March 28th - I Miss My Normal-Sized Bladder

Monday, March 28, 2011

I should really be wearing a pedometer for all my annoying trips to the restroom. Thanks to pregnancy symptom numero uno - frequent urination - I'm definitely achieving my recommended daily step count. And it's a good thing I'm not in maternity clothes quite yet because apparently Vernon doesn't sell them!! With all the baby bumps walking around here you'd think there'd be a market!? geesh. I guess what we lack in pregnancy attire, we make up for in free maternity massages courtesy of our local massage therapy college. My 10 weeks of 'baby mamma heaven' start Wednesday... cue my excited "eeeeee!".

My love affair with horizontal stripes has gotten out of control! It's become a real obsession - perhaps I was a sailor in a past life?

And my obsession has spilled over into Saiger's wardrobe as well :S

For the next 5 days we're crab-sitting for Pheonix. I don't know the hermets' official names, but Saige calls one Teeny and the other Tiny (and she also refers to them as her crabs). As you can see, my little interior decorator insisted on rearranging their home. 

Cuddling with dad on the new sectional - I've really cracked down on sticky fingers since her early arrival.

Barbies continue to dominate!

New thing alert: when Saige gets into her pj's at night she now says, "I warm & cuddly".

Warning: Saige and Caleb make me camera happy.
Guess which one followed the other up on the counter to access the "gum cupboard"??
I love that their idea of a hug is simply leaning into eachother... ah-dorable.  

Let's hope Saige's driving skills improve before she turns 16.

Caleb on the other hand is a Nascar up-and-comer and was kind crazy enough let Saige take his wheels for a spin.

Playground fun.

Hot tub fun.
Saige calls them hot pools and I think a family trip to the Hot Springs is in order (that's a big hint for Trevs).

Wouldn't you know it, Saige has yet another cold which means I haven't been getting much sleep - *yawn*.


Brianne Goyette said...

I love the hot springs, would you go to the ones in Radial??? oh that brings back the memories.
You look fantastic!

Bri {collected} said...

Oh my gosh, her hair is amazing!! Love the bathtime goggles too!

And yes, I definitely do custom party orders! Let me know if you or someone you know is ever interested.

Sangger Lah said...
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Sangger Lah said...
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Gege Dai said...
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