February 20th - Saige'isms

Monday, February 28, 2011

Saige is doing/saying some incredibly cute things these days. It seems like I'm recharging our Flip batteries every 72 hours as I scramble to catch her precious (and not-so-precious) moments on film.

On Monday we spent the afternoon delivering Valentine's Day candy grams (which were actually the banana chocolate chip muffins we whipped up earlier that morning).

Surprising Baba with some February 14th treats.
I love how my Gram's mailbox reads "no soliciting".

Tuesday we dined out for Uncle D's birthday dinner sans Uncle D.

Wednesday was movie night.

Thursday I had a wicked sinus headache, but enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Dean & Byron's with fam.

On Friday us guardianship workers joined our youth up at Silver Star for a day of tubing, ice skating and candy store loitering.

Saturday was swim lessons and a trip to Okanagan Science Centre to escape the cold.

And Sunday we went to Gramma and Papa's for a spaghetti dinner and hot tub. 

Some recent Saige'isms include:

1. Her obsession with mon'dey (translation: money). She'll dump all the coins out of her piggy and then jam them through the slot one-by-one like some greedy banker.

2. Her snack du jour is fishy crackers paired with craisins and raisins.

3. When she grows up she wants to be a... dragon.

4. Buzz Lightyear is her hero.

5. Her favourite colour is blue.

6. She gets super excited and animated whenever we give her a tiny treat/present; she'll say things like "ooh... I wuv it!", "that's my favourite actually" or "thank you, thank you, thank you".

7. She thinks bodily noises are hilarious and announces them like the tomboy she is, "uh-oh I toot-ed... s'cuse me" or "haha I burp-ed". Super classy. I especially love when she randomly yells out, "mommy toot-ed!" even when I didn't and then our conversation sounds like I'm trying to cover it up - so embarassing.

8. Saige is a storyteller. Only half the stuff out of her mouth is factual. I'll ask her what she had for lunch at daycare or who she played with and she spout off these elaborate details... ex: "Julia and I had soup, crackers and milk; when I verify the lunch menu with Dean I find out that (a) Julia doesn't come on Thursdays and (b) today they were served angel hair pasta with steamed veggies... liar, liar, pants on fire.

9. At 25 lbs she may be small but she's über bossy and has more friends than she actually deserves. Apparently she barks out orders from her thrown (aka - the potty) and all the daycare kids run around carrying out her directions... Lord help us.

10. We taught her her last name and now she calls herself Saiger No instead of Saige Knol.

She's really turning out to be quite the character. But good, bad or ugly - we can't seem to get enough.


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