April 25th - Birthday BBQ

Monday, April 26, 2010

I just love this photo.

The amount of time Saige will allow a hair band to remain on her head?
5 maybe 6 seconds... ugh.

April is definitely the birthday month. I mean who wouldn't want a diamond as a birthstone? We've had a party every weekend this month and I love it! This Sunday it was Jacob's turn to turn 1!!

Couldn't have picked a better day to have a party.

Saige is only allowed her 'sucky' at bedtime (or when she's sick). Unfortunately if we're around other babies/toddlers with soothers, we have to fish her's out of the diaper bag... otherwise she goes soother stealing - plucks them right out of the mouths of unsuspecting babes.

Jake and his excavator cupcake cake... the icing was to die for.

Disneyland here we come! I'm really looking forward to Armstrong's IPE this Fall.

Me and my tiny girl.

The park two houses down from us doesn't have a baby swing so we take Saige on the tire swing and taught her to HOLD ON. I promise I don't leave her unattended... I just stepped out of the way so Trev could take this photo... I don't trust those little pipes of hers.

April 24th - Congrats Gram!

Having trouble deciding what hat to wear; I think we ended up leaving the house with neither on our head. Oh that reminds me... here are a couple new additions to Saige Speak

27. Hat - not to be confused with...
28. Hot - it sounds more like haawT as she really enunciates the 'T'
29. Brrr - a word that is accompanied by a shrugging chin to shoulder action

In true Saige fashion (aka total defiance) I try to get these words on video but she just stares at the blinking recording light and gives me her best "I don't know what kitty says and why would I? face"... bless her heart.

 To celebrate my mom's recent promotion at work, Becs hosted a family BBQ on Saturday and wowed us with her homemade burgs... yum!
The kids were big fans of my veggies & dip... they'd dunk their celery stick or red pepper, suck off the dip and repeat.


April 20th - Bed Head

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tuesday flex day means I get to be home with my Saiger and witness her amazing post-nap bed head...

She's been teething lately hence the fingers in the mouth.
We're no longer sleeping blissfully through the night, that ended early last week when Sagie started sprouting her lower 'lateral incisors'.

Saige is almost 16 months now and only has 6 teeth? She's definitely slower at producing teeth than most babes her age.

All good things must come to an end...tonight was the last performance in our dance series. We went to 6 different shows, ate at 6 different restaurants and can't wait to purchase our memberships for the 2010-2011 season. We asked our server at Tita's to take a photo of our ladies night grand finale and this was the result... haha... could we be any farther away?

April 17th - Member of the Rihanna Fan Club

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saige was invited to Conrad's 4th birthday party today and boy did she have fun in a room full of boys.

P.S. Rude Boys by Rihanna is my song of the week... "I want want want what ya want want want"... LOVE IT!

Spiderman (aka Conrad)

Saige getting to know her fellow female party-goers on the tramp; the mini-trampoline was definitely a huge hit.
*On a side note: I vividly remember my mom owning a similar exercise trampoline when I was a kid and I'd jump on the thing for hours while singing along to my favourite Raffi record... "down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go..." - good times.

Saige was in ball heaven, but what's with the nipples? Reminds me of udders... moo.

Saige and her shoe fetish... I let her out of my sight for 2 seconds and of course I find her over by the sneakers.

Ginger friendship.
I could have easily kidnapped either of these redheads and no one would have batted an eye.

Saige & Roman scored a couple dinosaurs from the soccer ball pinata.

I couldn't resist getting a photo of this little one stuffing her pockets... 4 seems like such a great age.

After the party Saige went home for a nap and we eventually ended up outdoors. Saige LOVES animals especially our pets which she will corner on a daily basis. Two ducks have taken to our pond so she's constantly banging on the patio doors wanting to go outside.

Giving our cat Hobbes some love and intently watching the fish.

This evening Butch & Liz treated Trev & I to an amazing dinner at the Cattlemen's Club while Baba watched Saige. THANK YOU!! I'm ridiculously full and so looking forward to a reading a couple more chapters of "Breaking Dawn" before hitting the hay.

April 14th & 15th - Mom's The Word

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kim, Christie and I headed to Mom's The Word Remix on Wednesday night - hilarious. I loved it - even the streaking - shockingly funny... totally recommend it.

* the 3rd photo doesn't even look like my child *

I'm not trying to be artistic with these, I was trying to figure out my new camera. I'm debating whether I should exchange it for another. Any recommendations for a pocket-size digital camera?

The pink Barbie chair is definitely a hit.

April 13th - Hog Wild

Very rarely do Saige and I have time in the morning to play. We're usually running behind and by "we" I mean "me"... Saige finds my 'chicken with its head cut off' routine quite entertaining and will usually do something to guarantee we don't leave the house on time, like dump her cereal bowl on the kitchen floor.

We chased balloons, posed for pictures and I even found time to do something with her hair... piggies!

Speaking of hogs, Uncle Butch & Auntie Liz dropped by with their new Honda Goldwing. Saige was a big fan (of both the bike and facial hair); of course Trev now thinks we should get another bike... thanks, but no thanks.

Pretty fancy.

Saige is wild these days and I'm lovin' it...
What a goof ball.
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