June 26th - Rare Breed

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saige had a mid-week sleepover with Gramma and Papa so Trev and I could go to the Sun FM Starlight Drive-In. Alas we didn't win the grand prize - a trip for 2 to Universal Studios - we didn't win any prize for that matter, but I did enjoy having Trev all to myself.

Saige is turning out to be quite the little helper. I'm trying to encourage this as I imagine it'll come in handy when Baby K arrives. She was quite proud of her homemade pizza...

Project Nesting is officially underway. While I was at Home Depot picking out a quart of non-toxic, low VOC paint for the pre-loved Gulliver crib, I interrupted the conversation of two adolescent girls with "ummm excuse me, which one of you is named Saige?" - yes, I'm that creepy. Fortunately 'teenage Saige from Home Depot' (who has the same spelling as my Saige) was not only stunning, but also a good sport; she said something like "us Saiges are a rare breed"... true dat.

It turns out 'Home Depot Saige' was there with her daddy and sister picking out a funky new bedroom colour and their sweet father-daughter banter was too much for pregnant me. As I stood there with my paint swatches eavesdropping on a personal conversation involving my daughter's name twin and her dad, I had one of those so this is what happily ever after looks like momentsIn  no time at all my Saige is going to be begging Trev for black and purple walls and i.can't.wait.

May I present my final paint choice... "velvet evening"

And here's how it looks on the crib.

Sherry and John from Young House Love - YHL to us loyal stalkers follwers - give names to all their furniture. I wonder if I should be a Petersik wanna-be and name Baby K's bed? The colour actually reminds me of robots, so maybe I'll call him 'c3po'.

Trev takes his title of 'castle/tower builder' VERY seriously and Saige takes her role as 'destroyer of all-things created with megablocks' just as seriously.

So we brokedown and bought Saigers a STRIDER balance bike today. There's a little neighbourhood boy - not much bigger than Saige - that rips around on one and he inspired us to hook our Saigelet up. She needs some more practice, but I think it's going to be a hit and we got a gender neutral colour for future use.

We decided to hold off on posting our baby's name until his birthday - and hopefully those who do know our name selections will follow suit (including on facebook) - but I can share with you what our baby girl name was going to be.

Here was our shortlist...

- Harper
- Isla
- Eve
- Haven
- Ivy
- Miya
- Elle

And the winner was...


* updated pregnancy photo will be coming later this week, I didn't want to be covered in blue paint for my 27 week shot.


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