March 28th - I Miss My Normal-Sized Bladder

Monday, March 28, 2011

I should really be wearing a pedometer for all my annoying trips to the restroom. Thanks to pregnancy symptom numero uno - frequent urination - I'm definitely achieving my recommended daily step count. And it's a good thing I'm not in maternity clothes quite yet because apparently Vernon doesn't sell them!! With all the baby bumps walking around here you'd think there'd be a market!? geesh. I guess what we lack in pregnancy attire, we make up for in free maternity massages courtesy of our local massage therapy college. My 10 weeks of 'baby mamma heaven' start Wednesday... cue my excited "eeeeee!".

My love affair with horizontal stripes has gotten out of control! It's become a real obsession - perhaps I was a sailor in a past life?

And my obsession has spilled over into Saiger's wardrobe as well :S

For the next 5 days we're crab-sitting for Pheonix. I don't know the hermets' official names, but Saige calls one Teeny and the other Tiny (and she also refers to them as her crabs). As you can see, my little interior decorator insisted on rearranging their home. 

Cuddling with dad on the new sectional - I've really cracked down on sticky fingers since her early arrival.

Barbies continue to dominate!

New thing alert: when Saige gets into her pj's at night she now says, "I warm & cuddly".

Warning: Saige and Caleb make me camera happy.
Guess which one followed the other up on the counter to access the "gum cupboard"??
I love that their idea of a hug is simply leaning into eachother... ah-dorable.  

Let's hope Saige's driving skills improve before she turns 16.

Caleb on the other hand is a Nascar up-and-comer and was kind crazy enough let Saige take his wheels for a spin.

Playground fun.

Hot tub fun.
Saige calls them hot pools and I think a family trip to the Hot Springs is in order (that's a big hint for Trevs).

Wouldn't you know it, Saige has yet another cold which means I haven't been getting much sleep - *yawn*.

March 23rd - Spring has Sprung!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My second favourite season? SPRING - and it's here!!

Instead of spring cleaning this year, I have spring projects (also known as Trevor's honey-do list). I have 3 - maybe 4 areas - I'd like him us to concentrate on.

1. The Backyard

images from here

There's no way I can spend another long, hot Okanagan summer in a less-than-stellar backyard. We made quite a dent in it last year by laying sod and patio stones and snagging the most gorgeous patio set off; this year I want to address some of the smaller details - stain the deck and fence, edge the lawn, add some low maintenance plants & bushes, make some of those ah-mazing privacy screens (see above) and create a special space for Saige and Baby #2 which will hopefully include a play house, giant chalkboard, mural and sandbox area.

2. Breakfast Nook

Our dining set and water cooler are getting the boot.

image from here

Normal houses have cute little breakfast nooks or eat-in kitchens and then a larger more formal dining rooms elsewhere in the home... not us. We have a tiny little space to eat our 3 meals a day, host dinner parties, do crafts with Saige, read the newspaper, etc. I thought a pub style height table would be a good all-purpose table and make the area more useable/inviting. I was wrong - an expensive mistake to make. Now I want to  create a storage eating bench (see above), purchase a trio of leather parson chairs (color unknown) and find myself a standard height, round pedestal table with an expandable leaf. The good news is is swarming with cheap, round, solid wood pedestal tables just begging to be re-stained AND I found a local seamstress that can whip me up a custom, wipeable/washable banquet cushion for peanuts!! This is one project I'm super excited about.

3. Back Foyer


The gateway to our basement and sideyard is in desperate need of tile, trim, a stair rail, ceiling paint and a new light fixture (the bare bulb isn't cutting it anymore). Once this area is complete, our upstairs and main floor will be 100% renovated... oh happy days!

4. Is the Basement (laundry room and storage area); I'm not holding my breath we will tackle this before baby arrives, but maybe a good tidy and some organization will help me feel better about folding laundry down there or grabbing stuff out of the freezer.

** Another project I'll be tackling over the next few months is the baby area. We were going back and forth about whether we wanted to put our house on the market before or after baby makes his/her appearance. Financially and emotionally it makes more sense for us to wait so we're going to make do with our 2 bedrooms and create a 'baby nook' in our master bedroom for the first 8 or 9 months and then transition him/her into Saige's room (perhaps they can sleep on the bottom trundle).  

March 23rd - Pink or Blue?

There's a heated debate going on in the Knol household and we're now recruiting allies. Trev is confident we're having another girl, while I'm getting a strong boy vibe - obviously we'll be thrilled with either (I can say this now because I already have my girl... just kidding). 

When I was pregnant with Saige I remember being instantly annoyed when other preggos would reply to the question of gender preference with, "as long as the baby is healthy..." - excuse me while I puke in my mouth. Okay maybe that's a little  lot harsh, but I just didn't relate. I come from a family of all girls. I am a girl. I get/understand girls. Boys were scary and unfamiliar (and I was secretly worried that I'd have a redhead boy... enough said). I'm certain my brutal honesty is highly offensive, but that's exactly what was going on in my head the first time around.

But thanks to Caleb and all his boyish'ness (and the fact that we have our Saiger), I'm actually excited about the possibility of adding a bouncing, baby boy to our brood (as long as he looks like Trevor). 

Okay All jokes and personal confessions aside, we've whipped up this handy little poll to see if our family and friends are Team Pink or Blue??

Big sister Saige is going to have a little baby _________ to play with.

Our first ultrasound is May 4th so hopefully we'll have an answer for you by then. And of course we're finding out the sex; I'll save that decision reaching process for another time and post ;) 

March 18th - Three Knol's and a Wittle Baby

Friday, March 18, 2011

Does anyone else remember the classic "Three Men" movies which inspired today's blog title? I loved the film's lullabye and catch myself singing it to Saige every now and again... "I hate to leave you, but I really must say, goodnight sweetheart goodnight".

Well if you haven't guessed already, Saige will proudly fill you in...

Someone's going to be a BIG SISTER...

And someone gave an Oscar-worthy performance when they found out...

And someone is expanding exponentially...

not in maternity clothes yet, but I'm thinking it won't be much longer.

12 weeks down, 28 to go...
Trev-bob and I are thrilled that we're going to have another squishy baby in the house to snuggle, spoil and love.


March 15th - Barbie in the House

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I knew this day would come... when the contents of Saige's toybox no longer held their appeal - no daughter of mine can resist Barbie's charm (and accessories) - I'm afraid not even Buzz Lightyear can compete for her attention anymore. As you can imagine I'm thrilled with this recent development. As soon as I learned we were having a little girl I dreamed about building her a one-of-a-kind Barbie mansion - just like the one my parents made us for Christmas - complete with carpet, window treatments and custom bedding!

Barbie is "Mommy", Ken is "Daddy" and Kelly is "Barbie Saige" - the trio shares lots of family hugs and the occasional time out.

Apart = super cute. Together = no words... there are simply no words to describe just how adorable these two are in tandem. I'll try to upload my flip video of the "cowboy cousins" - it'll hopefully get you smilin'. On this same day we were sitting around the brunch table listening to the 2 of them play and Caleb starts making this antagonistic sound effect inside Saige's "bubble" and Saige responds by repeatedly shouting - inches from Caleb's face - "enough!" - but two minutes later they're snuggling on the 'dog bed' or hugging eachother good-bye... I just wuv them. 


This is what happens when someone refuses to nap after a time change...

Tired, silly Saiger faces.

We've been taking advantage of the milder weather and have been spending a lot of time outdoors, rain or shine. On this particular 'wet' afternoon we tested out the new dock and Saige's new rain boots. 

March 5th - Cabin Fever

Saturday, March 5, 2011

To say I'm happy about February being O-V-E-R would be the understatement of March. The month of love was not particularly kind to the Knol's - there was sickee Saige, exhausted me, Trev-bob & his horrific truck accident as well as laundry basket landmines and maybe a total of 5 dinners that would actually be classified as a real dinner. Fact: Saige and I ate cereal one night for supper... cue my mommy shame.

The good news is that we're 5 days into March - the month of nutrition - and we're all feeling much better (aside from Trev's heel, wrist and back). It's sunny and a whopping 8 degrees outside and I'm feeling renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated and many more uplifting verbs? beginning with "R".

I'm seriously so in love with my job right now. Yesterday I got to attend a Dr. Lapointe seminar that changed the way I think about attachment, discipline and children/youth in general - I had some definite  "ah-hah moments" as Oprah would say. And it couldn't have been more timely as I'm just in the middle of reading Dr. Neufeld's book "Hold On To Your Kids" which is the parenting model Lapointe recommends!! I got all amped up and started using some of the "techniques" at home; I've already noticed a change... not with Saige, but with me.

There were a couple things I failed to mention in my last post that I need to write down before they vanish from Saiger's mouth and my memory.

11. Instead of 'look' it's 'wook' - "wook at me, wook at me", "wook it mommy, wook it".

12. Saige "the hypochondriac" takes after her Auntie Becca.  She'll find the tiniest scratch and tell her big people "I go to doctor", "I need medicine"... not good and so strange because she hasn't seen Dr. LeRoux for months (since her 2 year check-up).

13. Caleb taught Saige how to stick out her tongue in defiance - something he picked up from daycare - and now Saige will make that farting sound with her tongue out and ask us "you like 'dat?". Of course we say "no, mommy/daddy doesn't like that" and she'll try to convince us that we do, "yah, you like 'dat". She's a real piece of work... Trev says we make cute kids, but not necessarily the most well-behaved.... true 'dat.

14. We've reached the milestone when just any ol' bedtime story won't do... in our house it's "Grumpy Bird" or bust and Saige now reads it to us, "too grumpy to eat, too grumpy to play, too grumpy to fly". Brings me back to when we read baby Rebecca "Barney Beagle Goes to Camp" - over and over and over...

15. Saige calls her bedroom the "naproom" because that's what it's called at daycare. She also refers to her daycare buddy Teagan by his full name "Teagan Poppy my friend" - very formal.

16. We bought Saige this cheap Buzz Lightyear figurine last weekend and let her take it to daycare... well apparently that's one one of many toys she can't/won't share; driving home she said, "no share Buzz... never, ever, ever". Note taken.

17. Saige is desperate to catch a "weprechaun" and is on high alert these days. Thanks Dean :) It's so cute cause we'll ask her what she gets for catching a leprechaun and she'll excitedly say, "spida-man!" - how can you tell she's seriously outnumbered by the number of 2-3 year old boys at daycare? I don't even think she knows who or what Spiderman is.

Proof that things are almost back to normal...


  She's been such a daddy's girl lately and I LOVE IT.

I love her laugh - pure joy - and I love the smug look on Trev's face... he's pretty proud of his ability to make Saiger howl with little or no effort.

"Daddy tickle my pits... do'it again, do'it again"
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