June 8th - Hard To Please

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

According to family and friends I'm "like the hardest person to buy for ever" and as a result I most often receive gift cards and cash in lieu of actual presents. Don't get me wrong, I'll happily accept free money any day of the week, but I secretly wish that someone would someday surprise me with a beautifully wrapped package resembling...

~ any one of these will do ~

The content(s) of said package would be oh-so-thoughtful and unexpected that a genuine "OMG" would escape my lips, tears would well in my eyes and my 'thank you' hug would be epic and Oscar-worthy.

To prove I actually have a mental wishlist of wants - wants that would elicit the above response if received - I am posting them today for my husband's benefit:

1. Pentax SMCP-FA 50mm f/1.4 AF

It's that time Trev-bob... I've waited long enough

2. Adobe Photoshop CS4

I did have it (thanks to Fiona) until my hard drive crashed, not cool :(

3. Maternity Shoot with White Linen Photography

The above "expecting" session was shot by the talented Penticton duo (Brooke & Michelle); it continues to be an all-time favourite of mine

4. Leather Riding Boots

it matters little that I haven't been on a horse in over a decade

5. Maxi Dress(es)

{J. Crew}
{Victoria Secret}

These may just be the answer to my pending cankle problem

I'll definitely be adding more to the list as time goes on, but this serves as a good starting off point... happy shopping hubs ;)


Brianne Goyette said...

umm hello, you want CS5! always go for the upgrade!!!!!!!!!!

Kado pasutri said...
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farras shop said...
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