September 11th - Yet Another Prenatal Post

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 weeks - ready or not here he comes. I guess I should start packing a hospital bag just in case.

Size of Baby: he’s supposed to be the length of a leek, but alas he’s still just a melon {insert pouty lips}. I could have sworn I was getting bigger, but it turns out I haven’t gained an inch since my last appointment two and half weeks ago… hmmph. Oh well, our midwife isn’t too concerned and is fairly confident I’ll be delivering a healthy 7 pounder – at home – as long as he stays in there a wee bit longer.
Maternity Clothes: no work = no more work clothes - not that I was ever big into dressing up anyway. {Sometimes I wish I had chosen a profession that required me to wear scrubs 24/7 or something equally cool}. Anyways I’ve been hanging out in my pj’s all week and have been loving every second of it.

Gender: fingers crossed he’s still a boy otherwise I'm in for a real surprise.

Movement: well he definitely hasn’t slowed down any. I actually saw his elbow - maybe it was his knee - do a full 180 degree rainbow starting on my right and ending on my left. Sometimes he'll nudge something he’s not supposed to and I get a weird cramping sensation in my upper thigh… is this normal?
{38 weeks}

Sleep: I seriously get up to pee at least 11 times a night. The couch – which is only 15 steps from the bathroom – might become my new bed option as the stairs are getting harder and harder to navigate.

What I Miss: a waddle-free walk, being able to sleep on my back, alcohol, my body from 9 months ago, Mexico, non-maternity jeans and my big sister.

Cravings: anything dairy or made by Dairyland {I’m a brand snob when it comes to milk}. It’s definitely a good thing that I’m not lactose intolerant because I’ve been hitting the carton of cottage cheese hard.
Symptoms: okay I’ll admit it, I’ve been bitchier than normal {sorry Trev}, but I’m blaming my not-so-sunny disposition on these FEET of mine which are painful, swollen and in desperate need of yet another pedicure.

Best Moments of the Week: (1) Saige requesting bedtime stories which star her as the helpful “big sister”; (2) Trev & I getting our ‘chef on’ under the moonlight because it’s just too dang hot to use the oven during the day {we’re trying to stock the freezer with post-baby meals; (3) my auntie play date with Caleb-bear; and (4) a heavenly foot massage from my often wonderful hubby.


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