... 09.30.11 ...

Friday, September 30, 2011

If I was on Twitter this is what my tweets would say today...

   #1 - my cry for help - "this is Gabe's 5th costume change of the day! how does one keep pee INSIDE the diaper?"

   #2 - my cry for sympathy - "did I really just get called to testify?!"

   #3 - me just crying- "you're killing me country music television with all your sappy child-focused songs."

{ Friday Finds } AHOY!

Three quarters of Gabriel's wardrobe is horizontal stripes. Come to think of it 3/4 of MY wardrobe is horizontal stripes! For the record, I was sporting stripes long before it was considered "cool" and "trendy"...
I even got my sister in on the stripe action
{November 2008}

Because I love stripes so very much and because my son is a pirate in the making {see above}, I've dedicated today's {Friday Finds} to all things nautical and Canadian-made...

AHOY! christine elliott - Bowmanville, ON - $41
{a} a cheeky monkey - Surrey, B.C. - $6
{b} melanie gail - Vancouver, B.C. - $180
{c} banquet - Vancouver, B.C. - $60
{d} forage clothing - Vancouver, B.C. - $8.50
{e} la petite boheme - Ottawa, ON - $25
{f} mimi hammer - Montreal, QC - $23
{g} karen's treasure trove - Bracebridge, ON - $10
{h} spad forme - Toronto, ON - $5
{i} pretty raccoon - Toronto, ON - $30
{j} brazen design - Montreal, QC - $130
{k} malice alice - Vancouver, B.C. - $10
{l} caramel expressions - Toronton, ON - $19

I'm thinking of making a similar card for mi familia...

Saige Wisdom is going back to it's roots where posts & photos focus mainly on our family of four. I won't be getting rid of {Friday Finds} altogether, just scaling them back to a monthly feature rather than a weekly occurrence. 

But... starting in October, I'll be guest blogging over on a little etsy love where I play host to number of fun, interactive - Canadian - etsy giveaways. I'm tres excited about it so stay tuned. 

... 09.29.11 ...

... 09.28.11 ...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gabe & I had lots of visitors today and while I enjoyed the company - Baba, Auntie Becca, cousin Caleb, Lori, Kim & Dean - Mr. Gabriel slept and hit some mini milestones: 

. took his first bottle
. had his first poop disaster
. went on his first outing
. wore his first cardigan and
. lost his umbilical cord stump

It was a good great day aside from my ridiculous new bra size and all things related to 'the girls'.

... 09.27.11 ...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today will forever be known as 'the day the milk came in'... 'nuff said.

... 09.26.11 ...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's Top Ten...
 {1} soothers and babies who take them
 {2} my ahh-mazing midwife 
 {3} keeping Saige in full-time daycare for the 1st month - best advice ever!
 {4} vibrating bouncy chairs
 {5} the mesh panties that came in my brown paper hospital bag
 {6} itty bitty preemie diapers
 {7} peri wash bottles
 {8} baby visitors that come bearing food
 {9} naps
{10} all the wonderful well-wishes on Facebook... thank you!

... 09.25.11 ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a quick post while Gabe takes in his second nap of the morning {apparently chatting to mom ALL night really takes its toll}.

I guarantee I won't be blogging with any regularity or frequency in these coming weeks months so instead of sharing actual sentences, I'm totally - and shamelessly - stealing Andrea's 'lila was here' idea...

Please do not even try to compare my daily photos to hers... she has me beat in EVERY category including: talent, creativity, toddler styling, maintaining a clean house and faithfully bringing her camera everywhere Lila goes. 

When I started this blog back in January 2010 I envisioned creating a keepsake album for Saige out of my weekly posts. Well my attempt at transferring all the material from here to hardcover failed, miserably - I actually crashed the book uploading system... oops!

I'm thinking these one-a-day snapshots will help me create a kids' keepsake once and for all while giving family, friends and followers a glimpse inside our day. Surely - and hopefully - compiling 365 days worth of photos will be a whole lot easier to stay on top of...

September 24th - He's Here...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

and he's a RED HEAD!

{Gabriel Arthur}
09.24.11 ~ 4:55 a.m. ~ 6 lbs 5 oz ~ 19.5 inches

I promise I'll post his birth story at a later date {it's a gooder} but right now I'm going to enjoy all the baby snuggles I can get from my perfectly pefect ginger. 

{ Friday Finds } SLIPPIES

Friday, September 23, 2011


CONGRATS!! Thanks everyone for playing along and a BIG THANK YOU to Stacey from Hattrick Design for sponsoring my last giveaway of the month. Yup, no more etsy giveaways - for now - cause I'm off HAVING A BABY!


My feet are always cold, but I'm strangely {and strongly} averse to socks... maybe you can relate? The answer: SLIPPERS!! They are the perfect alternative to slouchy stockings and boy did I hit the jackpot for this week's {Friday Finds}. Feast your eyes on this Canadian collection:

SLIPPERS - molipop - Quesnel, B.C. - $23
{a} palomach - Mississauga, ON - $18
{b} otterburn pq - Otterburn, QC - $22
{c} maggies raggedy inn - Gaspe Coast, QC - $25
{d} amoriconi - Ajax, ON - $20
{e} thirty eight stitches - Flin Flon, MB - $60
{f} babazoobee - Guelph, ON - $30 
{g} hand knit hugs - Saint John, NB - $26
{h} tres belle knits - Hamilton, ON - $18
{i} kween bee - Grand Prairie, AB - $5
{j} magination - Winnipeg, MB - $18
{k} sheppards staff knits - Lethbridge, AB - $16
{l} handmade therapy kids - Calgary, AB - $25

** which pair do you fancy?? **

Happy {Friday Finds} Everyone!

September 22nd - Baby Watch

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We interrupt regularly scheduled programming to bring you this BABY UPDATE.

So I had my ultrasound this morning - can Baby K be any cuter? I didn't want to say too much until I got the "official" word from the midwife, but it looks like we're having a baby tomorrow!


Is this really happening?! It turns out that Baby K is indeed teeny; tipping the scales at a whopping 5 lbs 13 oz {at least he's gonna be bigger than his big sister Saige}.

The weird news is that my amniotic fluid is totally normal so we can't blame his small size on my placenta this time. I guess the moral of this story is... if you want a petite baby let them hang out in my uterus.
I'm so nervous/excited I can barely type. Sylvia took the liberty of booking me a non-stress test early tomorrow morning and we'll just go from there. Chances are the OB-GYN will be recommending an induction which means... NO HOME BIRTH... son-of-a...

Ah well, it's a good thing I wasn't married to the idea; gotta roll with the punches. If Baby K wants be the last baby born in the old maternity wing than so be it. Can you believe I'm going to miss the cut off for the brand new VJH by 2 days!! son-of-a...

I'm not sure what's better: {a} spontaneous labour or {b} knowing that tomorrow at this time I'll likely be in excrutiating pain? I think I need to go cry, scream, puke or laugh hysterically - probably all of the above and in that order.

September 20th - Waiting Game

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

to grandmother's house we go...

only a few more days left of being a mother to one. i don't think i could possibly love saige any more, but i can't imagine loving baby k any less.

i remember my own mom saying she loved jill so much that she worried she'd have nothing left to give when i came along. fortunately for me that wasn't the case and her heart just magically doubled in size; then tripled when becs arrived.

saige is tres exctied for her teeny tiny brother to show up on our doorstep. we've been doing a lot of 'reflecting' on the past 3 years and have been hearing a lot of "when I was a baby..."

trev's personal fave came last night when saige points to my chest and asks,

saige: "baby will drink your boobies?"

me: {trying not to die from embarassment & awkwardness} "yes baby will get his milk from mommy."

saige: "when I was a baby I drink your boobies."

me: "yes, when you were a baby."

{insert change of topic}

* why i'm so uncomfortable with these kind of talks is beyond me.

i seriously cannot wait to see my 2 kidlets together and post photos of the ahh-dorableness. i'm pretty sure the blog is going to have much less commentary and way more photos once little man comes along. who really wants to hear me talk anyways...

don't forget to enter this week's giveaway where Hattrick Design {see above} will create a custom printable just for you.

The possibilities are truly endless: a personalized nursery printaddress labels, christmas cards, party invites, your favourite quote or song to hang on your wall...

think BIG and enter here.

September 19th - The End Is Near...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 39 weeks. I made it people and this may very well be my final pregnancy post so take it all in {ha!}.

excited much?

Size of Baby: who knows... I'm so confused. According to the midwife I'm measuring 32 weeks and if I haven't gained an inch by tomorrow I'll be going in for an ultrasound to see just how big small a baby I got going on in there. He's supposed to be the size of a mini-watermelon, so we'll see...

Maternity Clothes: yoga pants and long cardigans by day, t-shirts and pajama pants by night... it's getting really old, really fast.

Gender: *hint* Baby K will be sporting a penis.

Movement: he's definitely migrated and no, I don't want to talk about it.

Sleep: yes please. I've been dragging a$$ all week {even with my lengthy afternoon naps}.
Proof I'm not the only Knol waking up on the wrong side of the bed these days... I think Trev's secretly looking forward to adding more testosterone to the household mix.

What I Miss: my size 8.5 feet, not feeling waterlogged 24/7, sleeping on my back {even though I wake up in that position 90% of the time}, varicose vein free legs - they're baaaack! and walking faster than a tortoise. 

Cravings: I may not be craving it, but I've sure been drinking A LOT of loose leaf labour tea. Sylvia gave me a large ziploc bag full of "9 month tea" which looks A LOT like marijuana. Following my appointment I had tossed it in the console of my truck and completely forgot it was there until Becs goes, "oh my god IS THAT POT?!" - can you imagine if I had been pulled over by a cop? That'd be a story for the ol' baby book.

Symptoms: I think I had some Braxton Hicks yesterday, but I don't know for certain because this belly-o-mine is rock solid. He's definitely packed in there tight; not an inch to spare which means no second helpings for me.

Best Moments of the Week: (1) Fall weather has finally  arrived; (2) Trev & I took Saige to the 'Lion King' in 3D; (3) going to an ultrasound that wasn't my own - I get to plan a baby shower!; (4) receiving lovely messages from family & friends wishing me a quick and painless labour... as Rihanna would say, "I'll drink to that".

September 17th - if i lay here...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don't think baby's coming today and I'm not the least bit disappointed {aside from the fact I won't be winning the $40 baby pool}.

After crossing a few more items off the LIST this week I decided to partake in a 'me day' - a day thats all about you... relax, eat, watch tv, and be lazy. Doing the fun things you want to do. Refreshing to do after a prolonged work week and/or having little days off. {definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary} 

Here's what my ME Day consisted of in no particular order:

 1. ETSY browsing, of course

 2. driving while belting out the lyrics to my favourite mix CD {circa 2006}
~ your should hear Jill & I rock out to 'Chasing Cars' and 'Lips of an Angel' on SingStar Pop... it's Grammy worthy ~

 3. york peppermint patties {yes plural}

 4. a JOE Fresh shopping spree 

 5. tall salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks
~ holy eff is it ever good! ~

 6. prenatal yoga

 7. an extra long - uninterrupted - shower

 8. afternoon nap

 9. laughing hysterically over these awkward pregnancy photos - they seriously saved the best for 2nd last {} - here are a couple PG-13 ones I can share.
~ I must have missed the memo about bringing a prop to my maternity "shoot" - I'm so punny. Nothing says motherhood like a shiny glock {watch it... I'm breaking out the handgun lingo over here} ~

10. the book aisle at Value Village... it's my newest guilty pleasure and it's waaay cheaper than paying overdue fines at the library. After 90+ minutes of scouring the shelves, here's what I came home with:
Christian Lander is pure genious as he highlights 150 things us whities find enjoyable... here are some 'sad but true' samples:

#5 - Farmer's Markets
"white people like farmer's markets for a number of reasons... their undying need to support local economies & small business... it's outside, they can bring their dogs and children in expensive strollers, and they get to see other white people. If they are single, it's a good place to meet other single white people who share their passion for sustainability." {p. 6}

#15 - Yoga
"Yoga is essentially stretching with guidance... you might think that since yoga is such a minimalist activity, it can be done almost anywhere. But you would be wrong. Yoga must take place on hardwood floors at a studio. Exposed beams are generally believed to enhance yoga experiences by 40 percent... it is a chance to showcase $80 pants that are tailor-made for the rigors of yoga." {p. 16}

#37 - Renovations
"the need to do it is as instinctual as walking... white people have little or no interest in renovating a suburban home built after 1960... all white people dream about buying an older property ("with character") in a city, and then renovating it so the insides look all modern, with a stainless steal fridge." {p. 44}

#97 - Red Hair
"it is considered acceptable form to greet a redheaded person by saying, "I had a rough childhood, too." At first the redhead will be taken aback, but soon they will tell you all about how they were taunted mercilessly in middle school as people demanded to know and/or make up songs about the color of their pubic hair." {p. 132}

I could dedicate an entire post to this book, but I'll stop there... you get the idea. ~

A book about the tiny little moments that bring us all happiness...  examples:

* high-fiving babies
* tripping and realizing no one saw you
* the thank-you wave when you let somebody merge in front of you
* picking up a q and u at the same time in scrabble
* new socks day
* the smell of the coffee aisle in the grocery store
* getting something with actual handwriting on it in the mail
* gym pain
* the sound of rain from inside the tent
* big crowds enjoying big fireworks
* getting into a bed with clean sheets after shaving your legs
* snow days
 * nailing a parallel parking attempt on the first try {I can honestly say that's never happened to me, but I look forward to the day}

~ yup it's a totally AWESOME read. ~

I'm definitely a "collector" of interesting yet useless information which is why I found this 'book of answers' very appealing...

Q: Who was Little Jack Horner in the nursery rhyme? 

A: At a time when Henry VIII was confiscating church property, one monk appeased the king with the gift of a special Christmas pie. Inside the crust were deeds to 12 manor houses secretly offered in exchange for his monastery. The steward who carried the pie to London was Jack Horner, who along the way extracted a plum deed for himself. It was for Mells Manor, where Horner's descendants still live to this day.

Q: Why do bridegrooms have a best man?

A: In ancient times, most marriages were arranged, and so the groom wasn't always the bride's first choice. The man she favoured would often swear to carry her off before or during the wedding. To avoid this, the groom stood on the bride's right to keep his sword arm free and would enlist a warrior companion to fight off the rival if he showed up. This companion was, in fact, the "best man". 

~ didn't really need to know any of that, but fascinating nonetheless. ~

How do you/would you spend your own ME DAY?

{ GREAT GIVEAWAY } Hattrick Design

Friday, September 16, 2011

FRIDAY + no baby =  we're {still} counting down the days with giveaways!
Remember all my ooh'ing and ahh'ing over this {Friday Finds} BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT?

Well shop owner Stacey - being the über generous Canadian Etsian that she is - is offering one {1} lucky SaigeWisdom follower a Hattrick Design printable of their choice!!

Have fun narrowing down your personal fave cause if choosing {1} one design wasn't hard enough, Stacey is offering a custom design should nothing in her shop meet the winner's immediate printable needs. Did this Friday gift-away just get a whole lot more interesting or what? I have no idea where Stacey finds the time - and energy - to manage an Etsy shop, blog, day job and TRIPLETS?! Ummm, can you say 'super mom' {3 times fast}? And can you imagine if I had 3 Saigers? O.M.G.

The possibilities of this GIVEAWAY are truly endless: a personalized nursery print, address labels, christmas cards, party invites, your favourite quote or song to hang on your wall...

1. Comment below telling me which Hattrick Design you'd choose and why. This is MANDATORY.  

2. For a bonus entry "FOLLOW" Stacey's super crafty BLOG with the super cute name...
WARNING: do not visit the above website with an empty stomach... the delicious recipes with accompanying photographs are too much for this preggo.

3. Earn yet another bonus entry by following SaigeWisdom via Google Friend Connect - leave a comment so I can creep on your profile... totally kidding.

Straight forward enough for ya?

** Contest closes Thursday, September 22nd @ 8:00 PM {PDT}.

** Winner will be selected using & announced on next week's {Friday Finds}.

** Prize can be won by anyone in the whole wide WORLD!

** Please make sure you I know how to contact you should you win; becoming a SaigeWisdom follower is the funnest & easiest way.
This is the print I'd choose if I was allowed to win my own giveaways ;)

{ Friday Finds } BABY BLANKIES

Natalie Jane!

CONGRATULATIONS! Can you believe that`s our 3rd giveaway this month?! In case you can`t feel it, I`m giving Marina with Doodle Dollies and all my followers {new & old} a BIG cyber hug... THANK YOU!!


And I`m having waaay too much fun to stop now so look for today`s piggyback post which will announce our 4th Etsy giveaway of September!

P.S.DOODLE DOLLIES is offering a 10% discount to loyal fans & followers! Just use the following promo code in your 'note to seller': SaigeWisdom.

The last thing this house needs is another baby blanket, but my obsession with scrapbook paper has spilled over into designer fabrics and I simply can't stop adding all these colourful prints & crazy patterns to my Etsy favourites.

Believe it or not one of the very first things I ever bought off Etsy was this baby blanket for Saigers...
Purchased it waaay back in August 2008 from an Albertan Etsy shop that's no longer open for business :(
As a die-hard Etsy fan for the past 3+ years, I still can`t believe I only just discovered THE TREASURY: an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery. This new find treasure will surely revolutionize our Fridays together. And with that being said,  here'a this week`s {Friday Finds} featuring BLANKIES... snuggle up & enjoy!
BLANKETS - superfly lullabies - White Rock, B.C. - $66
{a} lily beth goodies - Calgary, AB - $22.50
{b} baby burrito - Montreal, QC - $38
{c} urban tot - Saskatoon, SK - $55
{d} organic quilt company - Montreal, QC - $44.50
{e} ginger meg designs - Toronto, ON - $190
{f} the daisy patch - Whitecourt, AB - $47
{g} school yard - Toronto, ON - $44
{h} booger and tash - Beaumont, AB - $38
{i} kellyos - Calgary, AB - $45
{j} dandelion baby blanket London, ON - $38
{k} lil cupcake designs - Calgary, AB - $55
{l} fashion touch - Niagra Falls, ON - $35

Happy {Friday Finds} Everyone!

September 14th - Nervous Nelly

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

As I sit here eating cottage cheese - straight from the carton - going over my mental to-do list, I can't help but notice my stomach is full of knots {and one active baby}. Apparently I'm super nervous - like to the point of being nauseous - and I can't pinpoint why?
With Saige I remember being impatient... I couldn't wait to get her out {I'm thinking ignorance truly is bliss?} Sure I'm a bit anxious about the whole labour and delivery song & dance, but I've been feeling waaay more prepared thanks to a super productive nesting week {more on that in a sec}; health-wise I feel fantastic and I'm certainly excited to meet the little guy, so what's with all this over-the-top anxiety?


Anyways on to my good news - me making a serious dent in "THE LIST" {highlighted items mean they're officially D.O.N.E. - booyah!}:

* eye appointment
* hair appointment
* take dogs to groomers
* tidy house
* tidy yard
* put away ALL the baby clothes & gear
He's not even born yet and already he's taken over 5 dresser drawers! ridiculous.

* hire a housekeeper - Linda is coming tomorrow to all the things I can't won't don't want to do: walls, windows, floors, baseboards, dusting, etc.
* stock the freezer
Sure did spend $50+ at the Farmer's Market... bring on healthy 'heat & eat' dinners! 

* bake goodies for baby visitors
* finish Baby K's nursery nook - just waiting on the custom bumper pads & crib skirt from tuft love fabric
* wash & vacuum truck - I had to take it through the washing bay twice {I missed A LOT of dirty spots the first time}
* collect items for our home birthing kit
* buy clothes hamper for all Baby K's laundry
* apply for maternity leave benefits
* pack a hospital bag just in case
* pack Saige's overnight bag
* borrow mom's exercise ball
* wrap siblings' gifts to eachother
Kai & Sadie - laaf

* attach car seat adapter to stroller
* install car seats - all thanks to Sharmay & the Vernon Fire Department hotties ;)
* purchase and install a 2nd base for the 'Snugride' in Trev's truck 
* update the Belly Book {it's been awhile}
* find a baby book
* potty train Saige
* sterilize bottles, soothers, etc.
* decorate the front porch for Fall
* paint wooden baby gate
* make some 'on the go baby change kits'
* decide on outfits for our October photo shoot with Milk & Honey
* nap, read, nap, blog, nap...
* find some sort of coat hook for Baby K's nook
* love on Saiger & Trev
Yes she's been scratching her head a lot these days - probably thinking "what on Earth is going on?"

{I'm kinda wondering the same thing}

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