August 17th - Juggling Act

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've never learned how to juggle; the most I can keep up at a time is 2 {sometimes 3 if I really concentrate}. Saying this it should come as no surprise that I'm drowning in a sea of dropped balls that require immediate attention.

I have this giant, disorganized to-do list swirling around in my head that's haunting and taunting me. It doesn't help that July and August have been and are slated to be VERY busy months. I've barely put a dent in the things that NEED to be done before baby arrives let alone the things I WANT/HOPE to do.

Lately I've received a bit of flak for not posting enough Saige-related photos, videos and stories. I agree that my Saige content is lacking and I'm now debating whether I should do a copycat Lila Was Here post every few days so everyone can get their  Saige/Baby K fill? Perhaps once my new camera lens arrives {!!!} I'll be inspired to hone and share my amateur photography skills.

Speaking of photography, the bump is getting well documented these days. Long before Fiona, Kyle and Lisa offered to take shots of the belly, I asked my creative partner-in-crime Mrs. Heather Burr to participate in a "let's pretend we're photographers for a day" photo shoot. I plan on dedicating an entire blog post to our Sunday afternoon antics, but readers {namely Jill} are demanding more photos and since I have none to share other than this teaser shot, you get an early preview.

* not bad for two amateurs with kit lenses.

Next time Heather gets to be our model when we attempt a trash-the-dress session with her custom wedding dress that got the big fail days before her big day.

I've also received a couple emails in regards to the sources for Baby K's nursery nook. While I have no idea when I'll get around to actually finishing it and/or posting it's big little reveal, I can tell you where I found - and what I paid for - some of the items:

1. Photo Clip Mobile - Kikkerland - $9.99

2. Crib Paint - 'Velvet Evening' by Behr - approx. $20

3. ANITA Curtains - IKEA - $39.99

4. Dandelion Wishes Wall Decal - Studio JK Vinyl - $37

5. Custom Alphabet Print - Penny People Designs - $15

6. Fabric for Crib Bedding - Premier Prints - $6.36/yard

7. LINGO Storage Boxes for Underneath the Crib - IKEA - $8.99

8. DIY Painting by Saigers using THIS tutorial - FREE   


christine, just bella said...

That photo of you is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more.

farras shop said...
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