June 5th - ABC's and 1-2-3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

24 weeks and my front bump is starting to resemble the one in the back.

Can you believe I bought this dress back in high school when I worked at Le Chateau and took full advantage of their 50% off employee discount? It's been my 'go-to black dress' for over 10+ years now and has seen its fair share of New Years parties, birthday celebrations, dinner reservations, etc. I was going to wear it to Quincy & Heather's ah-mazing outdoor wedding, but chickened out last minute after Trev used the word "sexy" one too many times.

H & Q's Wedding was as fun as they are...
Mr. & Mrs. Burr
Every detail was sheer perfection and soooo Heather. The ceremony and reception were held at a beautiful summer camp in Oyama, BC and guests could stay overnight in these cute numbered cabins that surrounded the main hall; it is quite possibly the best venue I've ever laid eyes on. Some highlights from the big day included: a popcorn machine, a bonfire surrounded by thrift store couches, the dinner menu painted on old window panes, royal wedding inspired fascinators, a photo booth and a live band that permitted guests to take over the microphone.

Photos & Videos from the Week:

You know it's summer when watermelon... 

 & bubbles make an appearance.

2.5 is quite possibly my most favourite age...

I'm so glad I caught this on camera especially now that she's no longer omitting letters from the alphabet. I laugh when she refers to herself as Saiger Knol (and continue to be super possessive over her first name like I own the copyright or something). 

Trev has never really had an opinion in regards to Saige's day-to-day attire so imagine my surprise when he tried to veto the above jumper; he claims it's a clown outfit worthy of public ridicule. I actually picked it up last summer but Saige took her time growing into it. 

Baba's Girl in her Ukrainian nightgown and best 'before bed' smile

Who wants cake?? ME!!

Happy Birthday Papa!! 

Saige went camping this weekend with Dean and Byron while Trev and I took in the wedding festivities; they asked to kidnap her both nights - Friday & Saturday - which left us scratching our heads wondering, "what are we going to do with ourselves?". We spent the bulk of our Saigelessness talking about how lucky we are to have such amazing friends and caregivers. I'll try to get some photos of their Sugar Lake adventure.

We're hosting a teddy bear picnic in July to celebrate Saiger's half birthday so we did a little photoshoot this aft to put on the invite. These were just a few faves. 'Rupert the Bear' is actually my teddy bear from childhood which makes him extra special and sentimental. 

** I apologize for the length of my Sunday posts - I realize they're getting a bit ridiculous **


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do not apologize for the length! I could handle about 15 more pictures and stories each week! LOVE the videos!

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