August 8th - 15 Photos

Monday, August 8, 2011

Please can I go back to work now? After 10 full days of sassy, stubborn, too-smart-for-her-own-good Saige, I'm ready to head back to the office. Just how am I going to manage another maternity leave with this  rugrat trying to run the show? I'm telling you, Dean deserves a raise and I need to adopt a new parenting strategy - these 1, 2, 3 fingers have been seriously overplayed {almost as much as bedroom time-outs}. 

Saige is 25 pounds of personality and when she's not pouting, bossing people around, ignoring her parents and/or giving attitude, she's lovely {and says the most fantastic things}. My personal favourite is, "you're the bestest mommy I've ever seen in the whole world". 

Our weeklong adventure coupled with desert-like temperatures left us both feeling a bit...

* sleepy *

As promised here are some photos from our time off together...

1. I found an exercise trampoline on for just $20 - it's identical to the one I used to jump on back in the day while listening to Raffi records.

2. My parents and sisters all have houses out in Parker Cove which means we get to take advantage of community events like Family Sports Days! Gramma (1st), Auntie Becca (2nd) and Caleb (3rd) all placed in their respective age categories while Auntie Jill and Saige received "thanks for coming out" ribbons - my daughter not competitive, how can this be? 

3. Sean & Brianne from Ontario {but not for long} had us out to their family's cabin on Okanagan Lake for an afternoon of paddle boarding - certainly not the easiest thing to do 8 months pregnant.

4. Saige petting the Davidson Orchard donkey before it mistook her fingers as food.

5. Saige & I did some driveway camping where we had a mother-daughter sleepover in the travel trailer and attempted to play dominos.

6. One of our beach days and what a difference a year makes, frigid lake water is no longer a deterrent for our fish girl Saige!

7. Saige's obsessions of the week: unnecessary band-aids {preferably ones with Spiderman on them}, her new blue backpack {that will eventually be passed down to Baby K}, helium balloons & pajamas {a closet full of clothes and she wants to wear Caleb's hand-me-down jammies}.

8. Trying to sleep with her backpack on and thinking it was ha-larious.

9. Having an "off" morning.

10. Which turned into an "off" day despite being dressed in her circa 1985 Holly Hobbie hat courtesy of Miss. Saffron's Salvation Army pile.

11. Saige - wearing a misspelled name tag - holding sage on our very informative, very HOT Allan Brookes Nature Centre toddler walk.

12. Running to Caleb's new house in the new bathing suit she got from her almost-birthday-twin Kira.

13. Performing an African-inspired dance in the kitchen to no music - how can you tell she faithfully watches "So You Think You Can Dance" with me?

14. Reading to her baby.

15. Chillaxing in her pirate ship while simultaneously hinting to daddy that she needs of a bigger pool.

I desperately need to replace my point-and-shoot camera that found itself at the bottom of Kim's pool last month... I missed so many great shots this week with it being absent from my purse.

 R.I.P. poor Lumix.

Minus the above complaining, we had a great {although not-that-relaxing} holiday together... it's too bad Trev was so busy with work, maybe next year he can join in on our summer adventures.



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