Saturday, December 31, 2011

**I apologize in advance for the length... these posts are my equivalent to a baby book as I can't seem to do both anymore.**

BIG BOY: Trev and I were confident going into our last doctor's appointment that G-man would do us proud and hit the 12 pound mark (give or take a few ounces). Imagine our surprise - and strong insistence that he be re-weighed - when he barely made it to 10.5 and that's with socks and a onesie (great look by the way). For length he's in the 50th percentile, weight he's in the 10th and his head circumference dropped into the 5th percentile... yikes! We have a pediatrician appointment next week to look at the pinhead situation (okay it's not that noticeable) as well as his DT shakes (sorry buddy when mommy's anxious she makes awful jokes that she doesn't even find funny, forgive me).
UPDATE: I started writing this post over a week ago and since then Gabe's had his 2nd appointment. As of yesterday he's 11 lbs 4 oz aaaaand his noggin' is back in the 10th percentile... way to go G.

SNACK TIME: nursing is going good however because Gabe feeds on demand and has yet to establish a regular eating schedule, I rarely get opportunities to go - or be - without baby... "I am slowly going crazy, 1, 2, 3, 4, switch". Gabe & I - or more specifically Gabe and my boobies - are kind of a package deal these days so unless I find time to pump in between my 176 other daytime duties, it's just me and you kid.
SLEEPY TIME: the one question I hear and hate the most is, "how is he sleeping?". Yes Gabe has blessed us with good amounts of zzzzz's since day one, but because he's been a great little sleeper I feel like I can't complain about all the other baby annoyances like his deafening scream, his 2 hour crying spells, his needing to be held every second that he's not sleeping. I promise we work really hard during the day to make up for the 6-8 hours of peace we get at night {11 last night}.
Here's what his December sleep schedule looked like: starts off in his crib around 9'ish, transfers into our bed somewhere between 3:30-4 for a feed and then we'll both crash until 7-7:30 or when Saige wakes us up.

Now that he's 3 months old I'm going to try to work on a nap schedule. In the A.M. he typically drifts off and on in my arms and then he'll go for a longer 2-3 hour stretch in the afternoon... those are my 'power hours' when I tackle my to-do list and/or blog posts.

OUTFIT OF THE MONTH: I should probably rename this heading "stripes of the month" because I yet again picked an article of clothing that's striped. I purchased this ahh-dorable knit hat from JOE and it's hands down my December fave. In case you haven't noticed I'm all about dressing my boy in navy these days {and white onesies}.

TRYING MOMENTS: so Saige and I made de-licious no-bake cookies that I indulged in 2 nights in a row {and by indulge I mean ate a baker's dozen all to myself}... both of those nights Gabe became hysterically inconsolable so he was either {a} disappointed over my lack of self control or {b} not liking the milk & butter ingredients - I think it was the latter. As a result of his food intolerences, I'm avoiding all things dairy... starting now. I'd honestly consider going vegan if it meant no more fits of tears. To say I'm over the crying is the understatement of 2011... when people tell me their babies NEVER cry I become jealous and hateful and decide right then and there that we CAN'T be friends.  

MEMORABLE MOMENTS & MILESONES: I think Gabe was just as surprised as I was about his winter solstice roll over {tummy to back} and Trev & I were in hysterics when he demonstrated his first laugh mid-dream - it was the cutest most unexpected sound ever. December also marked Gabe finding his legs, tongue and ticklish parts {armpits and neck}.  

As a family of 4 we took our first family vacation and the healing waters of Halcyon put Gabriel into a 9+ hour coma {that I had to disturb when I thought my boobs were going to explode}. He even got experience the craziness that is Christmas; has an ornament to prove it and everything. 
To sum things up, Gabe's 3rd month had its fair share of highs & lows, tears & smiles.  I've learned a lot about my little man - ie. when he hears Saige crying he'll start crying himself, but when I cry he just looks up at me and smiles. His 100 watt smile tells me he wants to be a happy baby but his sensitive stomach gets in the way of that happiness.

He's such a stinker - truly - and has started making other farting noises with his mouth which he and his sister find ha-ha-larious.
Yes our Gabriel Arthur can be difficult - much harder than I hoped for - but I keep reminding myself {and Trev} that he's easier than Saige as a baby and look how great she turned out. There's still hope for him yet and in the meantime I'll continue to deprieve myself of dairy and save money on a gym membership by doing the 'bouncing baby circuit' every 1/2 hour.

Dear Gabriel,
I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.
Love always,
Your Mama

confessions & obsessions.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Linking up with E's
- I lied to my midwife about the amount of water I consume. I was honest at first, but her horrified facial expression encouraged me to multiply that number by 3 every appointment thereafter. Sorry Sylvia; if it's any consolation my new years resolution is to rehydrate. 

- I've started buying less flashy pajama pants so they can pass as street wear. I think my new pearl earrings make the look even more believable... they add that extra bit of class.

- I can't tread water to save my life... literally. Go ahead and laugh and tell me it's the eaiest thing ever; I just can't stay afloat without completely exhausting myself. My buoyancy issues almost cost me my scuba certification.

- I really need to give proper credit; I rarely type up a blog post without toggling over to my favourite search engine at lease once. Today I used it to spell check thereafter, consolation, afloat and buoyancy. 

- I should really be de-Christmas'ing the house, figuring out a grocery list and/or tackling our online banking but instead I'm airing my dirty laundry {figuratively} and planning Gabe's 3 MONTH UPDATE post... stay tuned.

- I just googled figuratively. I have like zero faith in myself.


- vanilla chai tea from Bolthouse Farms - hot or cold it's non-dairy delciousness.

- Adele's voice. I got her new CD for Christmas and those vocals give me some serious chills. My favourite track so far? "Rolling in the Deep"...

See how I'll leave, with every piece of you
Don't underestimate the things that I will do.

There's a fire starting in my heart,
Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark.

- Gabe's smile, I'll probably be posting this every week for all eternity. I'm addicted to the rush of love I feel when he flashes those gums in my direction.

- Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It ain't Christmas until I eat an entire box to myself.

- when Saige gives me multiple choice questions, "mommy are you happy or sad?"... "can I watch cartoons, yah or no?"... "Barbie or Ken, which one you want?".

- these Wool JuJu Hats from the Etsy shop of a fellow - and very talented - Canadian blogger.

** okay enough about me... it's your turn: what are you obsessing and/or willing to confess? **

overwhelmed & overjoyed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas is so 3 days ago, but for your viewing pleasure - and my failing memory - here's a little photo collage of our excessive, exhausting and extra special holiday weekend...
It's a good thing Santa's not a germaphobe because these cookies were everything but food safe.
Christmas Eve is kind of a big deal and so after a fun night with Trev's LARGE extended family we headed home and kept tradition alive with: 
{1} the annual unwrapping of Christmas Eve jammies
{2} the offering of milk and goodies to Santa & Rudolf - we opted for almond milk this year.
{3} the boisterous singing of Jingle Bells
{4} a stumble through reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'
** the key is for Santa to let himself in as we don't have a useable chimney **

Saige and Gabe crawled into bed with us at 3:30 am!! After two hours of begging/threatening I finally convinced our over excited, almost 3 year old to fall back asleep. Needless to say our morning 'Spoil Fest' started a wee bit late and I spent the better part of Saturday yawning my face off.

Becs & D wanted to host Christmas dinner in their new digs but that didn't stop my mom from PVR'ing Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Christmas so we could cook a turkey just like Mister 'Hell's Kitchen' himself.
A Boxing Day brunch {mmm... crepes} and a final gift opening with Trev's parents was the cherry to our Christmas cupcake. Busyness and sleep deprivation aside, Christmas 2011 gets a spot in my Top 3.

As predicted Buzz & Woody stole the show...
{Saige asked me to take this photo of "her babies" she posed them and everything}.
But I was pretty smitten with this quilt set my mom whipped up for our newest Toy Story additions. Watching Saige tuck her Woody in at bedtime is beyond... as Rachel Zoe and her wannabe fans would say {aka Becs & I}, "I die".

Before I can switch gears and start planning Saiger's 'no gifts allowed' January birthday party, I first need to find homes for 3/4 of these presents! Thanks y'all for making our home look more like a toy store ;)

naughty or nice.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Attempting to pose as a family of four was not only painful, but darn near impossible {m&m bribes can only do so much}. So when I couldn't find anything on ETSY that suited this year's not-so-great holiday photo, I opted to make my own not-so-great Christmas card. 

Sources of inspiration:

and Danielle's "define naughty" blog post...

confessions & obsessions.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This morning I ate cookies for breakfast.

As of 3 seconds ago today became "Pajama Day". It may sound like fun - like when your elementary school would host Tuesday "Twin Days" or "Wacky Hair" Wednesdays - but it's really just a lame excuse for Gabe & I to stay in our cozies all day long.

I pretended I was feeding Gabe while Trev swept, vacuumed and folded laundry the other day; he actually just fell asleep at the boob, but I didn't want to help so I milked it {pun intended}.

I broke down and gave Saige's closet it's Christmas presents early... I didn't want to waste time wrapping clothes my child would have no interest in opening.

I crank the furnace when Trev's not home.

I'm too lazy to upload pictures so this post isn't getting any.

I lied. You get 2 off if Trev's phone.

I used to be quite the 5-pin bowler back in the day. My dad enrolled Jill & I in a league when we were small and I even had bowling balls with my name engraved in them {nerd alert}. Trev & I took Saige this weekend and let's just say for her sake and mine, 'thank goodness for gutter guards'.


The no-bake cookies Saige & I made last night that are sitting on the counter {calling to me}.

The fragrance 'Love Spell' by Victoria Secret. I'm not sure what I love more, the scent or the price tag.

Cranberry gingerale. It's hard to to find so stock up when you do.

These "Favourite Things" parties I've been hearing/reading all about where guests bring multiples of their favourite thing{s} and share them with others. It's very Oprah. I wanna host one of these bad boys fo sho but since I missed the Christmas boat, I was thinking maybe a "Things I Love" party near Valentine's.

My mom. She's a great mom.

Lingonberry Jam. I can't wait for post-Christmas dinner turkey sandwiches now that I have this Swedish import that tastes like cranberries... seriously yum. 

Gabriel's loooong naps that take place in his crib without a fight... baby Saige wouldn't hear of such a thing.

The Christmas countdown...

do you know what I know?

Okay so the above title is a bit of a stretch, but I`m trying to name every post after a Christmas carol lyric so bare with me.

Do you have a tip on how to make life simpler, easier, gentler? hook a sista up... I`m ALL about taking the easy street these days and thought you might be as well which is why I`m sharing this Daily Buzz blog post entitled, `25 clever ideas to make life easier`... if that doesn`t suck you in, I don`t know what will.

I actually started using this `sheets stuffed into a pillow case` trick a few months ago...

and now I know what to do with all those free shower caps I collect from hotel bathrooms...

If you`re looking for more time saving, space saving, `why didn`t I think of that` ideas, you can check out my pinterest board GENIUS featuring...

glow paint mason jars - for when Saige has camp outs in the backyard.
IKEA knife racks - to store Gabe`s cars.

purse paint chips - so my paint colours are with me at all times... I`ve also seen this done with popsicle sticks.

artwork collages - a great way to display children`s masterpieces without dedicating an entire wall or fridge to it.

** leave a link to your own ingenious or borrowed idea and I`ll be sure to pin it ASAP **

all I want for christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a good thing we didn't get too carried away with presents this Christmas because the rest of our family & friends didn't get our "let's not go overboard" memo. It's going to take Saige the better part of the day to open all her crazy, ahh-mazing gifts and there's even more I don't know about yet. SPOILER ALERT: if your name is Saige don't read any further...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Grandpa Harber really outdid himself with the Barbie Dream Townhouse and everyone's favourite Space Ranger. We're pretty sure Saige is going to lose her mind when she opens Buzz Lightyear. If you recall in her letter to Santa she asked for every Toy Story character imaginable. Santa may have gotten her pull string Woody {#3} but Buzz {#4} is just the cooler toy in person and on DVD. 

I'm not going to lie, I got pretty excited about Barbie's new living quarters {#1} when we assembled it on Sunday morning {Saige was at my parent's for a sleep-over}. It's beyond awesome. My confession this week might read, "I never stopped playing Barbies".

Speaking of Barbies - I could dedicate a whole blog post to the subject - their Black Label Basics Collection is unreal. Could Saige's newest Barbie {#2} be any more gorgeous? I think not {and I want her dress}.

Since good friends of ours stole bought Saige our first holiday gift idea {#6}, Trev & I decided that our Christmas/birthday present to Saige will be an outdoor playhouse - hence gift #7. We're coming up with a design right now and hope to start it's construction sometime in the Spring... let's just say it's gonna be the hangout of all hangouts.

I'm not quite sure if/where all these goodies are going to fit and since no one listened to our Christmas plea of no elaborate or large gifts, I'm hoping they'll just bring hugs or RESP contributions to her January 6th b-day.

too funny.

Monday, December 19, 2011

If you haven't seen these already, you're in for a real treat. I'm pretty sure everything she/he says has escaped my lips at some point in time. I especially love the line "get these chips away from me" and "aww that poor dog needs water"... ha-larious.

"Shit Girls Say" - Episode 1

"Shit Girls Say" - Episode 2

I shared the clips with Trev and instead of cry-lauging with me he just sat there and then told me, "it's not funny when you live with it everyday"... talk about Mr. Grumpy Pants {I only wish I was that hysterical}.


Here are 10 interesting factoids you may or may not know about the boy formerly known as Baby K...

{1}  While Gabe consumes a ridiculous amount of milk - every hour on the hour *sigh* - he only poops once a week {twice if we're lucky}, it's a conundrum to say the least.

{2}  I always knew his name would be GABRIEL. In 7th grade I was home with the chicken pox and secretly read the romance novel "Saving Grace" by Julie Garwood. The book's hero is laird GABRIEL MacBain and from him my baby boy name was born.

{3}  G-man has super stinky - and sweaty - feet.

{4}  He tolerates being swaddled so long as we 'bandage' his fists near his face. Forget thumbs and pacifiers, our Gabe is a hardcore hand sucker. The suction that kid gets is truly insane, Hoover and Dyson could learn a thing or two.

{5}  He's uncircumcised and staying that way.

{6}  He has an outie belly button just like his big sis, amazing eyebrow control just like his daddy and we all know what he inherited from me.

{7}  For someone so teeny he sure has a lot of neck rolls and he sure loves to have them kissed and caressed.

{8}  There's something about the pellet stove that makes him bust out in giggles and grins. It's no secret that he's got a killer smile; one that comes easily and will surely charm his momma for years to come.

{9}  I sing him an Ojibway lullabye every night at bedtime. It goes a little something like this:

Hey, hey, watenay
Hey, hey, watenay
Hey, hey, watenay

Sleep, sleep, little one
Sleep, sleep, little one
Sleep, sleep, little one
Now go to sleep, now go to sleep

** you can hear the vocal here

{10}  We decided on Gabe's middle name long before he was born. Arthur Valentine Leier was my grandfather's name although he went by the nickname "Red" courtesy of his flaming carrot top. My gramma refers to Gabe as her Little Arthur because he not only shares grandpa's name, but his hair colour as well. Saige Marie was going to be Saige Valentine, but we thought it sounded a little too porn star-ish in the final hour.

** Here's an interesting fact about the awesomeness that is/was my grandpa: he was born on Valentine's Day {hence his unusual middle name} and died on Valentine's Day 69 years later after suffering a heart attack. I haven't heard of many people dying on their birthday. I find it kind of poetic.

oh christmas tree.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I wonder how many carol named blog posts I can bang off before the December 25th cut off? Oh and speaking of Christmas tunes, I'm proud to report that Saige knows the words to 3 of my yuletide faves: Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Jingle Bells... it's reason #1034 why I love that girl so very merry much.

So I've decided to jump on the old 'show me your Christmas tree' blogging bandwagon... drum roll please...

Maybe one year the 4 of us will get a tree cutting permit and venture into the forest with our axe and Sorels in search of a real pine smelling tree, but for now we're happy with our fake pre-lit spruce that requires no maintenance or watering. {I'm actually not sure it's a spruce, never was good with my conifers}.

The Bay gave us 50% off all holiday decor the year we got married {it's one of the perks of registering with HBC} and when I checked out their 2006 Christmas stock, I instantly fell in love with this pretty floor model - it was nature themed and had all my colours - SOLD. I told the salesperson to wrap it up and he literally disassembled the entire tree right before my eyes - the tree, the ribbon, the ornaments, the Santa topper - all mine at half price.

I've added a few new ornaments over the years and benched a few others, but all-in-all our tree has looked basically the same every Christmas since - I'm thinking this will be the last December our tree isn't adorned with tacky oh-so-special pre-school creations - popcorn garland, popsicle stick reindeer, construction paper snowflakes - but I'm gonna draw the line at tinsel.

When the Christmas tree is on at our house - which is pretty much 24/7 from Thanksgiving onward - all other lights are off... that's my rule. And so is, 'it's not coming down until Valentines so deal with it Mr. Knol'.

I love that it looks like Gabe is singing in a Christmas choir, "hark the hareld angels sing..."

There. I showed you mine, now you show me yours... {decorated Christmas tree that is}.

my little corner.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've received a few emails in past months asking "just how small is your tiny house?". While I'm not 100% sure of it's exact size, I guess-timate it's somewhere between 1000-1200 square feet. It's super teeny and since we gave the office/guest room to our first born, we operate our small trucking & excavating business out of a kitchen cupboard and my "work desk" has been reduced to my lap. Here's a peek at my little lap corner... a place I go to blog, blog read, pin, browse Etsy, return emails, facestalk, etc... it's where the magic happens.
As you can imagine we're getting a bit tight on space with baby #2 hanging around so I'm sending telepathic messages to our contractor, "hurry up with our addition plans, hurry up with our addition plans"... seriously how long do blueprints take?! 

Sigh. I know there are other families out there living in crampier quarters than us; Jordan from 'Oh Happy Day' {pre-moving to Paris} is the perfect example. Her boy - and then boys plural - slept in an itty closet for 3 years! A really cool closet that makes me think Gabe could sleep in our walk-in for awhile if need be...

Is that toddler/crib bunk bed not crazy ingenious?

{ Friday Finds } YARN BALL GARLAND

Friday, December 16, 2011

I haven`t done one of these posts in a really long time; G-man`s arrival has seriously impacted my ability to surf the net and use both typing hands simultaneously.

That being said, there was absolutely no way that I`d be able to sleep without sharing this latest Etsy find with my loyal followers first.

I`ve been stalking Courtney`s blog `A Little Glass Box` for the past year and fell hard for her yarn ball garlands...

Aren`t they cute?

She didn`t sell them when I first started following, but now she does and you better believe I took advantage of her pre-Etsy sale. I bought one for myself and one for my neice-to-be`s nursery {which I`ve sorta hijacked from the mommy-to-be \ aka my baby sister}.

Courtney recently {as in 2 days ago} opened an Etsy shop under the same name as her blog and I`m gonna to go out on a limb and say TREND ALERT. My 2012 prediction is that these pretties are going to {a} sell like hot cakes; {b} get pinned like crazy and {c} be DIY`ed all over the blog-o-sphere {starting with me}.

She even has a yarn ball garland tutorial on her blog along with a 20% off coupon code THANKS2READERS that doesn`t expire until December 31st.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

* I'll save my obsessions for later *

I haven't unpacked from our mini-holiday and we got back on Monday. Our bags made it as far as the kitchen floor and there they sit. I even stubbed my toe one of the suitcases this morning and did nothing but curse. 

My truck is wearing a Rudolf outfit. I impulsively got a set of antlers and matching red nose for the Avalanche and it's surprisingly awesome. I'm not sure when I became that person, but Saige thinks I'm the coolest mom on the road and Trev is a mixture of mortified and amused.

I'm an Amazing Race super fan. I would pretty much do anything to be on the show; I'd even shave my head {although I hope it would never come to that cause I'd make one ugly baldy}. I'm quite certain I'd be cast as the walking anxiety attack from Canada and as for my partner, I've narrowed my choices down to 2: Trev -  my quiet, patient, frustratingly stubborn hubby or Jill - my hilarious, overly friendly big sister who can seriously do anything and everything.

My 'thank you for the lovely baby gift' notes are 3 months too late. I just sent out the last of Gabe's birth announcements yesterday {along with our almost-missed-the-deadline Christmas cards}. Better late than never? I'm sure friends and family know that he's here otherwise I would be in the Guiness Book of World Records for longest human pregnancy ever.

I played Barbies in high school. There's nothing else I can say about this little factoid other than I wasn't alone; my BFF and I would hide under her bed so her hot older brother wouldn't catch us having Skipper sleep-overs.

I was slightly horrified when Gabe came out a ginger. I had visions of my son growing up to look like the not-so-funny comedian Carrot Top or the Olympian snowboarder Shaun White who now stars in Stride gum commercials. But now that Gabe is showing us more of his boyish good looks, I'm fairly confident he's going to be cutie {maybe even a hottie}. Being a red head is no picnic - the teasing, the freckles, the SPF 60 - Gabe's got some tough times ahead of him, but I wouldn't have him any other way.

I tore a second pair of good pants. True story but instead of my favourite pair of jeans it was my favourite pair of pajamas. I think I should take it as a sign that I need to lay off Baba's Christmas baking.

   Thanks for the fun link up E... 

ho, ho, holiday.

Tonight life is good. It finally snowed which means we had a fun day playing in the wet, white stuff and now all 3 of my loves are tucked soundly into bed leaving me to sit by the Christmas tree with my computer and borrowed novel "Together Alone" by Barbara Delinsky - it's a gooder.

Last weekend our family of four escaped to Halcyon Hot Springs with good friends to enjoy 3 fulls days of hot pools, hot tea and competitive board games. While Dean & Byron introduced us to the world of bananagrams, we introduced them to deliciousness that is cranberry gingerale {it'll be on next week's list of obsessions}.

Unfortunately I came back from our relaxing vacay with a head cold and since I never get sick, I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself {and my nose}. I can't believe there's only 10 more sleeps 'til Christmas... eeek! This elf needs to get wrapping.

it's beginning to look a lot like

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We're just waiting on the white stuff.
*let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!*
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