with "Beauty and the Beast" - which in case you didn't know is being released from the Disney vault on October 5th, 2010... to say I'm excited would be the understatement of the year.

We stopped at Dollarama to pick up a cheap vase for our new pet but not before rehydrating ourselves with a snack size "smoothie" from Booster Juice.

Me: What should we name your new fish Saiger?
S: Nemo.
Me: Umm... no.
S: Boo.
Me: Perfect, Boo it is.

* We think she was commenting on the fact that Boo is "blue" but we went with it anyway. *

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the newest member of our family...
Mr. Boo Knol!

He's here for a good time, but maybe not a long time (especially if Trev insists on keeping him within reaching distance of our little Saigelette). 


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