July 13th - Pop Quiz

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My child is...
  A. Bossy
  B. Sassy
  C. Grumpy
  D. Precocious
  E. All of the above

And the correct answer is: E

Yes our Saigers is quite the handful character these days and has taken stubborn to a whole new galaxy. It's a good thing she's so dang cute and says the most irresistably funny things at exactly the right moment otherwise (insert empty threat here).

Appearance-wise she's all Trev, but attitude-wise she's all me. And my mini-me has recently dropped please and thank you from her vocabulary and started strutting around the house barking out orders like some miniature drill sergeant. Please tell me it's just a phase and if it's not, lie. 

On more than one occasion - after we've instructed her not do something or gave her a stern "no" - she's come back at us with, "don't say those words to me"... umm, pardon?

Yesterday I sent Miss Miserable to her bedroom - in her defense she was waaaay overtired - but the mere mention of a 'time out' sent her into a tantrum tailspin; Trev went in to 'reason' our dramatic child (good luck) and quickly vacated after she yelled, "leave me alone, I being grumpy'. Is that not ridiculous? Well 5 seconds later her crocodile tears abruptly stopped and she hollers out "okay, I calm now"... seriously child?

I'll just keep willing/telling myself "it's just a phase, it's just a phase, it's just a phase".

These were the last photos taken before my handy-dandy Lumix took it's fatal swim. Fortunately Kim managed to get my little fish on video - her confidence in and around water continues to amaze me... she definitely gets that from her daddy as I can't tread water to save my life (literal statement). I admit I'm a weak swimmer unlike Trev-bob who was asked to join the Kokanee Swim Club as a kid, but declined as he ddin't want to sport the team speedo... haha.

Saige has been spending a lot of time in Baby K's crib which we set up last weekend - it's her new favourite hang out; she likes to pretend she's tucking her baby brothers in (yes brother is plural in her imaginary world, I swear I'm only expecting 1 in September). Anyways today Saige was up in our bedroom playing in Baby K's nook and she asked about our wedding photo...

S:    "That's daddy marry and that's mommy marry?"
Me:   "Yup that's mommy and daddy on their wedding day."
S:    "Saige was there?"
Me:   "No Saige wasn't there"
S:    "Saige was at home?"
Me:   "No Saige wasn't even an idea yet"
S:    "Oh"
Trev: "You weren't even a twinkle in daddy's eye"
S:    "But now you're the apple of daddy's eye"

* it was a really sweet exchange that I thought I should document for future reference... toddlers speaking in 3rd person never gets old in my books.


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