May 22nd - Stripe Intervention

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's May 22nd, I'm 22 weeks preggers and guess who's wearing maternity jeans (and horizontal stripes)?

Speaking of stripeys... I can't stop fantaszing about Kristen Wiig's wardrobe from the 'Bridesmaids'. Myself along with newlywed Lori and bride-to-be Heather took in a Sunday matinee and we couldn't stop laughing (or gorging on popcorn) - SO FUNNY!

Oh and while we're on the topic of fashion, why didn't anyone tell me American Eagle sells baby stuff online?! As you know, I hate paying full price for anything hence my recent addiction to Bargain Moose, Canadian Daily Deals and Mother of a Deal - let's just say Baby K has his own horizontal stripe collection going on thanks to free shipping codes and 70% off discounts.

It turns out I took an obscene amount of photos this week so I'll just shut up now and let you scroll.

Big girl-in-training - testing out the whole panty thing 
(let's all pray to the pee Gods that she's officially out of diapers by September)

Helping dad fix the leaning laundry line and getting dirt down her shirt in the process.

Popsicle season has finally arrived!

And Vernon's newest restaurant is open for business.

Red Robin's mile-high mud pie - I've missed you old friend.

We went to Kelowna for an emergency shopping trip (ie. operation maternity jeans) and made a Chapters pit stop to read stories in the giant tea cup and purchase Joanna Cole's 'Big Sister' book to get Saiger excited about her upcoming role.

When fake mustaches were all the rage I picked up a pack of stick-on 'staches and stashed them away for "safe keeping". Well I was doing a junk drawer clean sweep the other day - yes I'm nesting already - and unearthered their 'funness'... hooray for cheap entertainment. Saige really got into character and was channeling her inner Grandpa/Santa Claus.

May Long Weekend Camping Trip - Haddo Lake, B.C.

My two faves setting up camp.

Those ridiculously large roasting 'mellows from Walmart were a HUGE hit.
(yes that's snow on the lake!)

Saiger's leprechauns joined us in the wilderness..

As did Isabelle and family.

Trev taking his baby girl fishing for the first time.

Proudly displaying her trout - I can't believe she actually held it!

 She is her father's daughter.

Saige insisted on joining us in bed every morning - what are we going to do with 2 little monkeys?!

Saige & Mommy's matching Crocs.

May 21, 2011
As soon as I saw her face in the camera's view finder I had an instant flashback to this photo taken 2 years earlier...

May 6, 2009
It's amazing how much she's changed and how much she's stayed the same.

Potty sitting = free jelly beans
And free jelly beans = impromptu photo shoot 

Sisterly Love
I asked Saige "where our baby was?" and she pointed to her tummy and mine... according to her, her baby brother takes turns hanging out in both our bellies (kinda creepy, kinda sweet).



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