May 1st - Big Week Ahead

Sunday, May 1, 2011

(18 weeks)

I'm 19 weeks now which means (a) I'm almost halfway there and (b) the top button on my jeans no longer does up.

According to my trustee belly book (which I'm also doing for Baby #2), I wore my first pair of maternity jeans with Saiger at 26 weeks. I'm pretty sure this baby won't wait that long so Old Navy here I come!

We have our first ultrasound this week which will hopefully - fingers crossed - tell us that the little bambino is happy and healthy and whether we should start stocking up on pink or blue onesies.

If we do find out the baby's sex on Wednesday then I'll have quite the challenge on my hands keeping it secret for 10 days!! I'll have to take lessons from my good friend/officemate who kept her recent Vegas wedding/elopement hush-hush for an entire month! Congrats again Lori and Kris... mwah!
Saiger the "lioness"

All comfy-cozy in her new Easter jammies.

Giving dad a refresher on baby care techniques.

Thanks to our backyard improvement project, we're once again Home Depot regulars.

Trev's been tackling his honey-do list with a vengeance and I've been organizing a little gender reveal shindig, Saiger's 2.5 birthday picnic and my new breakfast nook. Despite our decision to put off the house hunt, I check on a daily basis just to torture myself. I swear I know more about the $400-500k listings than most realtors in town... I can tell you which homes are listed with which realtor, how long they've been on the market, if they've switched realtors since their initial listing, any price drops, lot sizes, garage size, whether they have 3 bedrooms on one floor, if the masters have ensuites, etc.

My property obsession doesn't stop there - I also check,,, the Morning Star classified section and I salivate over Sunday's Real Estate Review... somebody please stop me.


Brianne Goyette said...

Maybe we can have a Saige 2.65 birthday celebration when her fav out East "Aunt" and "Uncle" come for their visit. I realize that Saige has never met us but I know she will looooooooooooove us!

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