August 29th - Double 3's

Monday, August 29, 2011

Somebody's getting old... time to trade him in for a new model. Just kidding. I guess it's that time of year again when I get to wish my handsome 33 year old hubby a very Happy Birthday. Hard to believe I met him and his unibrow back when he was just a lad of 24.

We don't seem to get many pictures of eachother, but here are a few candids of the birthday boy taken just this past month... 
Exhibit "A" - being the best daddy in the whole world & Exhibit "B" - shotgunning a beer at Kris & Lori's wedding. You have no idea the amount of peer pressuring it took to get him to do this. Most wives have to ask their husbands to take it easy, but my guy isn't that into alcohol so every once in a while you'll hear me egging him on with, "do it or you're scared". Poor Trev.

Anyways, since the beginning of "us" Trev and I developed a top secret 'double squeeze hand hold' that communicates "I love you" without using words. It's highly effective and has come into play at key moments in our relationship - following his proposal, during our wedding vows, at my university graduation, in the delivery room, before his appendectomy, after his accident, etc.

Since I forgot to buy a card, I'm sending my main squeeze a double hand squeeze on his very special day... LOVE YOU TREV-BOB!


Brianne Goyette said...

shotgunning a beer?!!?!?!?! who is this guy??? Happy Happy Birthday to Trevor! next year we'll be there to celebrate in person.

farras shop said...
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