June 25th - Project Nesting

Saturday, June 25, 2011

{ Overjoyed & Overwhelmed }

Two words that pretty much sum up my existence these days. How is it that our due date is only 3 months away? And why do I feel way less prepared this time round? Shouldn't I be basking in some sort of 'been there, done that' glory? 

The fact that our soon-to-be baby is a 'him' may have something to do with these stomach butterflies. When it comes to little boys - and their "parts" - I have zero experience and thanks to some wonderfully graphic mommy advice - ie. "don't buy navy sheets" - my inner prude is running for the nearest exit. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all things synonymous with ecstatic, thrilled and over-the-moon, I'm just not sure the reality of my growing belly has hit me quite yet. Ready-or-not Trev Junior (nickname only) will be here in T-minus 90 days and I still have so much to do in order for him feel welcome and oh-so loved.  

While there are a bunch of sweet 'letters to my baby boy' circulating around the blogosphere - see here and here - I need to focus my energies on Project Nesting.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and so I'm busting out "THE LIST" 

1. IKEA Items:

- High Chair
- Tray
- Crib Sheets
- Curtains

2. Transportation Items:

- Carseat
- B.O.B. Carseat Adapter
      * attach adapter to stroller

- Ergo Infant Insert
      * attach insert to ergo
3. Crib Items:

- IKEA Gulliver Crib
      * paint crib navy blue
      * assemble crib
this...   becomes this...

- Crib Bedding
      * purchase fabric
       * sew reversible duvet cover
      * sew decorative cushion cover

- Crib Mobile
      * Customize mobile with family photos, etc.

4. Nursery Items:

- Wall decal

- D.I.Y. Art
- Rug

5. Borrow or Buy Items:

- Little Lamb Baby Swing or mamaRoo

- A Bit More Baby Boy Clothes
      * wash and put away layette
      * go through all of Caleb's teeny-tiny baby stuff 

** I'm thinking the doctor sleeper would make a pretty cute Halloween costume... paging Dr. Knol **

6. Photography / Keepsake Items:

- Organize Photo Shoots
      * maternity session
      * newborn session

- Book 3D Ultrasound
- Find a Baby Book
      * start updating it

7. Other D.I.Y. Projects:

- Paint wooden baby gate a bold colour

- Make up some 'on-the-go baby change kits'
      * Sew some drawstring bags using left over nursery fabric
      * Purchase the following:
          - diapers
          - mini-wipes containers
          - change pads and/or receving blankets
          - extra sleepers or outfits
          - mini hand sanitizers
          - disposable dog poop baggies

8. Misc List Items

- Submit paperwork for upcoming maternity leave
      * start cleaning out desk at work

- Cook and freeze emergency dinners

- Buy Saige a present from our new baby
      * vice versa

- Dig out Saige's old baby gear
      * give it a good scrubbing

- Potty train Saige before September (it's not going so good)

- Stock up on baby and mom essentials

- Organize, organize, organize

- Clean, clean, clean!!

Thanks goodness I'm on holidays all this week and that Mom, Jill, Becs and I will be hitting up Old Navy and IKEA following Britney's Vancouver concert.


Sarah said...

where did you find the pic of the navy blue crib?? ive been looking to purchase a navy crib and cant find one with as much detail as the picture above. any info would be awesome thanks!!

SaigeWisdom said...

I just found it using google images... I ended up buying an IKEA crib and painting it navy myself. sorry I couldn't be more of a help :S

Lala said...

Tribute by Young America - for the ones still looking for the crib in Navy. I am also looking for a navy crib, but will probably settle on Navy Modena 3-in-1 crib from Toys r Us. By the way, nice blog! I will steal some ideas :)

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