August 31st - Great-Grandpa Knol

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On Sunday, August 28th Trevor's Grandpa passed away.

He was such a wonderfully sweet man.

I didn't always understand what he was saying - especially when he'd revert back to Dutch mid-sentence - but I always knew his words were loving & kind.

It's moments like these that make me stop and take inventory of my life... I may not have a big fancy house or thousands in savings, but that matters little in comparison to my health, my family and my beautiful life:
Saige had been the only great-grandchild and while I'm sad Baby K won't get to meet Great-Grandpa Knol, I'm happy Saige & him had some quality time together.
She sure loved his scooter.


August 30th - A Saige Smörgåsbord

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's time for the star of my blog to get back into the spotlight. She's been on a bit of a summer hiatus - and somehow took a backseat to my other love, ETSY - but she's making a September comeback before she has to share her blog with the 'younger brother'.
Our not-so-little Saige is growing up and here's what she's been up to and into:

* she's one talented story-teller {and therefore will NEVER be interviewed by my social worker colleagues}. Trev & I get a real kick out of her double stutter "and then, and then" which is stuck on repeat these days.

* she accidently-on-purpose hurt her friend Kael and unapologetically told Dean, "well he doesn't have to cry about it" - we're raising a monster!

* she's OBSESSED with pajamas; especially if they're boyish and/or belonged to Caleb.

* her finger is in her left or right nostril 30% of the day {oh joy}.

* we're confident she's part fish... she loves the water, can swim like Michael Phelps and jumped off the HIGH diving board 3 times in a row!

* she loves peaches just like her mama.

* "I do it myself" is her new motto.

* she confuses her nursery rhymes and comes up with the most interesting combinations of Jack & Jill; Baa, Baa Black Sheep and This Little Piggy.

* we think she has an imaginary friend named, Jamie. I've yet to meet this Jamie fella {he's always at work}, but apparently Jamie's responsible for the majority of her phantom owies that require band-aids.

* cheerios with milk is her most requested bedtime snack.

* she’s sneaky and waited until I was in the shower before hitting up the “snack cupboard” for licorice. Knowing that she was up to no good, I asked her to come visit me and she entered the bathroom with the stolen goods hidden safely behind her back. She did end up showing me her pirated candy, but when I said, “oh we have to ask for treats” her response {with one already in her mouth} was "can I have them?"
1. Bubbly over bubbles. Check out the hair length people!

2. She opened the Tupperware of watermelon & made a promise to herself that she’d eat every piece... and she did!!

3. Proudly displaying her beautiful artwork.

4. The Peanut Pool has become our – and the cankles’ – favourite après work activity.

5. Saiger sporting her new boy jammies and her sweet smile.

Only 3 more days of work!! And a whole month of counting down the days with giveaways... click HERE to enter my first ever Etsy $25 gift-away. Winner and new item to be revealed on {Friday Finds}. 

August 29th - Double 3's

Monday, August 29, 2011

Somebody's getting old... time to trade him in for a new model. Just kidding. I guess it's that time of year again when I get to wish my handsome 33 year old hubby a very Happy Birthday. Hard to believe I met him and his unibrow back when he was just a lad of 24.

We don't seem to get many pictures of eachother, but here are a few candids of the birthday boy taken just this past month... 
Exhibit "A" - being the best daddy in the whole world & Exhibit "B" - shotgunning a beer at Kris & Lori's wedding. You have no idea the amount of peer pressuring it took to get him to do this. Most wives have to ask their husbands to take it easy, but my guy isn't that into alcohol so every once in a while you'll hear me egging him on with, "do it or you're scared". Poor Trev.

Anyways, since the beginning of "us" Trev and I developed a top secret 'double squeeze hand hold' that communicates "I love you" without using words. It's highly effective and has come into play at key moments in our relationship - following his proposal, during our wedding vows, at my university graduation, in the delivery room, before his appendectomy, after his accident, etc.

Since I forgot to buy a card, I'm sending my main squeeze a double hand squeeze on his very special day... LOVE YOU TREV-BOB!

August 28th - Belly News

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: only 4 more weeks to go and only 4 more days of work. Dun, dun, dunnn…
35.5 weeks with fake hair

Size of Baby: he continues to measure small {32 weeks vs. 36 weeks}, but he’s supposed to be the size of a Crenshaw melon – a what you say?? Thanks to google I learned the following about my baby’s comparison fruit…

Crenshaw Melon: a hybrid melon with very sweet, juicy orange flesh. Crenshaws are among the sweetest of melons when they are well cultivated, making them a popular melon during their peak season - July to September.

Maternity Clothes: my daily attire rotates between stretch pants {yes I’m one of those} and tent dresses. I’ve even started taking over Trev’s wardrobe which he’s none too pleased about.
{36 weeks}

Gender: IT’S A BOY! You already knew that, but let's keep the excitement going...

Movement: he’s slowing down a bit; it’s getting to be cramped quarters in there. Trev thinks all my amniotic fluid has ended up in my cankles – they’re seriously that bad – he even gave me his heartbreaking impression of a ‘fish without water’. I sincerely hope that’s not the case.

Sleep: can’t sleep - baby brain during the day, an overactive mind at night… *yawn*

What I Miss: a less cramped house. Every nook & cranny is over-runneth with baby gear. I mean did you see yesterday’s post?

Cravings: my love affair with breakfast foods continues… mmmm, toast.

Symptoms: puffy man hands and a noticeable waddle; these new symptoms haven’t replaced the old – oh no – they’re simply add-ons. I actually gained 6 pounds since my last midwife appointment!! {27 lbs in total} and Sylvia goes, “I would be worried, but I’m looking at your feet and ankles”… awesome my body is preparing for a drought and a baby.

Best Moment This Week: my FREE maternity shoot with Lisa D, it’s ahh-mazing how good she is! I can’t wait to see the rest of the 1000+ images and have Baby K in front of her Canon.

August 27th - Weekend Project

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What am I doing this weekend? and next? and basically every single day until Baby K makes his appearance?

Tackling this...

His crib has become a catch-all for all things BABY and I'm no further along on his "nursery nook" than I was 2 weeks ago... poor little fella won't have a place to rest his head {although we'll likely be bed sharing for the first couple four+ months}.

I did, however, select fabrics for the custom bumper pads I won last week. Sally Rae from Tuft Love Fabrics and I teamed up and decided upon a 100% Premier Prints fabric scheme...

I think it's DANDY.

You can win your very own Etsy giveaway as Etsian Holly from 'Confetti Prints' is gifting one lucky SaigeWisdom follower with a $25 shop credit... hurry HERE to enter.

{ GREAT GIVEAWAY } Confetti Prints

Friday, August 26, 2011

** giveaway is closed **

In anticipation of Baby K's September 25th arrival {he's not allowed to come any sooner} I have teamed up with some ahh-mazing Canadian Etsians and together we're counting down the days with giveaways!

I'm super excited and I hope you are to... the first item up for grabs is a $25 shop credit to Confetti Prints.
I first blogged about Holly and her popular printables during my {Friday Finds} BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT feature. If you recall I fell head over heels with the "belle" photo card...


Announcements aren't the only thing she's got going for her, no sir... Confetti Prints is brimming with:

party printables
cupcake toppers
address labels
thank you cards
custom designs

* there's even has a personalized tooth fairy kit! *  

So how can you win a $25 shop credit to Confetti Prints' etsy shop??? Did I mention you don't have to use it all in one sitting? Holly will let you keep a running tab for up to 6 months!
1. Comment below telling me which Confetti Prints' printable is your absolute favourite and what you'd use it for {ie. your child's upcoming birthday party}. This is MANDATORY.

2. For a bonus entry, "LIKE" Confetti Prints on Facebook and let me know by commenting below {while you're over there, tell Holly SaigeWisdom sent you}.

It's just that simple.

** Contest closes Thursday, September 1st @ 9:00 PM {PDT}.

** Winner will be selected using and announced on next week's {Friday Finds}.

** Prize can be sent anywhere in the WORLD!

** Please make sure I know how to contact you should you win; becoming a SaigeWisdom follower is the easiest way.

{ Friday Finds } WALL CANDY

Believe it or not, I've ordered {or won} each of the items below to proudly display in Saige's bedroom {or as she likes to call it her "naproom"}. I love that her brightly coloured walls can't be duplicated simply by visiting big box stores {not that I'm against HomeSense or anything - that couldn't be farther from the truth}.

There's just something about ETSY and being able to correspond with designers directly that makes hunting for home decor that much more appealing {and personal}. 

With that being said I thought I would introduce you to a few of my all-time favourite 'wall candy' etsy shops. Happy Friday Finds!

Look at any baby-inspired website featuring real-life nurseries and you're sure to find a Penny Paper Co. alphabet print hanging above the crib. Everything is customizable - name, colour scheme, size - if you're looking to 'go big or go home' visit Lindsay's Toronto etsy shop - Penny People Designs - for all the enlargment options.

I knew I wanted a decent size map hanging in Saige's bedroom and upon discovering these beauties in the English Muffin Shop {Montreal, Quebec} I hit the "add to cart" button faster than you can say "Timbuktu". It's even more stunning and vibrant in real life and all the countries are listed.

I love bunting banners as much as the next mom so when Morgan from Mon Petit Amour hosted a Knotted Nest blog giveaway and chose me as the winner, I was happier than a bird with a french fry. Toronto's very own Kristen even let me choose a fabric colours ... love her, love it!

So Art and Philanthropy may not be Canadian-based, but they're super cool and deserve a shout out. I took advantage of their massive sale awhile back and grabbed these 5x7 wall cards to string across Saiger's ceiling using twine & mini-clothespins. I credit them {and our amazing daycare} as the 2 main reasons why our 2 year old knows her alphabet so well.

 * I'm doing my very first GIVEAWAY later today so stay tuned & start following... click the "join this site" button under FOLLOW ME and you can get in on the weekly action *

{ Word Wednesdays } I AM YOUR PARENT

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I've been trying to tackle my baby #2 to-do list at night and on weekends, but it isn't working out so well. I need my last days of work to speed up and my sweet baby boy to slow down. Please don't come early little one... mama's begging you.

And just when I thought I couldn't be any more of an emotional basket case, I stumble across this internet gem and weep like a baby for 5 minutes straight...

Kleenex anyone?

Thanks to Francypants Academy you can host your own daily cryfest by downloading their free printable {available in grey, pink and blue}.

P.S. - if you're not an "official" Saige Wisdom blog follower, you might want to get on that. I've got some lovely etsy shops just itching to do giveaways for loyal fans only.

August 21st - Baby Olé

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 weeks, oy veh. "D-day" is just around the corner so let the frantic nesting begin {oh wait it already has}.

Size of Baby: he resembles a honeydew melon {not to be confused with my honey-do list}. According to our library of what to expect when you're expecting books, Baby K should be tipping the scales at 5 1/4 pounds - any bigger and my body will be going places it's never gone before.

Maternity Clothes: leggings & I are BFF's for the next 5+ weeks and my cleavage is borderline indecent. The belly, cankles and now boobies are wreaking serious havoc on my wardrobe. While the husband isn't complaining, I sorta am... I miss my tiny tots {not to be confused with tater tots}.

Gender: still a boy, however I JUST learned that soy can have an adverse effect on fetus penis size. Thanks a lot for the LATE notice people! You couldn't have warned me any sooner? Like 8 months ago, before I was pregnant and before I consumed my entire body weight in edamame beans? 

Movement: love it. His nightly exercise routine is super entertaining. Between Big Brother, blog reading and Baby K's amniotic aerobics, my evenings are far from dull.

35 weeks

Sleep: I jinxed myself. Remember my smug post from 2 weeks ago that read "I continue to have zero issues in this department"? Well I started having issues soon after I wrote that... figures. These sleepless nights haven't been quiet {or pretty}. Just picture a puffier and sweatier me tossing, turning, fluffing pillows, waddling to the washroom, moaning, groaning... Trev can't get enough of my sexiness.

What I Miss: my beloved flip flops, not 1, but 2 pairs were casualties to my fat feet this week. I also miss my ankles and being able to bend over without sounding like a dying whale.

Cravings: breakfasts of champions - peanut butter toast paired with ice cold milk, cheerios, oatmeal, fruit, Activia vanilla yogurt... if you eat it before lunch, I'm all over it.

Symptoms: pressure, pressure and more pressure, massive water retention and some lower abdominal pain. Nothing too crazy, just enough to remind me I'm pregnant. I've pretty much checked out at work; only 9 days left {but who's counting?}

Best Moments of the Week: (1) a diaper hiatus courtesy of Saiger FINALLY embracing big girl panties and potties!!!!!! (2) spending an entire Saturday afternoon sewing with my mama (3) Amy & family dropping by for a quick visit (4) winning custom-made bumper pads from this shop via this blog and (5) my beautiful Mexican-themed baby shower that brought tears to my eyes.
the non-virgin enjoying a virgin margarita ;)

{ Friday Finds } WALLETS

Friday, August 19, 2011

So Trev's wallet got stolen the other day {cue my unhappy face} by some daredevil who nabbed it out of his truck, in broad daylight, while Trev was working 20 feet away. As if we didn't have enough on our plate!  Fortunately the thief turfed the fuel cards and Trev's driver's license {which we later recovered}. Unfortunately the bugger used our Home Depot consumer card before we got around to canceling it {cue my second unhappy face}.

I suppose the only good that came out of this petty crime is that I now have a 2nd gift idea for Trev's upcoming birthday {because a salmon fishing excursion is just not enough for this non-milestone birthday}. Yup my big guy is turning 33 and this week's Friday Finds had me hunting for the perfect holy-you're-getting-old b-day present...

Canadian Etsy Shops:

Banoo from Vancouver, British Columbia makes a variety of very cool & very unique vintage inspired accessories. I doubt Trev would ever put this bad boy in his back pocket, but that won't stop me from adding it to my etsy cart for only $28 {+ $2 shipping}. The wool reminds me of my grandpa's old slippers which is probably why I love it so much. 

Edmontonian Keri V Leatherworks has a lovely collection of wallets, purses and leather cuffs. Trev's a bit 'military obsessed' - he talks about joining the reserves everytime we watch a war movie - so this leather bifold complete with a corporal badge would fo' show give me an A+ in gift giving... $45 {+ $5 shipping}.

JMB Canada operates out of Chelsea, Quebec - gotta love that "Canada" is right in their shop name. While ostrich isn't really Trev's thing, this $89 {+ $10 shipping} wallet is creamy gorgeousness. I tell ya, if I had an extra $200+ kicking around I'd be pouncing on one of their equally gorgeous leather bags. Go have a look-see yourself.

American & European {ooh-la-la} Etsy Shops:
What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything nature-inspired including this wood grain stamped leather wallet that in blue is selling at a bargain price of only $17 {+ $3 shipping}. Did I mention that monograming is absolutely free?! Say no more.

I'm all about mustaches, just not on Trevor's face. Seeing how he can't sport one {my rule}, he can at least carry money in one. It'll probably get stolen by another thieving trendsetter faster than I can say "facial hair", but this well-made wallet from Marty May Press & Stitchery shop is oh-so-cool and retails for $25 {+ $4.50 shipping}.

Carrying cash is so last year decade so why not switch it up and order this affordable $25.00 card holder from Leathermix? This shop rocks. Not only do they offer free monogramming + $3.00 shipping from Europe {how coolio is that?}, but they also sell sexy leather bracelets. Is it just me or do other women find men who wear leather accessories and apply chapstick super duper attractive? Oh it is just me... damn.

** with so many options, I need to hurry up and decide which wallet-o to get Trev-bob for his August 29th b-day. If there are any chapstick wearing available men willing to weigh in on my decision, I'm all ears {and I have a handful of single girlfriends I'd like to introduce you to}... just kidding... or am I?

Happy Friday Peeps!

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