June 12th - From the Mouth of Saige

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thanks to baby brain I'm finding it more difficult to document our weeks in review...  while I can't recall specific details, I do know that Saige has been an absolute angel as of late and this is giving me a false sense of confidence and competence in the parenting department. I pretty sure my mommy ego is going to get an a$$ kicking when Baby #2 arrives.

Our first beach day of the summer is still fresh in the ol' memory bank since we just got back from Kal Lake a few hours ago...

it was a bit windy,
but the beach was deserted despite it being super hot and sunny... that my friends never happens so we took full advantage
the photos turned out not too bad considering I couldn't see what I was taking pictures of... Saige will bust out her yoga poses any time, any place.

So I may not remember what we had for dinner on Tuesday, but it's hard to forget some of Saiger's more recent conversations:
* she's added doodle to the end of whoopsie to make whoopsie-doodle - she uses it to describe minor mistakes like dropping a crayon, but the Urban Dictionary defines it as "a cute non-offensive way for kids to tell their mom/dad/teacher they just crapped their pants"!!! Add an "s" and it becomes "slang for any form of sex" as in "Will and Jill were playing whoopsie doodles under the covers". Oh the stuff you can learn from the internet.

* Saige's new avoidance technique is to preface everything with well... followed by a long pause and simple explanation as to why what I just said/asked is not in her best interest. Allow me to demonstrate:

           Me: Saigers are you ready for your bath?
           Her: Well... I'm just playing Barbies.
           Me: I think it's time to clean up your toys.
           Her: Well... no.
* we say "I love you" a lot in this house - no adult child of mine will ever be able to tell their shrink they didn't feel loved - and just this week Saige started adding very much to the end of her love you's. It's only 2 extra words, but they do something to my heart that I cannot explain.

* maybe, sometimes and almost are other words being tossed around here on a daily basis. Example:

     "maybe I have some ice cream if I eat all my dinner" (not sure if that was a question or statement)

     "sometimes I'm d'boss" (nice try)

     "you almost did it mom... I so proud of you" (direct quote after my fail at tying up a balloon)
* for some reason Saige thinks Trev and I hugging and/or kissing is ha-larious and like a young Stephen Spielberg tries to direct our affection. Yesterday when Trev saying his goodbyes before work, she ordered him to "go kiss mommy". I'm not sure how to take this?

* Last night while Saige was in the bath she tells us she has a "special secret"... Bren and I just looked at eachother and are like "WTF?" and then my mom says, "oh sweetheart we don't use those words in front of social workers". It's kinda funny, but definitely true; poor Saige was tag team interrogated for a good 5 minutes before we determined the comment was purely innocent and let her resume playing in the bubbles.

* we drove past a water feature the other day and Saige got all excited in the backseat and was like, "LOOK mom, look it's water!" - water is not hard to come by in these parts so I found her giddy'ness over H20 amusing and then she says, "good job water" as if the water had been working really hard and needed some words of encouragement. (I may be the only one that thinks this is cute, but it's MY blog so I'm jotting it down in case my memory takes an extended vacation).

As you know I could go on and on and on, but I promise to stop after this...

* I showed Saige the invitations to her upcoming birthday and she ran excitedly over to Trev squealing, "my birthday bites dad, you have to come see them!!!" She meant birthday invites but sometimes new words get lost in translation.

Speaking of birthday bites...
I love how they turned out... thanks Bri!

This was my first week back to work full-time (booo!), my first week in the last 2.5 months that I didn't have a Wednesday afternoon massage (double booo!) and the first week I forgot to take my 'woah belly' shot... I'll try to put together a "goodbye 2nd trimester" post later this week, but in the meantime let me introduce you to the world's best water gun for toddlers...

I should actually thank Kael's momma Jaime for the recommendation. It's super user friendly and Saige doesn't need help operating it which means Trev or I can man the other one and have an old fashion water fight with our 2 year old.

We scored ours from Wal-mart for only $5/piece... it doesn't matter what brand you get, it's the concept that's genius.

Saige and I are working on a special Father's Day gift for the men in our lives. I got the idea from my beloved pinterest. Here's a little sneak peek...

Trev has been getting a little adventurous in the kitchen - he made his first ever roast beef dinner (with no help from the wifey) a few weeks ago and tonight he tried his hand at homemade burgs. He inspired me to make my very first batch of blueberry muffins this evening (baking makes me feel so domestic and motherly) and I even bought some 'never-been-seen-in-the-Knol-kitchen-before' ingredients to make some vegan dishes; this 'root vegetable bake' caught my eye and piqued my taste bud's interest. 

P.S. - The word vegan makes me think of my Aman who just happened to drop by the office on Friday for a surprise visit... love her.



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