March 23rd - Spring has Sprung!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My second favourite season? SPRING - and it's here!!

Instead of spring cleaning this year, I have spring projects (also known as Trevor's honey-do list). I have 3 - maybe 4 areas - I'd like him us to concentrate on.

1. The Backyard

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There's no way I can spend another long, hot Okanagan summer in a less-than-stellar backyard. We made quite a dent in it last year by laying sod and patio stones and snagging the most gorgeous patio set off; this year I want to address some of the smaller details - stain the deck and fence, edge the lawn, add some low maintenance plants & bushes, make some of those ah-mazing privacy screens (see above) and create a special space for Saige and Baby #2 which will hopefully include a play house, giant chalkboard, mural and sandbox area.

2. Breakfast Nook

Our dining set and water cooler are getting the boot.

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Normal houses have cute little breakfast nooks or eat-in kitchens and then a larger more formal dining rooms elsewhere in the home... not us. We have a tiny little space to eat our 3 meals a day, host dinner parties, do crafts with Saige, read the newspaper, etc. I thought a pub style height table would be a good all-purpose table and make the area more useable/inviting. I was wrong - an expensive mistake to make. Now I want to  create a storage eating bench (see above), purchase a trio of leather parson chairs (color unknown) and find myself a standard height, round pedestal table with an expandable leaf. The good news is is swarming with cheap, round, solid wood pedestal tables just begging to be re-stained AND I found a local seamstress that can whip me up a custom, wipeable/washable banquet cushion for peanuts!! This is one project I'm super excited about.

3. Back Foyer


The gateway to our basement and sideyard is in desperate need of tile, trim, a stair rail, ceiling paint and a new light fixture (the bare bulb isn't cutting it anymore). Once this area is complete, our upstairs and main floor will be 100% renovated... oh happy days!

4. Is the Basement (laundry room and storage area); I'm not holding my breath we will tackle this before baby arrives, but maybe a good tidy and some organization will help me feel better about folding laundry down there or grabbing stuff out of the freezer.

** Another project I'll be tackling over the next few months is the baby area. We were going back and forth about whether we wanted to put our house on the market before or after baby makes his/her appearance. Financially and emotionally it makes more sense for us to wait so we're going to make do with our 2 bedrooms and create a 'baby nook' in our master bedroom for the first 8 or 9 months and then transition him/her into Saige's room (perhaps they can sleep on the bottom trundle).  


Brianne Goyette said...

I want your dining room table, it's beautiful!!! Wow you have some serious projects on the go, make sure you save some of the hard work for Sean when we're out there - me, you and Saige will go shopping! Now I am motivated to create a Summer Honey-Do Plan!

farras shop said...
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