September 17th - if i lay here...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don't think baby's coming today and I'm not the least bit disappointed {aside from the fact I won't be winning the $40 baby pool}.

After crossing a few more items off the LIST this week I decided to partake in a 'me day' - a day thats all about you... relax, eat, watch tv, and be lazy. Doing the fun things you want to do. Refreshing to do after a prolonged work week and/or having little days off. {definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary} 

Here's what my ME Day consisted of in no particular order:

 1. ETSY browsing, of course

 2. driving while belting out the lyrics to my favourite mix CD {circa 2006}
~ your should hear Jill & I rock out to 'Chasing Cars' and 'Lips of an Angel' on SingStar Pop... it's Grammy worthy ~

 3. york peppermint patties {yes plural}

 4. a JOE Fresh shopping spree 

 5. tall salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks
~ holy eff is it ever good! ~

 6. prenatal yoga

 7. an extra long - uninterrupted - shower

 8. afternoon nap

 9. laughing hysterically over these awkward pregnancy photos - they seriously saved the best for 2nd last {} - here are a couple PG-13 ones I can share.
~ I must have missed the memo about bringing a prop to my maternity "shoot" - I'm so punny. Nothing says motherhood like a shiny glock {watch it... I'm breaking out the handgun lingo over here} ~

10. the book aisle at Value Village... it's my newest guilty pleasure and it's waaay cheaper than paying overdue fines at the library. After 90+ minutes of scouring the shelves, here's what I came home with:
Christian Lander is pure genious as he highlights 150 things us whities find enjoyable... here are some 'sad but true' samples:

#5 - Farmer's Markets
"white people like farmer's markets for a number of reasons... their undying need to support local economies & small business... it's outside, they can bring their dogs and children in expensive strollers, and they get to see other white people. If they are single, it's a good place to meet other single white people who share their passion for sustainability." {p. 6}

#15 - Yoga
"Yoga is essentially stretching with guidance... you might think that since yoga is such a minimalist activity, it can be done almost anywhere. But you would be wrong. Yoga must take place on hardwood floors at a studio. Exposed beams are generally believed to enhance yoga experiences by 40 percent... it is a chance to showcase $80 pants that are tailor-made for the rigors of yoga." {p. 16}

#37 - Renovations
"the need to do it is as instinctual as walking... white people have little or no interest in renovating a suburban home built after 1960... all white people dream about buying an older property ("with character") in a city, and then renovating it so the insides look all modern, with a stainless steal fridge." {p. 44}

#97 - Red Hair
"it is considered acceptable form to greet a redheaded person by saying, "I had a rough childhood, too." At first the redhead will be taken aback, but soon they will tell you all about how they were taunted mercilessly in middle school as people demanded to know and/or make up songs about the color of their pubic hair." {p. 132}

I could dedicate an entire post to this book, but I'll stop there... you get the idea. ~

A book about the tiny little moments that bring us all happiness...  examples:

* high-fiving babies
* tripping and realizing no one saw you
* the thank-you wave when you let somebody merge in front of you
* picking up a q and u at the same time in scrabble
* new socks day
* the smell of the coffee aisle in the grocery store
* getting something with actual handwriting on it in the mail
* gym pain
* the sound of rain from inside the tent
* big crowds enjoying big fireworks
* getting into a bed with clean sheets after shaving your legs
* snow days
 * nailing a parallel parking attempt on the first try {I can honestly say that's never happened to me, but I look forward to the day}

~ yup it's a totally AWESOME read. ~

I'm definitely a "collector" of interesting yet useless information which is why I found this 'book of answers' very appealing...

Q: Who was Little Jack Horner in the nursery rhyme? 

A: At a time when Henry VIII was confiscating church property, one monk appeased the king with the gift of a special Christmas pie. Inside the crust were deeds to 12 manor houses secretly offered in exchange for his monastery. The steward who carried the pie to London was Jack Horner, who along the way extracted a plum deed for himself. It was for Mells Manor, where Horner's descendants still live to this day.

Q: Why do bridegrooms have a best man?

A: In ancient times, most marriages were arranged, and so the groom wasn't always the bride's first choice. The man she favoured would often swear to carry her off before or during the wedding. To avoid this, the groom stood on the bride's right to keep his sword arm free and would enlist a warrior companion to fight off the rival if he showed up. This companion was, in fact, the "best man". 

~ didn't really need to know any of that, but fascinating nonetheless. ~

How do you/would you spend your own ME DAY?


Brianne Goyette said...

I would sleep in and take a nap, read on my kobo, eat donuts (especially cinnamon sugar ones from Timmies which are hard to come by here), drink endless cups of Buttered Rum Team from David's Tea, scrapbook a little, watch a movie (possibly Erin Brockovich because it always makes me feel empowered) and get my hair done!

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