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Friday, September 16, 2011

Natalie Jane!

CONGRATULATIONS! Can you believe that`s our 3rd giveaway this month?! In case you can`t feel it, I`m giving Marina with Doodle Dollies and all my followers {new & old} a BIG cyber hug... THANK YOU!!


And I`m having waaay too much fun to stop now so look for today`s piggyback post which will announce our 4th Etsy giveaway of September!

P.S.DOODLE DOLLIES is offering a 10% discount to loyal fans & followers! Just use the following promo code in your 'note to seller': SaigeWisdom.

The last thing this house needs is another baby blanket, but my obsession with scrapbook paper has spilled over into designer fabrics and I simply can't stop adding all these colourful prints & crazy patterns to my Etsy favourites.

Believe it or not one of the very first things I ever bought off Etsy was this baby blanket for Saigers...
Purchased it waaay back in August 2008 from an Albertan Etsy shop that's no longer open for business :(
As a die-hard Etsy fan for the past 3+ years, I still can`t believe I only just discovered THE TREASURY: an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery. This new find treasure will surely revolutionize our Fridays together. And with that being said,  here'a this week`s {Friday Finds} featuring BLANKIES... snuggle up & enjoy!
BLANKETS - superfly lullabies - White Rock, B.C. - $66
{a} lily beth goodies - Calgary, AB - $22.50
{b} baby burrito - Montreal, QC - $38
{c} urban tot - Saskatoon, SK - $55
{d} organic quilt company - Montreal, QC - $44.50
{e} ginger meg designs - Toronto, ON - $190
{f} the daisy patch - Whitecourt, AB - $47
{g} school yard - Toronto, ON - $44
{h} booger and tash - Beaumont, AB - $38
{i} kellyos - Calgary, AB - $45
{j} dandelion baby blanket London, ON - $38
{k} lil cupcake designs - Calgary, AB - $55
{l} fashion touch - Niagra Falls, ON - $35

Happy {Friday Finds} Everyone!


DoodleDollies said...

Hi Sara!! thanks for hosting the giveaway...what a success!! and thanks to everyone for participating. All the participants are welcome to get 10% off anything they wish to buy if they choose to do so. Just let me know what it is and I will adjust the price for you.

FashionTouch said...

Thank you for featuring the blanket by FashionTouch here!!! Beautiful collection and I love all of your choices!


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