July 30th - Good News, Bad News

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'll start with the good news first:

Our BFF's from Elora, Ontario arrived this week for a fun-filled visit, my baby sister turned 23 and our big sister came all the way from Red Deer, Alberta to help celebrate.

Speaking of sisters, big-sister-to-be Saige had a total of 3 potty successes this week; she's no Caleb {who's urinating on tree trunks and tires at whim}, but maybe this is the start of something.

Saige has adopted more than a couple bad habits including: mirror looking {takes after her Auntie Becca}, nail biting and smiling with her eyes closed. She's definitely a character that one.

Now onto the depressing news:

Just as I predicted, the cankles are back and their recent arrival coincided with my less-than-stellar midwife appointment.

Turns out that not only did I lose a whole inch on my last belly measure, but I dropped a couple pounds as well - 2 things I'd be ecstatic about if I wasn't pregnant. While it's not a huge deal, it's sounding a little too familiar. I had similar issues with Saiger {crazy cankles, measuring small, low amniotic fluid} and had to be induced a week early... apparently my itty-bitty baby didn't feel like growing anymore.

As much as my vagina would appreciate another 5 pound baby {sure did just type that} another petite babe would likely kibosh any plans we had for a home birth and Lord knows I want Baby K to wear a onesie like this...

And these... 
Okay maybe not all of these, but the "this is my kegstand shirt" for sure - it totally makes me laugh out loud. How does the saying go? You can take the girl out of Prince George, but you can't take P.G. out of the girl.

{ Friday Finds } BEACH

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello summer holidays!!

Saige and I - along with our sunglasses, sand buckets and SPF 60 - intend on spending most of our vacation days down at the beach. I need to bronze this baby bump of mine and catch up on some celebrity gossip while Saige perfects her sand castle building skills.

Hope you enjoy your long weekend and today's Friday Finds...

This week on ETSY:

Designs by Vicky VK {located in St. Thomas, Ontario} is having a 20% off storewide sale. Just use the coupon code 20VICKYVK to score one of these fantastic beach bags for $28.00 + $8.00 shipping. But you should act fast because the deal ends today.  

The mother/daughter duo behind Paisley Baby {located in Montreal, Quebec} sew up some seriously adorable hooded beach towels. They're so adorable in fact that Parents Magazine listed them as one of their "favourite etsy gifts for baby". I love that I can wrap Saige's beach bum in one for just $34.00 CAD + shipping and each towel comes with 2 coordinating washcloths... holla!

I want a floppy hat so bad I can taste it... preferably one from Freckles California - cutest etsy shop name ever. While they come in a buffet of fabric choices - and fold up to nothing - my $55.00 CAD {shipping included} would be spent on either the brown linen or classic black. 

** I know, I'm sooooo boring when it comes to fashion.

July 27th - Birthday Mentions

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a couple pre-bedtime "so happy you were born" shout outs to get to...

The first going to my dear ol' dad who's been hiding out in his basement all month (like some crazy-insane recluse) trying to escape from the heat & humidity that is Ontario. I'm determined to bring Grandpa Harber out for a visit this year; he has yet to meet his only grandchild (soon to be grandchildren) and my post-pregnancy tummy could use a week or two of hysterical laughter prompted by the king of king of random one-liners. My personal favourite is his perfectly timed use of "had I known that, never would've like ya". 

My second shout out of the evening goes to my wonderful mother-in-law Deb. I'm pretty smitten with her son, and since she's Trev's co-founder, I'm smitten with her as well... I think another 'Clue' double date is in order (I seriously love that game).

July 24th - Baby Morpher

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So much to report... I'm happy to say I made it to prenatal yoga on Thursday and when I compared my bump to the other bumps standing in Warrior I Pose, I didn't feel so gigantic (despite some recent comments made about my expanding side profile). Pregnant or not, nobody likes being called "huge".

We had a breakthrough on Friday night @ 11 o'clock when Saige used the baby monitor as a walkie-talkie and called out, "daddy I have to go poop". Trev and I both sprang out of bed to witness a successful #2 moment (the only one of the weekend).

We postponed our "you went ______ on the potty" celebration for Saturday morning and here's our proud potty-goer sporting her custom sticker (and the 12-18 month denim GAP jacket that I picked up for Baby K at that Value Village sale - only a twoonie people!). 

Sure she still wears clothes for 1 year olds, but our Saigerella is officially 35 inches and almost 26 lbs putting her between the 10th & 25th percentile for both height and weight. To be honest she doesn't seem that small to me, but maybe her big personality throws me off (and the fact that she almost fills up the entire length of our tub).

The stuff coming out of her mouth these days is just too much. She had me in tears the other night when she told Trev, "if I have to tell you again, I'll beat you". I think my tears were a combination of "haha... where on earth did she learn that from?" and "OMG if she ever repeats that in public I'll be without a job". *** For the record I don't beat my child, cross my heart.

I just have to say that I'm so thankful for this blog and the fact that so much of Saige's life is documented for me (and eventually her) to look back on and read. I often click on random posts from the past and think to myself "oh ya, I forgot about that" or "aww, I miss that" or "sweet Jesus someone get that bald baby a hat". Saige Marie AND Saige Wisdom have both changed my life for the better and I'm looking forward to Baby K's blog debut.

Our Sunday (or whole weekend rather) was spent nesting. I had a mini-anxiety attack at work on Thursday when I added up the total number of working days I have left before my September vacation/mat leave and the answer was 23. WHAT?! How did this happen? - okay I know how it happened - but how is it happening so fast? Baby K is less than 9 weeks away; so yes, our weekend was spent nesting, nesting and more nesting.

When we weren't doing our own version of TLC's "Clean Sweep" - keep, toss, sell - we were basking in and/or escaping from the summer-who-decided-to-show-up's heat. I got a rad sunburn, like 'look at my red & white zebra legs' rad.

{1} Saige thought she needed some of her daddy's deodorant... an Old Spice smelling toddler = a walking oxymoron.

{2} Portable DVD players: probably the best Christmas gift ever - it saves Trev & I from enduring Toy Story every week and that makes it worth every penny (thanks Granny & Grandpa).

{3} She's actually showing the camera how old she is, but it kinda looks like she's doing the tour bus pose or giving peace a chance.

31 weeks.
* I've replaced the bag of Beneful with a small child.
I was browsing baby-related websites the other evening and stumbled across this... The Baby Morpher.

Impatient me is dying to know what Baby K will look like (especially since our Saigers came out 1 part old man, 1 part primordial dwarf):

So I took the ol' baby morpher for a test drive...

and apparently our genes,

are destined to create this gem.
* let me be the first to introduce you to our bouncing baby boy (who looks nothing like us) and let's hope he doesn't come out donning scuba gear :S

{ Friday Finds } BABY

Friday, July 22, 2011

I have a sneaking suspicion that the focus of my posts for the next 9 weeks will be food, food, baby prep, food, Saige's attitude, food & more FOOD. My appetite has been insatiable this past week, I'm snacking all.the.time and have a lovely pile of belly crumbs to sweep up at the end of my work day. 

When I'm not eating, thinking about eating or preparing something to eat, I try to keep my mind occupied with to-do lists, pinterest (I have a board dedicated to food) and online browsing (I can't really shop due to limited funds and space).

At night when Trev and I are curled up on the couch, he'll channel surf and I'll surf the net - it's kind of our thing and I decided I would start sharing some of my pre-bedtime finds with all y'all (that's my impression of Big Brother's latest cast-off, Cassie). I try to search for deals within Canada, but sometimes the 'across the border' bargains are too good to pass up.

As you can imagine, I've got baby brain and baby-on-the-brain so it's no surprise that my Friday Finds are baby related.

This week on ETSY:
Zimbali Boutique {located in London, Ontario} is having a 15% off sale on select newborn headbands.
~ my personal favourite is the above {Autumn Afternoon hair accessory} only $11.21 CAD with shipping ~

Polka Dot Posh is having a summer sale on newborn photography props ~ like this adorable {Rocky Mountain Teddy Bear Beanie} I picked up for Baby K... only $15.51 CAD + $2.50 shipping.

This week's non-ETSY deals can be found on


1. If we didn't have one already (see backdrop to weekly maternity photos) this {Blooming Tree Growth Chart} would be a strong cheap contender - $10.00 CAD 

2. What little girl wouldn't love playing domestic goddess with this {Carpenter Ironing Board w/ Iron & Hangers set} - $9.99 CAD

3. I think the primary colours of these {Mudpuppy Rhyme Time Flash Cards} are perfect for Baby K's mobile - $5.98 CAD

** free shipping on orders over $25 **

So there you have it - a glimpse into how I spend my weekday evenings. Sad that bargain hunting is a hobby of mine... I wish I was as passionate about jogging, cleaning and yardwork. Seriously if you're in the market for something, anything just let me know and I'll try to scope out a deal for you.

July 20th - Blog Lovin

July 19th - Questions to Ponder

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before I get to today's post I feel the need to share the following:
Okay is that not the most awkward maternity photo in the history of maternity photos? I'm truly at a loss for words and so I'll move on to my next question...

How is this girl,

also this girl?

And why can't I stop eating the giant bag of York Peppermint Patties hidden in my desk drawer? I Baby K just can't get enough of their mint chocolatey goodness and who am I to deprive my unborn child of such an innocent request? It's the least I can do as his mother/incubator. Plus it says "a low fat food" right on their easy to open wrappers.

The babe and I could seriously live off of peppermint patties, prenatal vitamins, instant oatmeal, edamame beans, vanilla yogurt and fruit from the Farmer's Market all summer long. I doubt our midwife would go for it, but a pregnant girl can dream can't she?

July 17th - 8 Years & 30 Weeks

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July is Milestone Month:
1st - Canada's Birthday
6th - Saige's 1/2 Birthday
8th - Our Wedding Anniversary
15th - Mom's Birthday
17th - 'The Day We Met' Anniversary
26th - Dad's Birthday
27th - Mom-in-Law's Birthday
29th - Baby Sister's Birthday

Crazy right? (October seems to be the month to knock boots). Anyways wanna know what else is crazy? Trev and I met 8 years ago today on an 'unbeknownst to Sara' blind date. His unibrow and motorcycle were so irresistable that I fell deep and haven't been able to recover. So how did we spend our big day?

A Costco run and stop at Montana's Cookhouse for lunch... 

Our cute waitress was a Saige fan and brought out Bullseye along with a rather large chocolate milk. FOr those of you who don't know, Saige is borderline obsessed with "Toy Story 1, 2 & 3" so this was pretty darn exciting for all 3 of us.

When Becs and I were pregnant with the rugrats we'd talk for hours about the awesomeness of raising our babies so close together. We hoped they'd be BFF compatible - complete with silly games, inside jokes and secret codes. Well the cousins don't disappoint...

Here is our conspiring duo playing their creation of "crawl under my legs... hahahaha"

My very own Mommy Dearest turned (50 + x) = ? on Friday!

I still don't know how she does it, looking this ah-mazing even after raising surviving 3 daughters with Saige-like personalities - I don't know if I'll survive the 1. She definitely has the whole 'Mom/Gramma gig' down pat and I can only hope I'll be as good as mom to Saige (and Baby K) as she's been to Becs, Jill and I... let's see if I was paying attention - especially when the teenage years hit.

Bren - WE heart YOU!
Sometimes Saige is more of a B-girl that a ballerina.

30 weeks.
* like the big bag of dog food in the background? super classy *

My belly button is starting to pop (TMI?) which didn't happen the first time round so I'm thinking this is as big as I got with Saige and I'm now entering unchartered belly territory.

30 weeks.
{October 2008}

July 13th - Words to Live By & Laugh At

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 posts in one night... unheard of right? Well I was doing some evening pinning - pinterest is my new etsy - and I came across the following gem that I just had to share...

OMG do you not love it?!
{I let out a genuine cackle when I first read it}

Anyways if the above is not for you, here are some other pinned quotes that had me laughing, crying or mass forwarding... ENJOY!

I especially love the last one because I'm anything but well-behaved...

July 13th - Pop Quiz

My child is...
  A. Bossy
  B. Sassy
  C. Grumpy
  D. Precocious
  E. All of the above

And the correct answer is: E

Yes our Saigers is quite the handful character these days and has taken stubborn to a whole new galaxy. It's a good thing she's so dang cute and says the most irresistably funny things at exactly the right moment otherwise (insert empty threat here).

Appearance-wise she's all Trev, but attitude-wise she's all me. And my mini-me has recently dropped please and thank you from her vocabulary and started strutting around the house barking out orders like some miniature drill sergeant. Please tell me it's just a phase and if it's not, lie. 

On more than one occasion - after we've instructed her not do something or gave her a stern "no" - she's come back at us with, "don't say those words to me"... umm, pardon?

Yesterday I sent Miss Miserable to her bedroom - in her defense she was waaaay overtired - but the mere mention of a 'time out' sent her into a tantrum tailspin; Trev went in to 'reason' our dramatic child (good luck) and quickly vacated after she yelled, "leave me alone, I being grumpy'. Is that not ridiculous? Well 5 seconds later her crocodile tears abruptly stopped and she hollers out "okay, I calm now"... seriously child?

I'll just keep willing/telling myself "it's just a phase, it's just a phase, it's just a phase".

These were the last photos taken before my handy-dandy Lumix took it's fatal swim. Fortunately Kim managed to get my little fish on video - her confidence in and around water continues to amaze me... she definitely gets that from her daddy as I can't tread water to save my life (literal statement). I admit I'm a weak swimmer unlike Trev-bob who was asked to join the Kokanee Swim Club as a kid, but declined as he ddin't want to sport the team speedo... haha.

Saige has been spending a lot of time in Baby K's crib which we set up last weekend - it's her new favourite hang out; she likes to pretend she's tucking her baby brothers in (yes brother is plural in her imaginary world, I swear I'm only expecting 1 in September). Anyways today Saige was up in our bedroom playing in Baby K's nook and she asked about our wedding photo...

S:    "That's daddy marry and that's mommy marry?"
Me:   "Yup that's mommy and daddy on their wedding day."
S:    "Saige was there?"
Me:   "No Saige wasn't there"
S:    "Saige was at home?"
Me:   "No Saige wasn't even an idea yet"
S:    "Oh"
Trev: "You weren't even a twinkle in daddy's eye"
S:    "But now you're the apple of daddy's eye"

* it was a really sweet exchange that I thought I should document for future reference... toddlers speaking in 3rd person never gets old in my books.
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