December 12th - Snow Day

Sunday, December 12, 2010

With all the fresh snow and mild temperature, Trev went snowmobiling while Saige and I headed to the school next door for some winter fun. Sadly Trev blew the motor on his sled and might be out for the rest of the season.

She didn't find sledding or snow angels all that exciting, but throwing snowballs was right up her alley as was hopping across the playground bridge over and over and over... "I hop like bunny mommy".

Who needs a book when I have my very own "Grumpy Bird". Some snow got in her glove and she was d-o-n-e (once again the toddler calls the shots). I do admit that I need to find a pair of warmer, waterproof mittens before our next snow adventure (preferably ones that I can easily get her thumbs into).
I picked up a $3 shovel from Toys R' Us while shopping with my parents in K-town and it was a huge hit. She stuck with it the whole time we were out there...

Right up until Daddy started on the snowperson that we'll be adorning tomorrow.

Pre-snowfall: Saige's indoor version of a classic snowball fight (which she thought was hilarious by the way). While Trev and I were horrified by the giant paper mess she was making, Grandma and Grandpa Knol didn't even bat an eye... I guess that's the difference between parents and grandparents. Thanks Grandma Knol for the pictures and yes we were picking shreds of paper out of Saiger's hair long after the fight was over.

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