November 8th - Me vs. To-Do List

Monday, November 8, 2010

This week is all about cleaning house and taking names. I'm tackling our to-list with a vengeance - itching to cross-off long overdue renos once and for all. Yesterday I spent a good 2 hours with Saige doing yardwork and sadly I barely made a dent (why do we look at acreage when we struggle to keep our 1/4 acre semi-nice? that's a good question). Today I concentrated on giving Saige's bedroom a fresh coat of paint and patched up holes (the amount of knicks and gouges in our drywall is truly amazing).
Saige had a ridiculously early morning (like 5:30 a.m. early) which meant not only an early nap, but A LOT of pouting...

case in point

I ended up taking Missy Grumpa-loo to Baba's house for the afternoon so I could finish up my chores in peace. It was kind of sad dismantling her nursery, but I got big plans for her toddler room (see below). Tomorrow I give her new bed and dresser the stamp of approval before the stain and handles go on.

A mood board for my moody child.

I often see mood boards on design blogs and while this is NOT a design blog - I repeat NOT a design blog - I thought I'd give it a try (bare with me as this was my first attempt). While the 'inspiration collage' is not exact and there'll likely be many-o changes, the tree decals, curtains, duvet cover and stool are bought and paid for so those are definitely IN. 

1. A gallery wall is a must.

2. I'm loving the custom Penny People alphabet prints from - you guessed it - ETSY.

3. I have no idea what Saige's daybed is going to look like other than it's a trundle bed and is not espresso (3/4 of our furniture is chocolate brown, it's a bit of an obsession).

4. I sorta want to spray paint Saige's chandelier a funky color, but it could be bad for resale.

5. And as for the bunting banner, believe it or not I won one from just this morning!

I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket or something because I'm on a winning streak. Last Wednesday I won a Monashee's office party after five for 8 of my coworkers - free appies on any day of my choosing. I forsee a lot of hallway sucking up (jk).

Tomorrow is another big day of projects and thankfully Trev volunteered for Saige duty.

Thanks Gram for Saige-sitting.

What were we doing 365 days ago?

Falling in love.

Lately I've been taking a lot of trips down memory lane. Maybe it has something to do with Caleb turning 2 this month!!!!! and Saige following suit 5 weeks later. Our babies aren't babies anymore, but they're still as cute as EVER.

P.S. - I forgot how much I loved Saige's 2009 winter coat. I'll take one in a ladies medium thank you very much. 


hart365 said...

AW...pouty :) At least she looks super cute with her scarf mitten combo!

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