January 31st - All Good Things Must Come To An End

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today was my last day of being a stay-at-home mom. I think I'm ready to go back - I do love being Saige's mom and Trevor's wife, but I also love what I do and the people I work with. As we were discussing how fast 14 months came and went Trev actually said, "I guess it's time to have another" - I thought he was joking, but he was actually quite serious! Excuse me? what happened to the man I married? the man who was NEVER going to have kids?! Getting pregnant is not (I repeat NOT) on my 2010 list of priorities. I think we need a larger house before we start adding to our brood.

The Grammy's were on tonight and of course Lady Gaga had to go and wear my outfit for tomorrow... so it's back to square one in terms of what I'll be showing up to work in... (seriously google that train wreck of a wardrobe she wore in her opening performance). Saige paid the t.v. no attention until Michael Jackson's tribute came on and then she was captivated - much to Trevor's dismay (he's not a MJ fan) - she even clapped at the end... it was so sweet.

Look what I found. I don't know how long these babies have been out for, but I saw them in Safeway for the first time today and opted to grab Trev one (they're his fave)... do you know what this means? Easter is coming = I get to hide Easter eggs soon!! (I'm pretty sure no children under the age of 13 follow my blog so I think I'm safe to post that.

My shout out for today is this St.Ives face wash I just picked up... it smells like Body Shop for a fraction of the price... not sure how well it works, but it makes my nose happy.

** I'm hoping I'll be able to keep this blog up even when I'm working full-time for my first 4 months back... it's going to be busy until June, but I sometimes fare better when I have lots on my plate so we'll see... wish me luck!

January 30th - Winter Carnival

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This morning Saffron and I helped Jess' paint her nursery 'twilight grey' and in the process I managed to get paint not only in my hair, but on the ceiling as well - twice - I felt so bad (sorry!) it's good thing I left before the second coat was applied. Jess is seriously tied with Amy for the cutest pregger ever - petite pregnant ladies are simply adorable, although I don't know how much more baby her tiny frame can house and she still has 2 months to go... I can't wait to meet Baby "N"... expected date of arrival: March 29th (but hopefully sooner).

I had to leave our little painting party early to catch the Winter Carnival 50th Anniversary parade - I've lived Vernon for almost 7 years now and we live only block away from the starting point, but this is the first year I've ever seen it... sad.

Saige zoned out for a good 70% of the parade - boy was it chilly!

Vernon Search & Rescue is celebrating 50 years of service this year and of course they're pulling a Harbercraft (which my grandpa started 50 years ago!)

Becs, Darrell and Caleb froze on the sidewalk with us - brrrr!

This afternoon we drove up to Silver Star to see the snow sculptures (still in progress). It was snowing pretty good so we snuck into Long John's for some appies and drinks with Ian, Adelle and little Jake.

We had dropped Saige off with Trev's parents on our way up the Mountain hoping she'd have a nap, but apparently our little girl had other plans. Today marks a milestone of sorts - "Saige's First Napless Day" - and now, not surprisingly, she's fast asleep (an hour before he regular bedtime).

January 29th - Piggies

Friday, January 29, 2010

Saige sported pigtails for the very first time today...
Mommy needs practice, but I thought they looked rather sweet.

Reminded me of mini-water fountains.

She makes the oddest faces.

And does the oddest things. Like lick window panes.

Who needs a double stroller? Caleb hitched a ride with Saige and I on our walk.

Now check out that hairdo!


January 28th - Early To Bed

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I didn't bring my camera on our ski adventure so I borrowed some photos of Silver Star off the internet... today was only my 2nd time on an actually chairlift... it freaks me out when people next to me raise the bar before we reach the top!
I was pretty nervous strapping on the rental skis this morning, I even begged Trev to let us start over on the Silver Queen so I wouldn't feel like a complete moron snowplowing 90% of the time. After a few test runs we ventured over to the Comet Express and I'm happy to report that I didn't fall once (and I only snowplowed 50% of the time). I definitely prefer skiing over snowboarding and seeing how Trev has a free pass, I'm hoping we'll go a couple more times before the season is over.

I think I'm coming down with something - perfect timing - as my head feels like it's going to explode. I've decided to go to bed ridiculously early hoping rest is the answer.

Saige had a rough day at daycare today so she was pretty cuddly this afternoon/evening. As consolation I let her play in the bath longer than normal (I swear that kid would stay in there all night if she could).

January 27th - "hola, chiquita bonita"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I discovered that I take A LOT of "high chair photos" - I think it's because Saige can't run away from the camera.

Saiger doesn't have much of an appetite, but she surprised us both today when she polished off an entire bowl of 'cheesy noodles'. She shares her love of pasta and Canadian Tire flyers with her daddy.

I put Saige in her crib this morning to go answer the phone and after a marathon chat session I was surprised that she hadn't made a peep... when I went to check on her, she was fast asleep. She had two naps today - that NEVER happens - I'm wondering if she's going through a growth spurt with all this eating and sleeping?

We were going to take Saige to the Westbild Centre for some 'parent & tot' skating, but she was still napping when it was time to go. Tomorrow Trev and I are going skiing together - he surprised me by taking the day off work! I haven't put on a pair of downhill skis since high school. Two winters ago (pre-pregnancy) Nicole, Kim and I took 3 days of snowboard lessons... we'd learn the basics in the morning and then hit the slopes in the afternoon... I literally "hit" the slopes; I kept catching my edge and down I'd go... I hope skiing goes better for me.

Trev made fajitas for dinner. We were talking about taking Saige to Mexico (before she turns 2) and that's when the craving hit... we had to do an emergency grocery shop for all the fixings, but it was "muy deliciosos".

Saige sitting in Maddison's dog dish and then feeding Dakota invisible puppy food. The teddy bear in the photo is her latest addiction. I fear that one day she'll be on the A&E show "Hoarders".

January 26th - Worth Switching Banks For...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

While my parents' have their Mexico countdown, I have a countdown of my own... only 6 more sleeps til I'm back to work! As cliche as is sounds, those 14 months really did just fly by. I'm looking forward to my return however, oh how I've missed my 'colourful' co-workers (minus Aman, boo-hoo) and the excitement of the job.

I'm not one to talk about the weather - it's actually a pet peeve of mine - but I must admit that today was quite beautiful. We took full advantage and went to Polson Park with Saige for the Olympic torch relay.

Saige loved the hoop dancers' music, but what baby doesn't love Aboriginal drumming?

I may have gotten a little too excited during the RBC presentation, might even switch banks because of it - I swear that Black Eyed Peas song gets me every time... "fill up my cup, mozoltov..."

Just in case Trev says he DIDN'T have a good time...

The final torchbearer, Lannie Houle, what a cutie!

Atta boy.

Saige has been sleeping so good lately (7pm to 8:30am) that I've been staying up waaaay past my bedtime to read - one these nights my luck is going to run out and I'm going to be one tired mommy. I plan on finishing "New Moon" before the weekend so I bid you all adieu... adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.

January 24th & 25th - Photoless in Vernon

Monday, January 25, 2010

The problem with having a big camera is that it's not the easiest thing to pack around everywhere and so the last two days my beloved Pentax has been left at home.

On Sunday we set the oven timer for an hour and tackled housework... it's surprising how much you can get done in 60 minutes. With a clean kitchen I was motivated to make some more freezable meals so I baked a lasagna to cut into dinner portions and I also baked an angel food cake as we have a fridge full of strawberries that need to be eaten. For the very first time I made egg salad sandwiches and while I'm normally a miracle whip girl, I learned that egg salad tastes better with mayonnaise (next time).

We went to Becs and Darrell's for dinner and I got to raid Becca's closet - it's seriously ridiculous how much clothes this girl has and everything I wanted to take was "her absolute favourite"... haha - I did end up leaving with an armful of tops however. My parents are getting excited about their upcoming Mexican vacay and they started the countdown... I think it's day 6 now - so jealous.

Today (Monday) is Kim's birthday and we all piled in the truck and drove to the H2O water park in Kelowna. So fun... Saige is such a water baby. We had a nice lunch before heading back and now I'm getting ready to watch tonight's episode of "The Bachelor". Tomorrow the Olympic torch comes to town!

Our water baby (August 2009)

January 23rd - One Disappointment After Another

Tube Town Day! I haven't been up to Silver Star for two seasons seeing how I was preggers last winter so I was dying to take the family sledding today. Together with Becs and Darrell we bundled up the kids and headed up the mountain. You can imagine our disappointment when we were confronted with the "NO DOUBLING" sign!! The Aussie working behind the counter assured us that lots of toddlers go by themselves - are you kidding me!? As if I'm going to let Saige fly down the mountain solo... arg! As Trev would say "the Red came out" and I harshly recommended they post the no doubling policy on their website.

Caleb hitched a ride with Saige for our long walk to the Village.

Where it all began... our wedding reception was at the Saloon 3+ years ago. Our ceremony photo is actually still on Silver Star Club Resort's website.

Good-bye Silver Star, maybe next year?

Because Tube Town was a bust we decided to drop the kids off with the grandparents and go to Kelowna to watch "Avatar" in 3D. Strike 2... both showings were completely sold out! We didn't want to waste an evening in Kelowna sans kids so we introduced Trev to The Keg... can you believe he was a 31 year old Keg-virgin?! Shameful. We ate a disgusting amount of food and enjoyed one too many caramel apple martinis, but it was so worth it because I never laughed so hard - I'm surprised our ruckus didn't get us kicked out. Favourite quotes of the night included: "you can google that shit", "I forgot my wallet" and "I wake up at 4... correction 4:50".

January 22nd - Twins

I'm really sorry for the late posts... the computer was holding my photos hostage and I couldn't access or upload any of my saved photos.

On Friday Trev and I agreed to watch Caleb for the day - we got to experience what having twins might be like. All I can say is - good thing they don't run in either of our families - just kidding.

Coincidently Rebecca had bought the boy's version of Saige's winter jacket back in Prince George so they were even dressed like twins (right down to the matching suckies). We started out at the library where the kids had fun climbing steps and running through the aisles of books - they certainly weren't interested in sitting long enough to read one however.

We played outside for a bit until Caleb thought running away from Auntie was the funnest game ever.

Trev and I often take Saige to local pet stores to see the animals as we don't have any zoos or wildlife parks close-by. AJ Pets & Things is one of our faves and Caleb LOVED the hamsters... we promised him that mommy and daddy would get him one, haha.

We have lent out all 3 of our playpens so when naptime came we were like "oh shoot what are we going to do?"...
Well it's a good thing I wanted that extra deep soaker tub because we ended up putting Caleb down in it and surprisingly he slept better than Saige in it.

January 21st - 3 of My Favourite Things...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1. Rebecca Lee Currie
2. Orchard Park Shopping Centre
3. Joeys' Viva Salad

I am the world's most inefficient shopper, just ask Trevor, there are only a handful of people who can endure my indecisiveness and one of them just happens to be my baby sister Becca. Today we hit up Kelowna for some serious back-to-work shopping and it took us a good 4.5 hours to make the rounds. Gap pulled through for me as usual, but RW & Co. was a close second followed by La Senza and Mexx (I guess my year-long boycott is over). This is the first time in over a year that I have went clothes shopping without a baby and/or husband and let me tell you it was heaven.

Of course I brought my camera... while we were waiting for the mall to open I played around with my auto focus. It was kind of embarassing being the "early bird" bench sitters so we pretended we were tourists. My first job was working at Le Chateau and I remember making fun of people loitering in front of the store before opening (madly checking their watches). Well today, sadly, we were THOSE people...

We made a Joey's pit stop and pigged out on the always delicious viva salad - cranberries, avacado, granny smith apple, feta, cherry tomatoes, croutons and of course lettuce - mmmmm!

Trev had picked Saige up from her second daycare trial this week and she seems to be settling in. She played hard and had a 2 hour nap without fuss. I must admit she was pretty clingy when I showed up - I was going to give Trev a fashion show of today's purchases, but Saige was pretty insistent that she needed/deserved some cuddle time.

It was a great day and to top it off, Grey's was on! I have high expectations for tomorrow as we get to baby-sit and I think Trev and I are going to take the babies skating (well we'll be skating they'll be sledding/strollering).

January 20th - Guilty Pleasures

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saige fell asleep in my arms today while I was on the phone - I can't even remember the last time that happened... made me feel all warm inside. Trev and I were going to take her to the outdoor skating rink this afternoon (test out our new hockey skates), but he ended up working longer than expected so I went to the office for an impromptu visit. It doesn't feel like I've been off for 14 months now, but I'm sure it will once I get my caseload back.

It was a pretty lazy day, got caught up on all my PVR recordings while Saige napped. I'm a big fan of reality tv so at present I'm following The Bachelor, American Idol and Teen Mom. For all you Bachelor junkies, my faves are Alli and Gia although I do agree that Alli was getting a bit catty with Vienna last episode. I'll give you my Idol prediction after Hollywood week.

Saige was so funny today. Along with her new soother fascination, she's been showing an attachment to her "lovey" (security blanket). I think we introduced the blanket to her crib back in October and this week she's finally showing an interest.  This morning she wouldn't put it down and I guess she did the same at daycare on Monday - she even ate with it... reminds me of Linus from "Charlie Brown"

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