August 30th - A Saige Smörgåsbord

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's time for the star of my blog to get back into the spotlight. She's been on a bit of a summer hiatus - and somehow took a backseat to my other love, ETSY - but she's making a September comeback before she has to share her blog with the 'younger brother'.
Our not-so-little Saige is growing up and here's what she's been up to and into:

* she's one talented story-teller {and therefore will NEVER be interviewed by my social worker colleagues}. Trev & I get a real kick out of her double stutter "and then, and then" which is stuck on repeat these days.

* she accidently-on-purpose hurt her friend Kael and unapologetically told Dean, "well he doesn't have to cry about it" - we're raising a monster!

* she's OBSESSED with pajamas; especially if they're boyish and/or belonged to Caleb.

* her finger is in her left or right nostril 30% of the day {oh joy}.

* we're confident she's part fish... she loves the water, can swim like Michael Phelps and jumped off the HIGH diving board 3 times in a row!

* she loves peaches just like her mama.

* "I do it myself" is her new motto.

* she confuses her nursery rhymes and comes up with the most interesting combinations of Jack & Jill; Baa, Baa Black Sheep and This Little Piggy.

* we think she has an imaginary friend named, Jamie. I've yet to meet this Jamie fella {he's always at work}, but apparently Jamie's responsible for the majority of her phantom owies that require band-aids.

* cheerios with milk is her most requested bedtime snack.

* she’s sneaky and waited until I was in the shower before hitting up the “snack cupboard” for licorice. Knowing that she was up to no good, I asked her to come visit me and she entered the bathroom with the stolen goods hidden safely behind her back. She did end up showing me her pirated candy, but when I said, “oh we have to ask for treats” her response {with one already in her mouth} was "can I have them?"
1. Bubbly over bubbles. Check out the hair length people!

2. She opened the Tupperware of watermelon & made a promise to herself that she’d eat every piece... and she did!!

3. Proudly displaying her beautiful artwork.

4. The Peanut Pool has become our – and the cankles’ – favourite après work activity.

5. Saiger sporting her new boy jammies and her sweet smile.

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