November 30th to December 5th - Week at a Glance

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm trying to commit to at least one blog post a week. Sundays seem like a good a day as any so here we are... the Knol's week in review.

* Saige's bed finally arrived! We've nicknamed it her Princess and the Pea bed because it's ridiculously tall and fit for our princess. Right now we're using the trundle for extra storage (which is in short supply around here), but soon enough we'll get another twin mattress and have Caleb-bear over for an official cousin sleepover.

* We broke down and had Saiger's Bieber bangs trimmed. It was her first official hair cut; she did okay with sitting in the salon chair although admittedly she was a bit squirmy for Lynds and her scissors.

* Trev accidently disconnected our cable *gasp* and took 2 whole days to fix it so I was without internet and realty tv for a full 48 hours! The fact that I survived and actually enjoyed being "unplugged" for a couple evenings has me considering a possible summer cable cancellation.

* For some reason Saige is saying "sure" instead of "yes please" and it's driving me crazy! I try to correct her every time but to no avail. It's a good thing she's so dang cute.


* No surprise here... December's chocolate advent calendar is a HUGE hit.

* Trevor and I rented "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"... one word - AHmazing! Of course we watched "The Girl who Played with Fire" the following night and now I want to read the series. Add that trilogy to my Santa wishlist. At present I'm re-reading all my Emily Griffin books - love her. There's nothing better than reading by the fire once Saige in tucked in for the night.

* We hosted our 2nd annual 'Grinch Party' on Saturday and unfortunately what I initially thought was just a whiny Saige day turned into a full blown fever paired with hardcore teething night. We barely got through "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" (Jim Carey version) before Saige called it a night and woke up 2 hours later crying and soaking wet.


* I'm happy to report that Saige loves Christmas as much as I do. Exhibit "A" - I catch her singing "Jingle Bells" at least once a day. Exhibit "B" - at bathtime she fashioned a beard out of bubbles and said, "ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas". Exhibit "C" - her excitement over Santa-inspired decor and/or lawn ornaments measures a 5.5 on the richter scale.

* Like all parents of toddlers we are being inundated with the age old questions of "what's that?" and "why?"... cute yet exhausting. A typical exchange goes something like this: "what's that mommy?"  "that's pellets for the pellet stove"  "why?"  "to keep the house warm"  "why?"  "so we don't get cold"  "why?"  "because being cold is no fun"  "no fun?"  "nope no fun"  "why?"... I've been told that one day I'm going to miss our game of 21,000 questions.

* Saige did her business on the potty 3 times this week!!

* We bundled up and took our depressed dogs on a much deserved walk.

So that's life around here. In true December fashion our days are booked solid - the holidays do wonders for our social calendar. I had to take 2 vacation days before the new year so I'm looking forward to tackling some present wrapping and Christmas card writing this Wednesday and next (as if I could get anything closer to December 25th being part-time and the lowest on the seniority list).


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