July 7th - Sisterly Love

Thursday, July 7, 2011

While I took a mini-blogging break, Saige Wisdom got a much needed facelift courtesy of Tricia Nae Designs... love her.

Good-bye old header, I'll miss you... sort of.

Anyways, before I dive into my belated pregnancy post, I'll give you the Coles Notes version of my past week:

... a week vacation never feels long enough

... summer hit the Okanagan with a vengeance

... potty training is not my friend

... I went in for my bi-annual haircut and - as expected - a trim turned into several inches

... mom, Jill, Becs and I ate our body weight in Bulk Barn food and mourned Gwendolyn Patricia Scott's (GPS) absence on our Vancouver roadtrip

... thanks to Britney Spears' dwindling fan base, our nosebleed concert tickets got upgraded to floor seats

our same trip 4 years ago

... we took IKEA by storm (I swear my premade shopping list made all the difference - no major meltdowns in the picture frame aisle this time round)

... cobwebs were dusted off the old sewing machine

... Baby K's nursery nook finally took flight

... windows and walls got washed for the first time in years and it wasn't me holidng the rag

... Saige is a Picasso in the making

  Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 28 weeks which means the 2nd trimester is officially o-v-e-r. Not too sure how I feel about saying good-bye be- I know what I'm saying hello to... cankles & crankiness.

Size of Baby: Baby K is approximately 2 lbs 6 oz and I'm told a good size comparison is this Chinese cabbage or eggplant.

Maternity Clothes: yes, but unfortunately my work wardrobe consists of 4 dresses, 2 pairs of maternity jeans, 1 pair of leggings, a slew of cardigans + jackets and whatever pre-pregnancy shirts are still big/long enough to cover my growing belly. I apologize in advance to my poor co-workers and family members who have to see me in the same rotation of outfits day after day.

Gender: a baby boy.


Movement: he doesn't let me forget he's in there. During our 3D ultrasound he wouldn't stop squirming (or nuzzling the placenta pillow... ew!) which made getting a decent photo extremely difficult. Umm excuse me Baby K, maybe you didn't get the memo but you're supposed to be momma's easy and cooperative baby.

Sleep: no problems with getting enough shut eye around here. I'm so thankful we made the decision back in February to install central air - I'm a bit of an oven these days and the 30+ degree temperatures aren't helping matters. I usually hit the hay around 10 PM and am up by 6-6:30 AM feeling well rested. Surprisingly I haven't been taking much naps lately, but that may change in the coming months.

What I Miss: my old wardrobe, being able to paint my toenails or tie my shoes without all the accompanying noises (and awkwardness), varicose-free legs, walking without a waddle. 

Cravings: you're not going to believe this but alcohol!! As a rule I'm not a big drinker - even when I'm not pregnant - but the Palm Bay spritzer that's been sitting in our fridge for over a year now has been seriously calling my name. Obviously it's one craving I won't be giving into (as tempting and hot out as it is).   

Symptoms: holy puffiness and water retention Batman! I'm also finding my mouth and nasal cavity really dry and I wake up with nastier than normal morning breath. I can't believe how much "pressure" I'm experiencing with Mr. Man sitting so ridiculously low - I never had this issue with Saiger, but on the plus side... my skin is glowing & blemish-free and the Queen of Headaches hasn't had one in over 6 months!

Best Moment(s) This Week: Saige's affection towards her baby brother-to-be. 

... she's memorized her "I'm a Big Sister" book 

... she has no problem saying said baby's name (and tells everyone she meets)

... she kisses, snuggles, talks to, sings to, tries to feed her baby brother my belly

... she carts Baby K's ultrasound photo around to show random strangers

... she says things like, "awww he's so cute & cuddly", "he's just teeny-tiny", "I hold him like this", "he needs a sous-sous"

... when playing she'll stash some toys in a pile and explain that "these are for baby (insert name here)"

I hope all this focused attention means she's super excited about his pending arrival and will be one amazing big sister (once the dust settles). I anticipate there will be a bit lot of jealousy.  It's going to be an adjustment for all 3 of us (5 if you count the dogs) and I simply can't wait!

my 28 week bump


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