October 15th to 19th - Creative Hiatus

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I definitely miss my pre-mommyhood leisure time. Gone are the days when I could craft for hours on end - leaving unfinished projects sprawled on the kitchen table waiting for a later time. Fingers crossed that one day I'll have my very own office space, a place that I can close the door on my mess until the next naptime or bedtime. 

Instead of crafting, I find myself following the blogs of complete strangers - photographers, designers, do-it-yourself'ers - envious of both their talent and seemingly endless free time.

Another confession: my obsession with Etsy is out of hand, it's almost as out of control as my project wish list. Unfortunatley the one project I can't seem to get excited about is Saige's upcoming January birthday. Planning a winter party for a gaggle of 2 year olds in a 2 bedroom house is proving to be a challenge. I was tossing around the idea of toboganning followed by hot chocolate, but visions of mini toilet trainers in snowsuits yelling "I have to go pee" Robert Munsch style is giving me second thoughts.

Speaking of potty training, Saige went twice today!! She's no pro, but two out of three pees isn't bad. We usually have to sit there for a good 10 minutes so in between singing songs and reading books ("The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs" is her choice book these days), Saige tells me how happy her going potty makes me - "pee-pee, mommy happy. yah!" I'm happy that she cares about my happiness...
In my attempt to add a little creativity to my day - any excuse to use the right side of my brain - I played around with photoshop and youtube tutorials.

Look how long her hair is when wet. I'm just waiting for the bangs to grow out as seeing them in her eyes drives me crazy (I can only imagine how annoying the must be for her). I debated cutting them, but we'll see if the giant ponytail answers our hair woes. 

Cedar, Kael and Saige had a playdate before Monday's Ready-Set-Learn and I couldn't for the life of me get a photo of all 3 looking at the camera. They're  so cute together, Saige and Kael - as daycare mates - fight like brother and sister while Cedar acts as the mediator.

This is Kael's actual sister Andie - also known as "the best baby ever" - she's so content and full of smiles, I've never heard her cry, but I'm sure it's cute sounding. Should Saige get herself a sibling please, please, please let he/she be a clone of Andie.

We had a good day at kidnastics today mainly because Joanne played the music really loud which allowed Saige to do her favourite thing - dance. We continue to have daily dance parties and "lessons" which Saige is surprisingly good at. Maybe I can convince our neighbourhood ballet school to take her on before birthday #3.  I adore her stretching where she'll sit in the straddle position and say "ouch" - something she picked up from my initial demonstration (it sucks getting old and inflexible).

Well Saige and I are leaving for Red Deer this Saturday morn and I can't wait to spend some quality time with my Jillian... oh the shopping we will do. 

Ready or not Alberta here we come!!


Sasha said...

Love the visuals Sar! Teach me how!

PS I love kid bangs - so cute!

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