August 12th - Bump Update

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 33 weeks... I lost count there for a bit, but I think I'm back on track.

Size of Baby: he's a little over 4 pounds and roughly the size of a pineapple {although he's a lot squirmier than your average pineapple}.

Maternity Clothes: yes please. Except the whole cankle situation is seriously limiting my already limited wardrobe. I'm quickly running out of clothing options - and maxi dresses - so unless I want to wear rubber boots in 30+ degree weather, my family, friends and co-workers are just going to have to put up with Fat-Ankle-Knol for the next little bit.

A big thanks to Sharmay who thoughtfully put a stool under my desk at work to elevate my footsies and another to Fiona who gifted me with this fabulous floor-length number... 

33 weeks

Gender: we're banking on him being a boy. Ultrasound techs don't fail us now.

Movement: with all the kicking going on you'd think I was baking a mini-Beckham {which is not necessarily a bad thing}. Baby K is 100x more active than Saiger ever was - people can actually see him elbowing me from across the room. It's the weirdest most wonderful sensation and kinda reminds me of the "Exorcist" movie when Regan writes "help me" from the inside... why my mind goes there I do not know.

Sleep: I continue to have zero issues in this department {knock on wood}. Perhaps I should be going to bed earlier than 11:00 pm on a 'school night' {sure do still call them that} but since I wake up feeling rested I'm not too concerned. I must say our Sleep Country mattress is Heaven sent; even when I don't feel tired I just have to lay my head down and within 2.2 seconds, I'm out.

What I Miss: Baby Saige. I look at her now with her long hair and long limbs and think, "where did my bald little baby go?" - it doesn't get anymore cliché than that. I'm not sad she's growing up, I just can't believe how fast it's happening; hard to believe she won't be 'the baby' in 7 weeks time. 

Cravings: appetite where are you? I'm not into eating much these days, I think it's the heat. That being said, I'm not one to turn down Okanagan grown fruit {and it's cherry and peach season, my favourite}. Milk is a daily must-have as is at least one sweet treat.

Symptoms: lower abdominal cramping, water retention and emotional instability. I had a mini-meltdown at my midwife appointment this week {so embarassing}. I literally cried over nothing; she asked how I was feeling and I managed to say, "anxious" before bursting into tears.

I can't really describe what's been going on for me lately other than say I feel uneasy, unsettled and unprepared. I'm not just feeling 'physically unprepared' - which I totally am - but 'emotionally unprepared' as well. Lord knows I was sooo ready for Saige, like eating-pineapple-everyday-while-bouncing-on-an-exercise-ball ready. With Baby K I feel like I'll be trying to stuff him back in should he come any sooner than the 25th. 

My last day of work is the 2nd and then I'm taking a week of holidays making the official start of my mat leave September 12th. I'm sincerely hoping I have the whole month of September to regroup before becoming a mother of 2. 

Best Moment This Week: Saige prancing around the living room in her big girl panties {day 2 people} shouting, "I'm going to be a big sister!" - I'm not sure what provoked that little outburst, but I loved every second.

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