June 28th - The Secret

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My girlfriend Kim is a big time believer in "The Secret" and it's 'ask, believe, receive' phenomenon. Having never researched or consciously subscribed to the teachings, I was surprised to learn that I, according to Kim, am a professional optimist. From what I gather, it's all about the laws of attraction and the universe giving you all that you ask for.

Obviously the book and movie were (and are) quite controversial and I most definitely don't want to spark a blog debate, but I'm starting to see more and more what Kim means.

I've grown accustom to getting what I want no matter how big or how small - some say I'm spoiled, others say I'm lucky, Kim says I know how to ask.

Sure I haven't won the lottery yet or found myself slipping into a pair size 2 jeans, but I do have: a big, beautiful - and growing - family, an amazing group of funny and loyal friends (both near and far), an awesome job 95% of the time (with fabulous co-workers to boot), a house I enjoy am content living in and a head full of dreams and adventures that just keep coming true.

Of course both Trev and I have worked really hard to get where we're at, but perhaps my lack of worrying and not dwelling on the potential negatives has helped us a bit along the way.

** I suppose Trev following his dreams and taking some mighty big risks has something to do with it as well **
The reason I bring up "The Secret" and the power of positive thinking is because great stuff just keeps coming my way. It's no secret that I like nice - or as Trev would say - expensive things, but as I mentioned above we haven't won the lottery yet. So despite my champagne taste on a beer budget, I've been thinking a lot about my baby and mommy wishlists (see related posts here and here) and no sooner than put my wants out there, the following happened...

1. I found the the Ikea crib I'd been stalking forever on facebook for $25

2. Fiona the photographer volunteered to give me some insider tips and techniques re: Photoshop CS5 - I owe that girl big time!! See her work here.

image found on Soul Photography's fan page

3. Not only did I score an almost brand new Graco Snugride 32 car seat off for $75, but the colour matches our stroller perfectly AND... the husband randomly threw in a BOB car seat adapter and snack tray for FREE!! I didn't even ask, he just said it was cluttering his garage and he wanted it gone. Needless to say I booked it out of there before he had time to change his mind - his wife is not going to be happy, but I sure am... muhahaha!

isn't she purdy?

4. Tracy offered up her baby whisperer baby swing for a second time...

look how teeny tiny our Saigerella used to be in it... *sniff-sniff*

5. I found an adorable and affordable maxi dress while shopping at Walmart of all places. I liked the jersey knit and price ($25) so much that I grabbed two - 1 black and the other in a sandy colour. I don't have a photo quite yet, but trust me you and my new GEORGE dresses will be well acquainted by the time baby arrives ;)

6. Value Village had a '50% off everything sale' and I decided to check it out... I swear a celebrity must have dropped off all their boy baby clothes just seconds before I arrived because I scored, big time! I think I spent a grand total of $35 and now have enough 0-3 months and 3-6 months clothes to outfit a baby army. I'm talking brand name items all for under $2 each (some still with tags on). Mexx, Baby Gap, H&M and Old Navy were all strung out on my clothesline yesterday; it was a sea of baby blue, navy, gray and white (oh and horizontal stripes of course).

I tell ya this whole "ask and you shall receive" philosophy is sure helping the old bank account... thanks universe!


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