April 21st - Cancun (pt. 1)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I was waiting for my travel mates to send their vacation photos my way before doing an official Cancun post, however they're a bit facebook challenged when it comes to uploading images and my blog followers simply cannot wait any longer.

Classic Trev - can't show too much excitement about anything.

No big deal.


Our "spot" in the sun shade
- 4th pergola on the right -

Red flag = fun waves

I may be pushing out a little here... okay maybe a lot, but it made for a good beach belly shot.

Less-than-ideal birthday dinner location... who knew?

At least the company was good...

as was their ceasar salad.

Our wheels on Isla Mujeres. 

Some of the locals near Garrafón Park - our snorkel destination.

Mc.Squints & White-y
(we fit right in)

Our rental car - a Nissan Sentra... 

quite the improvement from our Dodge Atos "experience" in September 2008.

Objects in the mirror are paler than they appear. I was all about the SPF 45 this trip.

The view from my towel at Akumal.

The one and only time we lounged in/by the pool.

The one and only time you'll see me in a swimsuit.
(16 weeks)

God I love this man.

Can't wait to go back, but next time we're bringing the kids and you have no idea how weird it is to type "kid" as plural.

Well if the other 6 members of our vacation gang get their acts together and start posting photos from the trip *hint-hint* I'll try to do a 2nd post.


Brianne Goyette said...

what a great way to wake up on Good Friday and FINALLY see a new post!!!! I can't believe how amazing you look in a bathing suit at 16 weeks! now I want to go on a Knol Family vacation

E. Hein said...

Wow...looks like you guys had an awesome time ! We're jelous ! and whiter than you !

mao qiuyun said...
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mmjiaxin said...
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farras shop said...
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