June 29th - Well Hello There Little One

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We can't wait to cuddle all your cuteness.
Hold tight... there's only 3 months to go!

xo Mom, Dad & Saige

June 28th - The Secret

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My girlfriend Kim is a big time believer in "The Secret" and it's 'ask, believe, receive' phenomenon. Having never researched or consciously subscribed to the teachings, I was surprised to learn that I, according to Kim, am a professional optimist. From what I gather, it's all about the laws of attraction and the universe giving you all that you ask for.

Obviously the book and movie were (and are) quite controversial and I most definitely don't want to spark a blog debate, but I'm starting to see more and more what Kim means.

I've grown accustom to getting what I want no matter how big or how small - some say I'm spoiled, others say I'm lucky, Kim says I know how to ask.

Sure I haven't won the lottery yet or found myself slipping into a pair size 2 jeans, but I do have: a big, beautiful - and growing - family, an amazing group of funny and loyal friends (both near and far), an awesome job 95% of the time (with fabulous co-workers to boot), a house I enjoy am content living in and a head full of dreams and adventures that just keep coming true.

Of course both Trev and I have worked really hard to get where we're at, but perhaps my lack of worrying and not dwelling on the potential negatives has helped us a bit along the way.

** I suppose Trev following his dreams and taking some mighty big risks has something to do with it as well **
The reason I bring up "The Secret" and the power of positive thinking is because great stuff just keeps coming my way. It's no secret that I like nice - or as Trev would say - expensive things, but as I mentioned above we haven't won the lottery yet. So despite my champagne taste on a beer budget, I've been thinking a lot about my baby and mommy wishlists (see related posts here and here) and no sooner than put my wants out there, the following happened...

1. I found the the Ikea crib I'd been stalking forever on facebook for $25

2. Fiona the photographer volunteered to give me some insider tips and techniques re: Photoshop CS5 - I owe that girl big time!! See her work here.

image found on Soul Photography's fan page

3. Not only did I score an almost brand new Graco Snugride 32 car seat off for $75, but the colour matches our stroller perfectly AND... the husband randomly threw in a BOB car seat adapter and snack tray for FREE!! I didn't even ask, he just said it was cluttering his garage and he wanted it gone. Needless to say I booked it out of there before he had time to change his mind - his wife is not going to be happy, but I sure am... muhahaha!

isn't she purdy?

4. Tracy offered up her baby whisperer baby swing for a second time...

look how teeny tiny our Saigerella used to be in it... *sniff-sniff*

5. I found an adorable and affordable maxi dress while shopping at Walmart of all places. I liked the jersey knit and price ($25) so much that I grabbed two - 1 black and the other in a sandy colour. I don't have a photo quite yet, but trust me you and my new GEORGE dresses will be well acquainted by the time baby arrives ;)

6. Value Village had a '50% off everything sale' and I decided to check it out... I swear a celebrity must have dropped off all their boy baby clothes just seconds before I arrived because I scored, big time! I think I spent a grand total of $35 and now have enough 0-3 months and 3-6 months clothes to outfit a baby army. I'm talking brand name items all for under $2 each (some still with tags on). Mexx, Baby Gap, H&M and Old Navy were all strung out on my clothesline yesterday; it was a sea of baby blue, navy, gray and white (oh and horizontal stripes of course).

I tell ya this whole "ask and you shall receive" philosophy is sure helping the old bank account... thanks universe!

June 26th - Rare Breed

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saige had a mid-week sleepover with Gramma and Papa so Trev and I could go to the Sun FM Starlight Drive-In. Alas we didn't win the grand prize - a trip for 2 to Universal Studios - we didn't win any prize for that matter, but I did enjoy having Trev all to myself.

Saige is turning out to be quite the little helper. I'm trying to encourage this as I imagine it'll come in handy when Baby K arrives. She was quite proud of her homemade pizza...

Project Nesting is officially underway. While I was at Home Depot picking out a quart of non-toxic, low VOC paint for the pre-loved Gulliver crib, I interrupted the conversation of two adolescent girls with "ummm excuse me, which one of you is named Saige?" - yes, I'm that creepy. Fortunately 'teenage Saige from Home Depot' (who has the same spelling as my Saige) was not only stunning, but also a good sport; she said something like "us Saiges are a rare breed"... true dat.

It turns out 'Home Depot Saige' was there with her daddy and sister picking out a funky new bedroom colour and their sweet father-daughter banter was too much for pregnant me. As I stood there with my paint swatches eavesdropping on a personal conversation involving my daughter's name twin and her dad, I had one of those so this is what happily ever after looks like momentsIn  no time at all my Saige is going to be begging Trev for black and purple walls and i.can't.wait.

May I present my final paint choice... "velvet evening"

And here's how it looks on the crib.

Sherry and John from Young House Love - YHL to us loyal stalkers follwers - give names to all their furniture. I wonder if I should be a Petersik wanna-be and name Baby K's bed? The colour actually reminds me of robots, so maybe I'll call him 'c3po'.

Trev takes his title of 'castle/tower builder' VERY seriously and Saige takes her role as 'destroyer of all-things created with megablocks' just as seriously.

So we brokedown and bought Saigers a STRIDER balance bike today. There's a little neighbourhood boy - not much bigger than Saige - that rips around on one and he inspired us to hook our Saigelet up. She needs some more practice, but I think it's going to be a hit and we got a gender neutral colour for future use.

We decided to hold off on posting our baby's name until his birthday - and hopefully those who do know our name selections will follow suit (including on facebook) - but I can share with you what our baby girl name was going to be.

Here was our shortlist...

- Harper
- Isla
- Eve
- Haven
- Ivy
- Miya
- Elle

And the winner was...


* updated pregnancy photo will be coming later this week, I didn't want to be covered in blue paint for my 27 week shot.

June 25th - Project Nesting

Saturday, June 25, 2011

{ Overjoyed & Overwhelmed }

Two words that pretty much sum up my existence these days. How is it that our due date is only 3 months away? And why do I feel way less prepared this time round? Shouldn't I be basking in some sort of 'been there, done that' glory? 

The fact that our soon-to-be baby is a 'him' may have something to do with these stomach butterflies. When it comes to little boys - and their "parts" - I have zero experience and thanks to some wonderfully graphic mommy advice - ie. "don't buy navy sheets" - my inner prude is running for the nearest exit. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all things synonymous with ecstatic, thrilled and over-the-moon, I'm just not sure the reality of my growing belly has hit me quite yet. Ready-or-not Trev Junior (nickname only) will be here in T-minus 90 days and I still have so much to do in order for him feel welcome and oh-so loved.  

While there are a bunch of sweet 'letters to my baby boy' circulating around the blogosphere - see here and here - I need to focus my energies on Project Nesting.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and so I'm busting out "THE LIST" 

1. IKEA Items:

- High Chair
- Tray
- Crib Sheets
- Curtains

2. Transportation Items:

- Carseat
- B.O.B. Carseat Adapter
      * attach adapter to stroller

- Ergo Infant Insert
      * attach insert to ergo
3. Crib Items:

- IKEA Gulliver Crib
      * paint crib navy blue
      * assemble crib
this...   becomes this...

- Crib Bedding
      * purchase fabric
       * sew reversible duvet cover
      * sew decorative cushion cover

- Crib Mobile
      * Customize mobile with family photos, etc.

4. Nursery Items:

- Wall decal

- D.I.Y. Art
- Rug

5. Borrow or Buy Items:

- Little Lamb Baby Swing or mamaRoo

- A Bit More Baby Boy Clothes
      * wash and put away layette
      * go through all of Caleb's teeny-tiny baby stuff 

** I'm thinking the doctor sleeper would make a pretty cute Halloween costume... paging Dr. Knol **

6. Photography / Keepsake Items:

- Organize Photo Shoots
      * maternity session
      * newborn session

- Book 3D Ultrasound
- Find a Baby Book
      * start updating it

7. Other D.I.Y. Projects:

- Paint wooden baby gate a bold colour

- Make up some 'on-the-go baby change kits'
      * Sew some drawstring bags using left over nursery fabric
      * Purchase the following:
          - diapers
          - mini-wipes containers
          - change pads and/or receving blankets
          - extra sleepers or outfits
          - mini hand sanitizers
          - disposable dog poop baggies

8. Misc List Items

- Submit paperwork for upcoming maternity leave
      * start cleaning out desk at work

- Cook and freeze emergency dinners

- Buy Saige a present from our new baby
      * vice versa

- Dig out Saige's old baby gear
      * give it a good scrubbing

- Potty train Saige before September (it's not going so good)

- Stock up on baby and mom essentials

- Organize, organize, organize

- Clean, clean, clean!!

Thanks goodness I'm on holidays all this week and that Mom, Jill, Becs and I will be hitting up Old Navy and IKEA following Britney's Vancouver concert.

June 19th - Cue the Waddle

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back in January we downgraded to basic cable and while it took a few months of grieving adjusting before we stopped asking our PVR to record old favourites like HGTV, TLC, A&E, Spice, Spike, etc. we are now enjoying a lot more tv-free family time. We actually adopted a new rule - now that the playoffs are over - that the television does not get turned on until after 7 p.m. So what am I watching after Saiger goes to bed - if she goes to bed?... 'So You Think You Can Dance' (of course), 'Audrina' (don't judge) and sadly the train wreck of a show more commonly known as 'The Bachelorette' (I secretly can't wait to see Ashley's reaction to Bentley's behind-the-scenes a$$hole comments).
In truth Saige provides more nightly entertainment than NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox put together.
"I am a robot"

Saige hasn't been greatest with bedtimes lately; instead of sleeping, I catch her playing 'baby'...
Where she learned "baby needs to calm down" is beyond me (all I know is that Baby #2 is in for a real treat) and her use of "well" as a stalling tactic is becoming harder and harder to rebut. I also love the fact that she now refers to me as Grandma since she's the Mom - let's just say our conversations garner some odd looks when out in public.

Some of their "moments" make me misty eyed.
I don't even recognize the kid in this photo... Saige, where are you?
So we finally took the 45 minute drive to Salmon Arm to check out Jungle Mania. Admission for children 2 & under is $5.50 and parents are FREE which makes it one of the cheapest and funnest activities around... next time we're bringing Caleb-bear.

While we were near Piccadilly Mall, I was hoping to exchange Saige's Tiny TOMS for a larger size, but alas they were all sold out = so disappointing.

So cute and such a good cause - one pair sold, one pair donated. I'm thinking I might order them online instead and get myself a pair in the process ;)

Oh and during our travels we also picked up an IKEA Gulliver crib second-hand for cheap, cheap, cheap... 

I can't wait to paint it some fun non-toxic colour like navy, gray or maybe orange.

We had a lovely low-key Father's Day which started off with a delicious crepe breakfast courtesy of me (nailed it on my first solo attempt), a nice walk to Gram's to meet up with Papa and then we were off to Trev's parents for a big family BBQ with 10+ salads to choose from and twice as many people.

Saiger's homemade cards and questionnaires were a big hit

Papa loved his photo montage despite it being frameless

Trev got a kick out of the "Super Daddy" frame Saigers made him at daycare

It's a Saige sandwich

So I may have jumped the gun a bit in regards to which week this belly and I enter our 3rd trimester; my pregnancy book says we reach that milestone at 25 weeks, but my midwife says 28 weeks and my google search was all over the map. Speaking of maps, vintage maps are my new obsession; I've actually been day dreaming about hosting a "welcome to the world" map themed baby shower for whichever friend gets knocked up first (pitter patter ladies). Anyways, I digress...

"Popped" was definitely the word of the week, I guess that means I'm starting to look how I feel.

25 weeks with an audience
26 weeks - thank goodness the shirt has a zipper
(and boy do I need some sun or blush at the very least)

As we gear up for Baby K's September arrival - and our 3D ultrasound next week - we've been going through a bunch of "old" Saigerella stuff including videos of her...

Who doesn't love baby giggles? especially when it's your baby... I could just eat her up.

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