March 21-28th - Just Photos

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We rarely give Saige anything other than milk or water to drink, but somehow she knows the word "juice" and was trying to convince me she needed some.

A minor temper tantrum over the ball not fitting in her car.

Saige loves being barefoot as much as her Mommy.

Storytime for Saige and "Bramma"

Sares' pooch party and all the amazing details...

The birthday girl & her homemade 'Spot' cake

Saige mauled Thelma the entire party (photo courtesty of Doni).

Todd's weiners, sickeningly delicious.

I love Tia's face and the fact that Saige hijacked one of Sarsie's presents.

I went to find Saige and found her playing 'littlest pet shop'...

She actually posed and smiled for the camera this day!!

Our beautiful girl... xoxo

March 15th to 20th - Snotface

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love the movie 'Drop Dead Fred' especially Elizabeth's pet name - Snotface. That nickname would definitely be fitting for Saige lately, but Trev sticks with our usual Boogs (short for boogers). 

I was reviewing my not-so-great photos from the past week and there seems to be a recurring theme... Saige either looks ridiculously tired and/or she has a soother in her mouth. How can you tell we've all been sick? After work on Wednesday we took ourselves to the walk-in; after 2 hours of waiting we learned that I might have strep and Saige has pink eye.

Caught red-handed fishing her soother out of it's case... looking a little disheveled, but über cute in my biased opinion.

Claiming Dakota's spot by the door. This is where I found Saige - hanging out in the dogs' space - before nap-time. I love the crossing of the ankles.

A trio of sick couch potatoes watching 'America's Next Top Model'

I pulled out Saige's camping chair to see if it was still too big... apparently not, she loves it. Thanks Auntie Heather for the cute jacket!

Cousin Kaileigh and Gramma Currie went to the park with Saige to feed the ducks - the fresh air must've did her in because she came home wiped.

On Tuesday I visited all my foster familes in Falkland (unintended alliteration) and the darling M sisters "accidently" told me what happens in the Twilight series 4th novel - they thought they were so funny ruining the surprise. Coincidently I finished 'Eclipse' last night; the same day 'New Moon' came to DVD. In case you haven't guessed, I'm officially hooked. Saige and I made an emergency trip to the bookstore this morning so I could buy the hard cover of 'Breaking Dawn' (wait around for the paperback copy? NO WAY!)

Trevor worked ALL weekend so Saige and I entertained our cranky selves yesterday by going through stacks of parenting magazines and ripping out recipes to try. It's time to spice things up in the kitchen because dinners lately have been a total snooze fest.

We went grocery shopping today and I bought the last of Saige - and Caleb's - Easter treats. I found it surprisingly difficult to find non-edible Easter goodies. I think 1 is a little early to start the kids on candy and most of the Easter-themed toys were cheap and not something I want lying around the house after April 5th. Plus I not-so-secretly despise stuffed animals - woah! I really am a grouch. I thought I'd post pictures of their baskets now because who knows what they'll look like after the cousins get at 'em.

- Easter eggs filled with play doh, hair accessories and hersey kisses
- Crayola Color Wonder markers and paper
- Bubble wand
- Electric toothbrush
- Fun Stik
- Fisher Price Little People
- Bathtub Crayons
- Books: Jillian Jiggs  and  The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs (2 of my personal faves... "Jillian, Jillian, Jillian Jiggs, it looks like your room has been lived in by pigs!" - LOVE).

March 14th - Spring Cleaning

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good ol' daylight savings really knows how to mess with my circadian rhythm... yawn.

We spent our Sunday morning at Saige's favourite hang-out - Walmart - and did a good 90 minute grocery shop before it was naptime.

The rest of the day was spent outdoors tidying the backyard and raking. Yardwork has been known to make me cranky; it reminds me of all the unfinished tasks we'll need to complete before our house is sale ready. It also reminds me of all Trevor's brainiac (aka failed) landscaping projects. My 2010 goal is to transform our backyard into a no-fuss, Saige-proof oasis.

While I was admittedly grumpy, Trev and Saige had loads of fun. The bouncer has proven itself to be an effective containment center.

I love this one of our 'caged animal' and the 2nd action shot of her coming down the big slide... haha.

** this is too funny/odd not to share: Trev and I hit up MTF yesterday evening - sans Saige - to buy her a funky Easter basket. Anyways while we were there waiting in line we came across a real-life Vernon cross dresser. It was the most bizarre thing ever. He was probably 65+, he wasn't wearing a wig, but he did have on: make-up (lipstick, eye shadow, mascara), nail polish (fingers and toes), clip-on earrings, a blouse, mini-skirt, peep-toe shoes, fake D&G sunglasses and a purse. You'll never guess what he was buying? ladies thong underwear - pink! I would have thought it was an early April Fools joke, but he was obviously uncomfortable and didn't speak. It was just so weird... the male cashier did our entire transaction with a stunned look on his face and then finally said, "that was strange" - understatment of the century.  

March 13th - Date Night

Trev and I decided we were long overdue for a date night so we lined up Grandma & Grandpa Knol as Saige-sitters and went to dinner (Earls) and a movie (Alice in Wonderland). It was our first time in the newly renovated movie theater so it was a real treat especially since we paid for the whole night with Christmas gift cards.

My favourite line is when Hatter says to Alice, "You used to be much muchier before. Yes, you were much more Alice the last time we met. You have lost your muchness".

Today Saige unearthed her 'baby' who was buried deep in the toy box.

Saige got a gift certificate to Chicken Little Childhood Outfitters for her birthday so when I went there today looking for a couple baby gifts, I picked up one of these... a bilbo!
So far her imagination is using it as a baby bed?

She's anti-hair barrette lately, much to my dismay.

March 12th - Crib Aerobics


This week was seriously a write off... I need to shake whatever bug I have and get back on my 'A' game.

Gramma & Grampa Currie came over for an after work visit and Saige was in total performance mode... 

A little pre-silly stretch.

I didn't quite capture it, but Saige was making herself cross-eyed and then she'd squeal in delight and thrash around (thank goodness for bumper pads).

This continues to be my favourite Saige thing... she communicates when she's tired by grabbing her blanket and soother, finding a spot to lie down and then says "nigh-night". I just LOVE IT!

March 11th - I Heart My PVR

Thursday in our house means one thing... Grey's Anatomy!! Trev and I have been loyal followers since Day 1 and there is an unspoken rule that we watch it together no matter how tempting the episode (that becomes increasingly difficult when he works out of town). Since Trev worked late tonight I had to wait - rather impatiently.

Daddy and Danger sharing a bedtime snack. That meant mommy got to brush Saiger's teeth not once but twice this evening, oh joy (my least favourite chore lately).

March 10th - Unofficial Bring Your Child to Work Day

Following Saige's specialist appointment we had to go back to the office so I could cover screening for the last hour - we were seriously short staffed on Wednesday. It was definitely weird fielding calls with Saige on my lap; I let her wander about and found her in the family room, playing in the dark.

Futher evidence that Saige believes she's a puppy. 
Not only does Saige insist on carrying toys in her mouth, she copies her furry siblings in other ways as well: she steals their kibble on the sly, she rests on their dog bed, she tries to get at their water dish, she says "woof" and she licks windows... ew!  

March 7th, 8th & 9th - Sick Days

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I haven't been sick in ages so when I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like ass I didn't know what to do with myself (and neither did Trev).  After spending 2 full days in bed I'm starting to feel better but my throat is feeling worse... swallowing and I are not friends at the moment.

I wish I had the energy to blog about all the Saige'isms, but to be honest I can barely keep up with the photo blurbs. I promise I'll try to make my non-daily entries more exciting (just not tonight).

Saige's word of the week: "UP!"
Saige's toy of the week: mom's kettle
Saige's discovery of the week: her belly button
Saige accomplishment of the week: going #2 on the potty

She's all smiles eating her bran muffin and yogurt and then when I try to get a photo, I end up with this... sourpuss

Saige has learned how to put on hats and is practicing undressing herself so she emerged from her room, post-breakfast, looking like this...

"Homie S"

Thankfully Saige lets me take photos of her back without issue *sarcasm* I do however love her little 'fit in the palm of my hand' behind.

Hard to believe that our Saiger - who started off with her daddy's hairline - now has a mop-top!

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