November 22nd to 29th - Holy Bananas

Monday, November 29, 2010

This is the first time in years that I declined the flu shot at work and wouldn't you know it, I end up getting SICK. I forgot the public health nurse was coming in so she caught me by complete surprise and I'm sure many of you needle phobs would agree that you need at least an hour or two to prepare for such an event. I bypassed the painful procedure and am now I'm paying for it. I'm so not a good patient (just ask Trev), especially with an almost 2 year old testing everything including my patience.

These are the week's events in no particular order...

We bundled up and took in the annual Downtown Vernon Light Up Festival. It was pretty chilly so after an hour of strolling down the middle of the street (love that) we treated Saiger to some Tim Horton's timbits and "coffee". It was really 3/4 milk mixed with 1/4 hot chocolate, but Saige calls any hot beverage "coffee" which garners a lot of strange looks.

I'm not surprised that Saige's nickname at daycare is Trouble. Someone (aka Saiger) learned how to use a kitchen chair to get up on the counter and 'rescue' Halloween candy from the top cupboard! I went in to check on her because she was being eerily quiet and found her standing on the counter trying to tear a wrapper off a lollipop! 

Some photos from Cedar's 3rd birthday. It was a princess themed tea party and Mish - the professional artist that she is - went all out.
Bedazzle your own princess crown
Kiss the kiss on the frog game
Purple "tea" served in vintage tea cups
Homemade shortbread and two-tone cupcakes
Take home tea sets in the goodie bags
It was insane... even some of the adult dressed up as queens and knights! Sadly these pictures don't give the party justice. 

Someone else had a birthday!!
** Caleb-bear **

I can't believe he's 2 already and wearing size 7 shoes. 

 Auntie's favourite little man and Mommy's favourite little girl.

Some shots from kidnastics. I wish I could upload the video. Saige loves "circle time" - she reenacts it at home for Trev which is always hysterical. They have to do an action (ie. hop like frog) until her teacher Joanne says "stop" and Saige is always a second or two off and does this hugely animated arms out, fingers splayed STOP that cracks me up every time.

We went out for dinner one night and Saige was all about the daddy PDA's. Of course Trev loved every second of it as she's been kind of a momma's girl lately.

A giant mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows courtesy of daddy dearest... mom would never give Saigelette sugar in a breakable cup so close to bedtime.

For longer car rides, we started using the cell phone to entertain Saige with youtube video clips - she loves the crazy cat montages reminiscent of America's Funniest Home Videos.

And speaking of America's Funniest Home Videos... the spray nozzle on our kitchen faucet literally blew off mid-cleaning Boo's fishtank. If only I had instant replay because it was truly hilarious! Trev was drenched and so not amused. After towelling him off we headed to Home Depot where we struck out on finding a new budget-friendly faucet. Saige, however, found something to add to her Christmas wishlist...

We went to Liquidation World (the Vernon store is ahh-mazing) and found the $300 Moen faucet from Home Depot for just $70!! Oh how I live for bargains... like the $130 pair of curtains I scored from a Fabricland clearance bin for $45 - let's just say I'm going to bed one happy (albeit sick) lady.

Nov 17th to 21st - Big Calming Breath

Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Wednesday onwards things just got better (and better). Sure it's easy for me to obsess about all the things I don't have, don't like, etc., etc., but at some point I have to slap myself out of it because I have so much to be thankful for...

My hilarious little nephew who knows just how to make Auntie Sara laugh.

Toys that entertain kids of all ages.
Caleb is so wonderfully random - playing in his winter coat, one sock on, one sock off - I love being a Mommy, but being Auntie is a close second.
Can you believe I forgot about Becca's Wednesday night dinner invite?? We missed out on lasagna and garlic toast but showed up just in time for ice cream.
Here, here to frozen desserts and baby sisters.
Puppy love. I adore Taz because she puts up with just about anything (including obnoxious toddlers who pretend she's a pony).

I'm grateful for good friends who send edible fruit bouquets for no other reason than to put a smile on my face -

and chocolate on Saiger's. 

I'm thankful for super fun birthdays that tucker out Saige and renew my passion for party planning on a small scale.  

Old school Christmas tunes paired with Father-Daughter dances where Saige can show off her not-so-graceful dance moves.
Little helping hands.

Secret cousin closets with popcorn and Bambi - the "play closet" at Gramma and Papa's house really deserves a blog post of it's own. 

Christmas trees in November.
I, on the left, went for a 'less is more' holiday look as Saige accidently broke my very first ornament to Trev and can't be trusted. My mom on the other hand (see right) went for a slightly schizophrenic aesthetic - her motto: leave no branch unadorned. It was painful to help decorate as it went against every fiber of my being.
Thank God for women named "Bren".

I love, love, LOVE Christmas. Love. Christmas. Two words that are truly synonymous of one another. Around this time of year I've been known to get a bit emotional. The season, the songs, the snow... all bring about a mixture of newness and nostalgia. Celebrating new Christmas traditions with Saige while reflecting on Christmases past. I can honestly say that some of my best childhood memories revolved around December 25th - hopefully Saige will say the same thing 25 years from now.

November 16th - Bumps & Bruises

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My Tuesday was filled with highs and lows.


 * Proud day at kidnastics - Saige mastered the "A" ladder, braved the balance beam and did actions to all the circle time songs.

* Made a difficult decision - more about that later.

* Lots of Saige snuggles.

* 3 November birthday invitations.


* My chat with Jill.

* Husband hugs - they're simply the best.

and now for the LOWS

* Saige touched the pellet stove... ouch! Spent the bulk of afternoon crying and cuddling on the couch with 4 fingertips submerged in ice water. Poor little boogs ended up calling Daddy, Papa & Auntie Jill for sympathy - "I hurt" she says. 

* I regrettably snapped at the dogs more than I care to admit. I feel like such a miserable person, parent, pet owner,  fill in the blank  when I take things out on mi familia. Somebody get me a stress ball - I seem to need one this week.

* I made the difficult decision today to turn down the etsy giveaways. I will always love ETSY, but I just don't want the added pressure of soliciting 100+ followers to make it worth everyone's while. And to be honest I just don't want 100+ followers. Before Saige was born Trev and I decided together that I'd pare down my facebook "friends" from 350 to 100; I don't think I should treat my blog any different - especially given my job. 


I do however want to thank my etsy favourites (and hopefully yours now)...


etsy shop

Told you the giveaways were going to be AMAZING!!

November 15th - Trouble With Sharing

You know it's going to be a good day when your morning starts out like this.

As I was folding laundry in the living room, I heard some clip-clopping going on in the kitchen...

It wasn't a pony, it was Saiger wearing point shoes from a storage bin destined for downstairs. She was very proud of her "rina" self. Shortening words is a Saige specialty: 

rina = ballerina
hokey = hokey-pokey
husha = ring-around-the-rosie
nastics = gymnastics
beast = Beauty and the Beast
koda = Dakota
bike = mini-ATV

Walking with short legs to the park is a definite patience tester and getting there via ATV takes even longer! Steering is not her forté (especially with Maddison leashed to the handlebars). When we finally got to the playground Saige abandoned her "bike" for the slide and this little boy Anthony kept eyeing it up. I asked his mom if he'd like to take it for a spin and all of a sudden Saige had this newfound interest in her bike - "MINE! my bike!" - sigh... our girl is just not that great at sharing so we take every opportunity we can to teach her.

While Anthony rode around the field like a pro we distracted Saige with leaves and her new Minnie Mouse courtesy of Great Gramma's trip to Disneyland.
Right after I blogged about my crush on Saige's winter jacket from last year, I found it's 2010 toddler version the very next day - I heart JOE! Of course I snagged it as this coat rocks for so many reasons.

Top 10 List:
1. It's adorable - isn't that enough?
2. It's brown so it hides dirt well
3. It's soooo easy to get off and on - 4 snap buttons that's it
4. It's super light weight
5. It's not bulky at all
6. It's a great price at $24
7. It's toasty warm
8. It's simple to launder
9. It fits big and has room to grow  
10. It's adorable ;)

November 14th - Kitchen Illiterate

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday night didn't disappoint. The evening consisted mainly of drinking, dancing and darts - the very definition of a good time.

What kind of cookies did we make for Christmas baking Sunday? Well we attempted no-bake cocoa and coconut cookies - sadly they crumbled right before our very eyes! I have no idea what went wrong... is it because I used quick oats?

My little helper/taste tester.

Saige takes her spokesbaby role for Little Baby Hugz very seriously.

Say "no" to bobble head and rolled up receiving blankets.

 Be sure to click on over to!/littlebabyhugz and enter their November giveaway!

November 12th & 13th - Horseback Riding

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tonight Trev and I are attending the 3rd annual Service Provider Appreciation Night (aka SPAN) with co-workers and friends. I've never been and I'm not sure work + drinking + dancing are a good mix, but Bren and Wayne (aka my mom & dad) also got tickets so it's sure to be one hoot of a good time. The venue is a stone's throw away from our front door which means... we might end up hosting a 'get your pre-drink on' party before walking over and that means... I've got a house to clean and some food  to prep. No time for frivolous blogging.

But before I bust out the Windex, I thought I'd share some photos from last night's antics...

This looks fun, but it's killer on the knees. Both Trev and I have adopted a newfound respect for crawling babies. Eventhough we're a bunch of lame horses, Saige doesn't seem to mind. Someone (aka 4-H club Trevor) taught little miss how to spur and say "giddy-up" -cute right up until you get a bear slipper to the kidney... ouch!

I imagine you're asking yourself "are those boobs on a string she's holding?" and you'd be right, they are in fact boobs on a string. Not only do they pose a risk of strangulation, they are completely inappropriate and I assure you that there's a perfectly good explanation. Here's the backstory...

These x-rated rearview mirror danglers were purchased for Trev's bachelor party many years ago. I've been told they garnered A LOT of attention from the ladies and so did his Property of Sara t-shirt - "you can touch mine if I can touch yours", "can I be Sara for the night" - GROSS! Anyways awhile back Trev emptied out his disgusting work truck and these fuzzy boobs made their way inside and into the greedy little clutches of one Saige Marie Knol. I do however think they'd make a cute photo prop for boys; maybe that's my twisted sense of humor talking?

Some games just never get old.

Happy weekend everyone, I have to go save Dakota from Saige hugs... xo

November 11th - Task Masters

Friday, November 12, 2010

Trev and I put a serious dent in our honey-do list this week which calls for some celebratory high 5's and one or two "woop-woops!". Thanks to reality TV and taped episodes of House, Glee and Grey's Anatomy we've been hardcore lacking in the motivation department. 

Probably one of the more enjoyable to-do list items to tackle.

As a lover of lists, there's nothing more satisfying than putting a big fat check mark beside completed tasks. Sure some prefer the strikethrough method, but a simple check mark is more my style. It's like the universal symbol for "mission accomplished"... (plus it makes me feel like a school teacher... if only for a moment).

So what has Saiger been up to while mom and dad kick butt in the world of chores? Well when she's not throwing mini-tantrums, she's performing mini-dance recitals and/or quoting lines from her all-time favourite - "Beast".

Nadine has captured her monologue on video, but it goes a little something like this...

Papa: hands cupped over mouth "He-wo? anybody there?"
Beast: deep, angry voice "What doin' here!?"

It's really quite funny. Saige's personality is a quirky combination of drama queen and comedian - we laugh, we cry, we can't get enough.

Show us your moves little Knol.

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