September 19th - The End Is Near...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 39 weeks. I made it people and this may very well be my final pregnancy post so take it all in {ha!}.

excited much?

Size of Baby: who knows... I'm so confused. According to the midwife I'm measuring 32 weeks and if I haven't gained an inch by tomorrow I'll be going in for an ultrasound to see just how big small a baby I got going on in there. He's supposed to be the size of a mini-watermelon, so we'll see...

Maternity Clothes: yoga pants and long cardigans by day, t-shirts and pajama pants by night... it's getting really old, really fast.

Gender: *hint* Baby K will be sporting a penis.

Movement: he's definitely migrated and no, I don't want to talk about it.

Sleep: yes please. I've been dragging a$$ all week {even with my lengthy afternoon naps}.
Proof I'm not the only Knol waking up on the wrong side of the bed these days... I think Trev's secretly looking forward to adding more testosterone to the household mix.

What I Miss: my size 8.5 feet, not feeling waterlogged 24/7, sleeping on my back {even though I wake up in that position 90% of the time}, varicose vein free legs - they're baaaack! and walking faster than a tortoise. 

Cravings: I may not be craving it, but I've sure been drinking A LOT of loose leaf labour tea. Sylvia gave me a large ziploc bag full of "9 month tea" which looks A LOT like marijuana. Following my appointment I had tossed it in the console of my truck and completely forgot it was there until Becs goes, "oh my god IS THAT POT?!" - can you imagine if I had been pulled over by a cop? That'd be a story for the ol' baby book.

Symptoms: I think I had some Braxton Hicks yesterday, but I don't know for certain because this belly-o-mine is rock solid. He's definitely packed in there tight; not an inch to spare which means no second helpings for me.

Best Moments of the Week: (1) Fall weather has finally  arrived; (2) Trev & I took Saige to the 'Lion King' in 3D; (3) going to an ultrasound that wasn't my own - I get to plan a baby shower!; (4) receiving lovely messages from family & friends wishing me a quick and painless labour... as Rihanna would say, "I'll drink to that".


Brianne Goyette said...

it's getting so close!!!! eek I can't wait! we are listing the house tomorrow and I hope by Saturday it's sold and baby G-man is here!!!

Cerra said...

Best of luck with the baby! If he's born on the 23rd he and my son will share a birthday! <3

maymay said...
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farras shop said...
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