November 4th to 7th - Look at Me!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Look at me!" - the phrase we hear everyday throughout the day along with the infamous question, "what you doing?". I've always loved the toddler phase when youngins begin to construct full sentences  and show off their "true" personalities. Now that we're in it with our own child, I love it even more - it is my favourite stage thus far. Yesterday I sat Saiger on the kitchen table to velcro her shoes and she says to me, "careful, don't fall, hurt yourself". I'm always saying that in some form or other and now - apparently - so does she.

We're astonished at how quickly Saige took to her new bed. She's even moved into a big kid bed at Dean's house (daycare) and to date we've had zero issues. 

She puts on quite the performance when waking up - big stretches and loud yawns.
So far we've been able to wean our princess off the naptime sous-sous, but bedtime is a different story. Target date to be a Sootherless: January 1st, 2011 (five days shy of her 2nd birthday)

 This can't be good for her.

One of her "look at me" moments. I think she wants us to look at her backwards hat, but look at that eyebrow... poor girl.

A regular scene in our house. We call it her 'on the ground, face-down pout' and I can't take credit for the braid, that's Nadine's handywork. I continue to be hair challenged.

Rather than signing up for a full series, this season Kim, Christie and I decided to pick and choose our Performing Arts Centre performances and invite our spouses along as well. On Saturday we signed up for dinner at Intermezzo's and the Vancouver TheatreSports improv show, Scared Scriptless. And instead of relying on family, we arranged to have our first ever babysitter come to the house and watch Saige. I was a tad nervous that Saige would sob uncontrollably and/or refuse to go to bed so imagine my surprise when we come to a sleeping little girl and a smiling sitter. Ronnie you're simply the best!

With only six weekends til Christmas, I vowed to make a batch of cookies every Sunday and freeze them for the holidays. Today it was gingersnaps and since Trev had to work on this 'day of rest' (not happy about it), I broke out an early stocking stuffer and entertained Saige with paints. 

More ended up on her than the paper but it kept her amused for a good 1/2 hour.

You have no idea how excited I am for Christmas 2010. Trev begged me not to start decorating until December  :(  3 weeks seems an awfully long time to wait.


fire at will.

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